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"Rachel had already agreed to spend the following weekend as our guest."

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The girl, at twenty two she was little more than that, stretched out on the oversized bed.  Legs apart, knees up, waiting for her initiation to begin.

Rachel was cock-stiffeningly lovely.  A genuine redhead, whippet thin but with disproportionately large tits that were flattened by gravity in her supine position.  She was tall, five ten, not much shorter than me, and taller in heels.  She was wearing heels now, red strappy stilettos with five inch heels.  All she was wearing unless you counted the cocksucker-red lipstick that had been carefully applied to her sulky lips.

Red didn't really suit her fair complexion, but was favoured because it left lip-prints on the men's cocks.

I had not yet fucked her but my wife Liz had, if you count lezzie cunt-sucking as fucking.  I had watched and wanked as they sixty-nined on our bed.  Liz had 'discovered' her at the gym that they both use after work.  They had become friends despite a twenty year age difference.  One evening over drinks, a lot of drinks, Rachel had told Liz her mind boggling story.  This is it:

"I was the classic ugly duckling.  Tall thin and clumsy, rubbish at sport but good at academic things.  With pebble glasses and a dental brace I was an easy target for the bullies, which included practically everybody.  I had a very repressive childhood in deepest rural Ireland.  My name is really Raicheal, but everybody gets it wrong.  Rachel is easier.  I had eye operations to correct my vision, the dental brace came off and my curves developed.  Suddenly the boys were interested. 

But I was not.  Sex was a sin.  Such was my upbringing.  My elderly parents had noticed the change in me and I was sent to a boarding school in England to complete my education.  The nuns ensured that sex was not part of that education.  They told us about it, but not to do it or we would certainly go to hell.  Between terms, I lived with relatives, distant cousins of my parents, only rarely visiting my real parents.

I still had a capacity for learning and easily won a place at the local university, subject to my 'A' level grades.

Late one evening, Aunt Bea as I called her, came into my room and said;

"Before you go off to Uni, we should attend to a part of your education that has been neglected."

My foster parents were very different to my birth parents, much younger and easier going.  So far though, they had respected my parents wishes and been strict with me.  Bea removed her gown and slipped naked into my bed.  Her kisses were soft and gentle, I responded.  She helped me to remove my nightdress and continued kissing, this time on my belly and my tits.  I loved it.  Then she licked my cunt.  It was not my first orgasm by a long way.  Despite the restrictions, I knew about sex, the girls in my dorm talked of little else, some had 'done it', some even had sex with each other while one of us kept watch for 'The Screws.'  I was still worried about going to hell, but I did masturbate.  It seemed such a small sin. But that night was my first orgasm with another person and a female at that.  And I loved it.  To hell with hell.

We lay in each other's arms with me plucking up courage to return the favour, but then the door opened and 'Uncle Harry' walked in.  Naked.  Bea said;

"If you enjoyed what I just did, you're going to love what Harry's got for you."

Harry's cock was rigid.  It was the first I'd seen erect and it looked enormous.  Bea rolled a condom onto it then guided it into my cunt, well prepared by her tongue.  There was no pain, not even discomfort, just pleasure as the thing stretched me.  He came very quickly, grunting as he pumped his spunk into the rubber.  He withdrew, the filled condom hanging ridiculously from his much diminished member.  I felt cheated.  What about me?  Wasn't I supposed to orgasm from it?

Bea sensed my frustration and used her skilfull fingers to bring me off for a second time.  This in turn had a restorative effect on Harry's cock.  Bea fed it into herself and he fucked her, taking much more time over it than he had with me.  She came first, Harry shortly afterwards.  And she got the reward of his second load inside her, not in a rubber bag.  I was jealous.

Bea 'Fixed me up.'  i.e, arranged for me to go on the pill.  That summer was my best ever, they taught me well.  By the time I started Uni, I was a fully fledged cum slut.  I stayed with them throughout, Uni was within walking distance, it was practical, cheap and they were the best lovers I have ever had.  And I've had hundreds, Male and female.

I fucked with anybody that I fancied, Harry and Bea encouraged me to.  They were quite happy for me to bring people back with me, there was never a hint of either jealousy or disapproval, but they always hammered home the safe-sex message.  This was where they had the advantage, Harry always fucked me bareback once I was on the pill, and for a long time, Bea was the only woman I tribbed.

