Written by Plumb Bob

12 Feb 2019

It was 8am and I was having a second cuppa at home when the phone rang. It was an agency I'd registered with a few weeks earlier as a plumber. Could I get to a job in the next town, about five miles away as the client had no hot water. Off I went to the address to hopefully remedy the job. When I arrived I was welcomed by an older lady who it turned out was the mother of the homeowner. Karen asked me to come over and wait for you, as she needed to shower. She's over the road in my house doing just that. The lady showed me the boiler and left. She said Karen would be over when she was done with the shower. I set about doing a few checks and found the problem pretty quick. There was no power to the boiler. I was checking the reasons when in the doorway was a sight to behold. Tall dark haired woman in her late twenties early Thirties, with wet hair, looking a little disheveled and clearly wearing no bra under her clingy tee-shirt. FUCK I thought to myself.

Hi I'm Karen, sorry about not being here I needed to shower as I've got to go into town later. Not a problem I said. There is no power to your boiler. The trip switch is in the break position. I'll do a few checks to see why it's happened. can you tell me when it was last serviced? Her reply shocked me. Me or the boiler she said with a smile? The boiler I said and Laughed out loud.. In the meantime I went under the sink to shut the water off. Do you need any water to fill the kettle for Tea or coffee, or to fill any saucepans before I turn it off, oh and you won't be able to flush the loo for a time. Karen then leant across me to fill the kettle. I had to look up and Bham! straight up the skirt to a NO KNICKERS view, My cock went into spasm.. You ok she said? do you need me to remove anything from under there? No No, there's not a lot to remove to be honest. She realised what I was referring to and blushed. Sorry I was in a hurry! Don't apologise I said. I'm not complaining. She made drinks and I got on with the stripdown of the boiler. There was a blocked air vent and the system was soon back up and running. I called up the stairs to say I'd finished and would need a signature. I turned to swill my cup out and Karen appeared again in the doorway. She had a flimsy dress on certainly not something to be worn at this time of year. She said it was warming up now the boiler was back on. She smelt amazing. all clean and fresh. Where do I sign? Just there I said and again she leant across me and purposely brushed my lap. Then it happened.. She kissed me full on the lips, well I was sort of hoping that something was going to happen. Follow me she said, through the back room to a small room with a pull out bed. She fell to her knees and fumbled with my flies, I'd already started to undo them and assisted her some more. She took my cock in her mouth all the way straight away. FUCK deep throat straight away. I knew if I didn't stop her soon it would be too late so I forced her to stand. Slow slow I said. Then she calmed a bit. I lifted the flimsy dress and there it was in full. Absolute perfection. I kissed her Nipples and then her mouth. she moved towards the pullout bed and asked if I was ok? I'm fine I want you in me, Bare! I can't get pregnant she said. That's why I'm alone. My Boyfriend left when he found out.. Was He fucking mad I thought.

Well needless to say I was at her like a rabbit. after about ten minutes she had a massive climax, then another, I couldn't hold back anymore and asked "Are you sure" Yes shoot deep inside me, I love the warm feeling that comes straight after she said. well I wasn't going to argue, in it went, what felt like a pint

As we came down from the high that was, she slid down to my cock and sucked it dry and as clean as I could've washed it. just then I heard a voice. Karen....KAREN where are you? it was her Mother. We heard her go upstairs and laughed as we dressed. We were back in the other room by the time she re-appeared from upstairs. Is it fixed? Mother said, Oh yes its fixed I said, And fully serviced for another year! Yes I did go back.. many many times. We eventually got together and have been living together now for five years.

Tags: adventure