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Bad back led to the best sex of my life.

"I offered Graham a massage and ended with the best sex of my life."

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My name is Molly. I am 5'6" tall an what most people call a bubbly person. I love to socialize. I wouldn't normally be writing anything like this , but my new husband asked me to. I was previously married to Ben. We had been married for fourteen years. He had slowly grown into a miserable resentful man. For a profession I was a physiotherapist for the NHS. I had privately taken a course on Aromatherapy and had used friends for practice as there was a possibility that the NHS Trust was going to make a post for an Aromatherapist. We had been out to a night at a local social club and during the evening we had met up with Graham and Sylvia. It dawned on me that Sylvia would have made a much better match for my husband as she was always moaning and had a face like she had swallowed a wasp. Her husband was more outgoing and friendly and a lively personality. During the evening I had struggled to get my husband to dance and like my husband Sylvia wouldn't dance with Graham. So I ended up dancing with him and then towards the end of the evening they started to put slow numbers on, again my husband wouldn't dance so I asked Graham. On the dance floor I snuggled into his body and rocked with the music. Graham is 6'2" tall and my head rested on his chest and I could hear his heartbeat getting steadily faster. Then his hands slipped down to my arse. I wasn't worried about my husband as there was so many people dancing there was no way that he could see us. I was enjoying his stroking of my arse and I could feel my pussy getting more than a little wet. I confess that I had fancied Graham for many years, but Sylvia got to him first and I eventually met and married my grumpy husband. Sadly the music ended and we went back to our partners. We were putting on our outdoor clothes ready to face the wind and rain outside. Sylvia dropped one of her gloves and as quick as a flash Graham swooped down to pick it up. As he straightened up he let out a loud yelp. Something in his back had just given out. It took a little time for him to get himself under control and to straighten up. He was clearly still in pain. Sylvia was having a go at him for being so silly, too much dancing and making a fuss were all thing she threw at him. Then complained that he was probably going to be off work sick and under her feet. Not a single word of compassion. The following day I rang him to see how he was. He said that he was at work, to get away from Sylvia no doubt, but still in a lot of discomfort. I offered to give him a massage to ease his back. To my surprise he jumped at my offer. I told him that my shift ended at three o'clock and I had a few bits to get before being home around about four o'clock. He said he would see me then. I arrived home to find Graham waiting and quickly let him in. I got out my massage table and suggested to Graham to strip down to just his boxers and lie on the table. I ran my hand down his back and could feel the lump in the offending area. I mixed and warmed some oils and started to give him a full body massage to relax him as he was so tensed up. I started with his feet and worked my way up his legs to the lower edges of his boxers. Then I started again with his neck and down his arms and then his back. I could hear Graham softly moaning into the table. Then I went down his back and applied a little pressure where his pain was. He yelped and almost jumped off the table. Then as he lay there the vertebra must had relocated to it's correct position and a lot of the pain had gone. I finished on his back and told him to turn over and I would do his front. As he rolled over he had the beginnings of an erection and I must say it was already impressive. Again I started with his feet and worked up towards his boxers. All the time I could see his cock was twitching and getting bigger. Then I worked on his face and neck. Graham openly groaned with enjoyment. Then I worked down his arms to the tips of his fingers. As I started to rub the oils into his hairy chest his hand, that was dangled off the table, slid up my leg and under my skirt to my pussy. It caused me to jump and Graham obviously thought he had over stretched the mark and withdrew his hand. I was disappointed and could feel myself getting a very wet pussy. As I got close to finishing his chest I could see the top of his cock poking out the waistband of his boxers. It had to be well over eight inches long and very thick. The dampness in my pussy was turning into a flood. My panties felt soaked through. I finished his chest and was about to tell him we were all done when I changed my mind and told him there was just one area to finish. He looked at me a little confused, but that changed as I slid my hand into his boxers and took hold of his snake. It was more like a python with it's thickness and length, ten and a half inches. I pulled the boxers down with Graham lifting his hips to assist. His cock was magnificent and throbbed in my hand. I applied a little oil and stroked his beast. My other hand fondled his scrotum and balls. Graham's hand was now back up my skirt, but this time inside my panties probing into my pussy. My legs started to buckle and I had to tell Graham to stop. He looked disappointed until I told him that we were going to my bed. In bed I lowered myself down on his magnificent cock wondering if I could take such a big cock. The oil and my soaked pussy helped and with a mixture of pain and pleasure I slowly sunk down on it until I could feel his balls touching my arse. I rode him slowly as I didn't want to hurt his back and I didn't want to hurt my pussy. The little pain I did have soon turned to the most beautiful pleasure and orgasm of my life. Graham grunted as he pumped his cum deep inside me. It was at this time that I realized several things. First my husband would be home soon and two we hadn't taken any protection and I could have gotten pregnant. I told Graham to quickly dress, as I remade the bed. When I got back down stairs, Graham had just finished dressing. As I see Graham out he gave me the most tender kiss. I told him I would give him a follow up massage the following week. Shortly afterwards my husband arrived home as I was packing up the table. He asked who I had just massaged. I told him it was Graham and that his back was a little better. Then my husband said as the table was that I could do his back. Well the spark that had happened with Graham definitely didn't happen with my husband, and his pathetic five inch cock was a no contest. Over the coming months there was more fucking than massage going on with Graham and eventually my husband walked in on us as I was taking a good fucking from behind and yelling at Graham to give it to me harder. Well my husband walked out the house and never returned. He must have told Sylvia, because Graham got home from one of our sessions to find his bags packed. Graham and I married two years later when I was about to give him our second child. Yes he had got me pregnant probably on our first extramarital massage. Looking back I wouldn't change anything. I got my man and two beautiful children.
Written by Molly

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