Harry was the proud owner of one of the biggest cocks I have ever enjoyed and he could produce prodigious amounts of spunk.  He needed to, he had two lusty females to satisfy.  But he never fucked me in the arse.  That, they both agreed, should be saved for my husband.  I have never had the heart to tell them that I like it up the arse and never refuse it.

I have no intention of marrying, not while I'm enjoying being single as much as I do.  I don't want children, I would not exactly make a good mother.  The only benefit that a stable relationship would offer is to be able to fuck condom free.  I hate the things."

Liz said that her mouth was dry by the time Rachel finished her story.  She managed to ask what happened to Harry and Bea.  Apparently Harry had died on the job, between the thighs of Bea.  Bea had remarried, Rachel finished Uni, got a job and had moved out into a flat close to her place of work.

Liz came home buzzing with excitement, saying;

"I think I've found the perfect woman for our Poetry Circle."

Liz and I had been swingers for almost two years.  We love each other dearly, but on one of my infrequent business trips, I had succumbed to temptation and fucked a woman staying at the same hotel.  It had been a one-off, we were both feeling lonely and consoled each other.  But I confessed to Liz.  She was angry and upset at first, but then asked me for the details.

She listened in silence, then said;

"Would you have wanked yourself off if the woman had not been available?"

She knew the answer already.  Yes.

"Now tell me honestly, when you wank, do you always think of me?"

I swallowed hard and replied;

"Not always."

"You think of other women."


"Isn't that a form of infidelity?"

She was right of course, we are all guilty of that.  Including Liz.  She told me that she imagined being fucked by other men when she masturbated.  And with that, I was forgiven.

But that in turn, led us into swinging, if we thought it, why not do it?  But it's not that easy.  We visited a few swinger's clubs but decided that it was not really what we wanted.  We trawled swinger web sites, even meeting up with other couples, but for one reason or other, they didn't work out.  Then completely out of the blue, an email arrived;

"Possibly the most exclusive club in Britain seeks new members."

Intrigued, we made contact.  We were at first interviewed in the lounge bar of a large hotel, by a couple about our age.  At first it was small talk, but there were subtle probes to discover more about us.  Apparently we passed the test, because conversation gradially changed from interrogation to information.  Membership involved being thoroughly vetted, was expensive and to all intents and purposes, the society didn't really exist.  At first we heard nothing and assumed that we had failed.  But two weeks later, we were invited to a second interview, this time at someone's home.  We had been vetted.  How?  We had heard nothing, somebody had some serious access to our life.  At first I was annoyed, but after the woman who did most of the talking, Sophie, told us what we would enjoy and what our responsibilities were, I could understand the caution involved.

Basically it was a group who met for sex parties.  We were asked to promise not to have unprotected sex with anyone outside the group, thus ensuring the safety of members.  Protected sex outside the group was allowed.  We were not to disclose even the existence of the group, let alone it's activities.  If we thought that we had found potential new members, the group would investigate them before they were contacted.  We also were required to have regular check ups at a private clinic.

The benefits were simple, we could contact other members at any time and meet for social reasons, but primarily for sex.  They also met as a group for parties, these could just be for partner exchange and could be in a private room, as a group, or just as entertainment for the others.  Sometimes the meetings had a theme.  If a new member or members were involved, there was some kind of initiation ceremony.

This was Rachel's initiation.

I could have fucked her, with a condom as per the rules, but had declined.  Also as per the rules, the introducer was entitled to the first bareback fuck with the novice, witnessed by the other members present.  In fact Liz had found her but had 'given' Rachel to me.

If this all sounds over the top and rituallistic, that's because it was.  It added spice to the proceedings that made the Poetry Circle different to the swingers clubs that we had visited.

So I had controlled my desire to fuck her.  But I had tasted her sweet cunt and had the pleasure of being sucked off by that luscious mouth, all in the presence of my wife.

Rachel's initiation was something different.  Liz's had been her first ever bukkake, spunked on by eight men excluding me.  Mine, at the same meeting, had been I thought, quite cruel.  I had been fitted with a cock cage.  The male equivalent of a chastity belt.  It had prevented me from even having an erection.  Well, that's not strictly true, of course I had an erection, all the time, but the stainless steel cage constricted it painfully.

I had not participated in Liz's spunk shower, nor had I been allowed to as much as touch the other females present.  I just had to watch while all around me were people, including Liz, fucking, sucking or buggering each other.

