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Curiosity got me her phone number

"We kissed and my panties were wet"

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I’ve been to my local bi / gay bar with girl friends , it’s always a great laugh , good music , last Christmas we were on a girls only pub crawl and we ended up at “Diamonds” pub as always a great buzz about the place I helped my mate get the drinks in and a round of shots , I got talking to Lily the bar maid , very pretty small , athletic no bra on I could make out her nipples , I have been curious but never taken it any further , it was busy so it was just a chat and a smile , she said on your next round shout for me . The drinks were going down and a couple of goldfish bowls were ordered , I went to the bar to get some more straws Lily said you should of shouted me I would have made the bowls a bit more lively. We finished and we were off , lily saw me and said if you fancy a drink phone me , passing me her number. I contacted her and we went for a coffee and a chat , lily told me she was bi , wasnt in a relationship , her last relationship was with a man and she said she was seduced by his sister. I told her I didn’t know what I like , them as smooth as you like she said but I like you , you are my type , she buttered on the complements saying I had nice eyes , a lovely smile and a hot figure. I was blushing , she said I have a flat around the corner why not come back with me for a more detailed chat , I said ok. I mumbled and stuttered to her place , I said I’ve never done anything like this . In her flat she poured us a glass of wine , chatting , touching she asked could she kiss me , I said yes her lips were like electric little shocks , it was a full on kiss , she touched my boobs , I didn’t know what to do , we kissed she took my hand and put my hand on her panties , I could feel she was wet and I moved my fingers thinking I was playing with my self, she told me to put my hand in her pants and finger me , it was hot but I was feeling awkward, she grabbed my hand and controlled my fingers which made her come , she said my turn , I lay back on the couch , skirt up she whipped off my pants in one , and before I knew it she was licking my pussy and clit and fuck it felt good , she fingered me with 2 fingers as she licked me and I came with a squirt on her face , she licked me all up, we kissed and then we got dressed , it was an amazing experience, we did meet up again in the new year , we kissed in a car park . Then the lockdown hit the world we did have phone sex , she wanted to see my open pussy and clit as she was playing with herself , I did the same for her , she used a cucumber as a dick which got me off. I want more I also want men in my life , Sean our new IT guy as asked me out for a drink. Best of both worlds would be a nice 3some .......maybe
Written by Lily my new adventure

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