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You - part 2

"Make up sex is the best sex"

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Author's Notes

"Continuation of my last story, if only it were true…."

You place me on the bed, I can see the hunger in your eyes. You quickly remove your belt and let you jeans fall, I fumble with your boxers but manage to remove them.

I take your rock hard cock into my mouth, you moan ever so slightly. Slowly I take in all of you, slide up and down sucking hard. My hand follows my mouth with a tight grip and up/down motion. My other hand is gently teasing just inside the top of your thigh, massaging your balls every now and then. I slowly run my teeth along your cock, gentle enough to make you inhale deeply. My grip around your cock tightens as I get to the tip where I flick my tongue around the head, taking just the tip into my mouth and sucking it, hard. All the while still wanking you off.

You pull my hair, push me back onto the bed. Your cock so hard now. “I need to have you now!” You demand. All I can do is smile at you, With one swift movement both legs are on your shoulders, you’re on your knees, balls deep into my soaking wet pussy. OMG I love the feeling of your hard cock thrusting inside me. Hard and fast you go, with each deep thrust, moaning as you go deep. Your hand is on the head board, you look into my eyes, “ready” you breathe heavily, all I can do is nod. Biting my lip, close my eyes waiting for the moment, you cum fast and furious. I’m a hot sweaty mess.

Slowly we untangle, you slide on top of me, push my hair out of my eyes, cup my face with one hand and we have the most deep, sensual, kiss, both our tongues exploring each other. Whilst kissing your hand moves down to my very hard and erect nipples, I gasp as they are so sensitive. Not missing a bit your fingers twirl and flick it causing me to moan. Your hand then gently but firmly massages my breast, then wanders slowly down to my pulsating pussy. “Please” I whisper, you laugh, still kissing me, your fingers find their way back into my wet pussy, she is soaking with a mixture of our juices. Two fingers inside with your thumb on my clit. “Oh my god” I groan, “don’t stop” your fingers furiously fuck me, rubbing my gspot, I can feel the pressure, you can feel my pussy tighten around your fingers. “Cum for me, squirt for me” you whisper into my ear. Another finger slides in, I don’t think I can take anymore! With an arch of my back, a loud “oh fuck” my juices cum gushing out over your fingers, my body shakes, you stop stop, just slow down, multiple orgasms wash over me.

“Take it you liked that?” you ask with a grin. “No not really, think might need a repeat just to be sure” I giggle breathlessly. I take your fingers and suck my juices off of them, you then kiss me like before…..

Written by curiousmilf75

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