When we left, Liz had been given the key to my cage.  I travelled home in the minicab still wearing it.  Liz even made me sleep with it on.  She would not let me fuck her because her cunt was sore from being fucked by everybody else.  Fortunately the thing didn't prevent me from peeing.  She removed the cage the next morning.  When I fucked her it was like an explosion in a spunk factory.

Rachel's initiation was what somebody dubbed 'Vegan sex'.  Female members were invited in turn to push fruit into Rachel's cunt and the male members then had to eat it out of her.  There were seven men present including me, but only four females excluding Rachel.

Attendance at meetings varied, for various reasons.  Some of the members had businesses that took them away from home, that was how the Poetry Circle started, spouses left alone and needing company.  But only four females attending was unusual and just a little disappointing.

The self appointed invigilator was Sophie, who's house we were in.  She carefully peeled a banana, a rather obvious choice, and carefully pushed it up Rachel's cunt.  She then called out a man's name and he eagerly started his tasty task, to much slurping and mm-ing.

Liz was next up as 'stuffer'.  She chose grapes.  Surprising how many grapes a cunt can hold.  When it came to my turn, Rachel had been filled with strawberries.  I like strawberries.  Coated with cunt juice from this lovely young woman, they were intoxicating.

Eventually the first part of Rachel's unique initiation came to an end.  The men had all had the pleasure of sampling Rachel's sumptuous cunt and had had a snack at the same time.  There wasn't a soft cock in the house, and I suspect, though less obvious, a dry cunt.

The four women had not enjoyed the candied fruit snacks, but they were not forgotten.  Their appetites were catered for in the second half.  Rachel was positioned face down, on a device that was advertised as a whipping stool but was used by the Circle as a fucking stool.

Leather topped for comfort, the stool allowed a woman to bend across it with her tits hanging one each side and was the perfect height for being fucked from behind.  It had fixings so that the 'victim' could be strapped in position.  I had seen them used, I had been strapped to it myself to be sodomised by anybody who wanted to.  But on this occasion  Rachel happily positioned herself ready for her punishment  which was to be seven very hard, close to bursting cocks.  Mine first.

I had abstained the previous evening.  I knew that I would be first with Rachel, whatever her initiation involved, I would have the privilege of being the first to fuck her, so I saved it.  Liz had teased me about it, reminding me of the days when I could fuck her all night and still have some left.  She had made it worse by saying that she didn't have that problem and masturbated  noisily by my side. 

So it felt like my spunk was boiling in my balls and my cock felt like one of those seed pods that explode on touch.  Sliding my tortured tool into Rachel's slippery slit was was pure bliss.  I reached forward to hold a tit in each hand and just went for it, there would be other, more leisurely occasions.  Very soon, I was pumping spunk into her.  I sometimes like to remain inside a cunt, marinating my cock in the mixture of our sex fluids, feeling it shrink until it slips out or on some occasions, re-erect so that I could fuck again without uncoupling.  But tonight there was a queue.  Two in fact.  A queue of men eager to enjoy what I had just enjoyed and a smaller queue of women whose pleasant task it was to clean up after each fuck.

I pulled out of Rachel, still hard and enjoyed the briefest glimpse of my cum trickling from her gaping cunt before Kayra, a dark haired, dark skinned Sri Lankan beauty, staunched the flow with her mouth.  She enjoyed her sloppy feast, so much so that the next man in the queue said;

"If you don't want a helping of hair conditioner Kay, get out of the fucking way."

He groaned his relief as he slid gratefully into the hole prepared by my cock and Kayra's tongue, fucked her quickly and fired his tribute to join mine, assuming Kayra had left any of mine.

I watched as each man took his turn after Rachel had been cleaned by one of the women.  Three of them, including Liz, enjoyed second helpings.  I felt something close to jealousy, which surprised me because the first time I watched Liz fucked bareback by another man had not produced the same feeling.

When the last man had had his turn, Rachel was formally welcomed as a new member and the ritual was over.  The meeting became like the others, fuck whoever is available in any way that suits you both.  It was obvious to me that the men would like a second crack at Rachel, fresh meet and all that, and I was right.

I left them to it and asked Kayra if the fancied a round.  Rachel had already agreed to spend the following weekend as our guest.  She would be all mine.

Written by Grace

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