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Fight Night

"Wife stripped for my friends"

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It was a good few years into our marriage when My wife admitted her secret. She loves showing off her body. Usually to strangers but even to my friends and her friends husband’s. Don’t get me wrong she wasn’t flashing her pussy or getting her nipples out. But she admitted the she loved the thrill of showing too much cleavage or flashing her panties. She always made it look like an accident, but there it was. What could I do with her admission . I encouraged her to go further. My Wife Dianne by this time was in her mid 30’s a curvy size 12 with long brown hair, large dark eyes and a pretty, innocent looking face. Her pretty face, 36dd boobs and large, curvy arse always attracted a lot of male attention. Now with my encouragement she was attracting a lot more. At first she would show off her ample breasts to some poor shop assistant, a tiny bra barely covering her large nipples. As she got braver I convinced her not to wear any bra and so when she allowed her top to gape her breasts would be fully exposed. She often allowed her top to gape. By now she was wearing stockings most of the time instead of tights and she particularly chose skirts that rode up to show her stocking tops. Occasionally she would not wear any underwear and I’d watch men illicitly looking at her bare ass and slit. When she knew a man had been looking and seen her intimate areas, the sex between us that followed was always incredible. She was desperate to be fucked and relive what she’d done. She would have shattering orgasms that left her totally drained but immensely satisfied. For all that she was exposing herself to strangers, to my friends she was the same demure and slightly shy Dianne that they’d all known for years. Only I would know that as she made them coffee or chatted she wasn’t wearing any thing under her dress, other than stockings. It gave me a secret thrill to know that all that was between my friends and my wife’s hot naked body was a piece of thin material. When I teased her with this as I fucked she said perhaps it was time to go further. Nothing happened for the next few weeks and I became convinced it was just pillow talk. However that was all to change. Whenever there is a big pay per view fight on TV we guys take turn hosting. We get in munchies and booze and stay up late to watch the fight and generally hang out together. The wives usually use the excuse for a girls night out. This time it was my turn to host. Dianne and the girls made their arrangements and we guys made ours. I really thought nothing of it. It was totally normal. My only pang of jealousy was as I watched her getting ready. She was in a sheer white top which showed of a black lacy bra beneath, tight black skirt which clung to her arse and beneath it a lacy black thong and black hold up stockings. I knew a lot of men would be seeing her ass tonight and although I wished I’d be there to see it I knew I’d have the benefit when she got home feeling horny. She put on a jacked over her outfit kissed me and left just before the first of the guys arrived. There were four of the guy’s coming to watch the fight. I’d know 3 of them for years. John, Sean and Quinn were my three oldest mates and we knew each other inside out. Richard who was also attending was the husband of Maggie, Dianne’s best friend and although we all knew him this was the first time he’d been to a fight night. As the fight was being shown from the US it wouldn’t start till nearly 2am and so we did what we usually did, drink beer, watch porn and shoot the shit. By the time midnight rolled around we were all pretty nicely drunk and having a great time. Cracking jokes, telling stories and generally just hanging out like guy’s do. The Door went and I knew Dianne had got home. She popped her head into the living room and said “Hi”. I was sitting on the floor, Sean and Quinn were taking up a sofa and Richard and John had a chair each. On the TV screen a pretty blond as being fucked by two large black men. Dianne immediately noticed, “That not boxing.” She said with a mock scowl. For a moment we were like school kids caught wanking. Each guy didn’t know what to say and no one met her eye. “Don’t worry Its one of my favorites.” She said with a giggle. “You should join us then.” Said John. To which she replied, “Well I would but there’s nowhere for a lady to sit.” John instantly joined me on the floor and smiling to my wife, he said, “There is now.” “Why thank you kind sir.” She said and she stepped out of her high heels and sat in the recently vacated chair. I passed her a drink and she joined us in commenting on the movie. After a while I noticed that none of the guys were really watching the porn. They were looking at Dianne. I looked over and realised that the tops of her aureole were just visible over her bra and clearly visible through the sheer top that she was wearing. As she’d adjusted her position on the chair her stocking tops had come into view and from the position Sean and Quinn had on the sofa I wondered if they could see up her skirt. They certainly appeared to be looking. To the guys it probably appeared accidental but I knew that she was deliberately exposing herself to them. I wondered at that moment just how far she’d go. She was obviously a little drunk and I was guessing she was a little horny from flashing her arse to strangers. “Did you have a good night?” I asked, trying to sound flippant. “Yes I think we all had a fun night.” She said with a smile. “What do you girls get up to on a night out?” ashed Richard. “Just drinking and dancing, really.” Dianne replied. “God I hate dancing.” Said Quinn. “The guys who dance with us seem to like it.” Dianne replied with a sly smile on her face. “Oh yeah I’ll bet they do.” Said Quinn. He’s the only single guy among us. Having split with his wife a few years earlier. “Its just a bit of fun and its nice to have a little flirt sometimes.” Said Dianne. “What, my Maggie danced with these guys?” Asked Richard. “We all did.” She replied. “I Hope they behaved themselves.” He said. “Mostly.” She said back to him. “What do you mean mostly?” Asked John, knowing that his wife, Julie had also been out with Dianne. She thought for just a moment and then Dianne replied, “Well they usually try and feel your bum in the slow songs and sometimes they might try and kiss you.” Just for a moment I knew all us married guys were imagining our wives allowing strangers to kiss them and grope there asses. I must confess that I for one was turned on by the idea. “So did you get your bum groped?” Quinn asked. “A bit, I’m sure we all did.” She replied, honestly. “Kiss anyone?” He pushed. “Not tonight.” She said, smiling back at him and letting the room know she’d kissed strangers on her nights out in the past. The room was quiet for a few heartbeats with just the moaning of the porn movie filling the silence. I guess John and Richard were wondering just what their wives got up to while they weren’t there. I’m guessing by the bulges in their jeans that they found the idea a turn on though. Finally I said, “Well since you’ve been dancing for other guys tonight, why don’t we put on a little music and you can dance for us. Show us what we’ve missed?” The guys chorused there agreement and after a little coaxing she agreed. I left the porn running but turned down the sound and put on some music. It was a slow, sensual song with a soulful singer and a lot of saxophone. Dianne stood in the middle of the room and swayed to the music. Her hands started stroking her flanks then thighs and as she moved she brushed her breasts allowing a little more of her areaola’s to come into view. She bent and gyrated and her skirt rode up showing off her legs and her stocking tops. I swear that when the song ended we were breathing heavier than she was. When the next song started and she made to sit down John said, “Don’t I get a dance?” She smiled and he put his arms round her waist and held her close. They swayed together as they danced and I wondered if she could feel his cock pushing against her. He dropped his hand onto her arse and she didn’t tell him to remove them. When he wasn’t told off he let his palms roam all over her buttocks. As he did so her skirt rode even higher and the bottom of her arse cheeks were exposed. I looked at the guys and all eyes were on Dianne’s exposed bottom. Obviously when the song finished all the other guys wanted a dance. However Dianne pleaded tiredness and retook her seat. When they called her a tease she smiled and said, “Tell you what, If any of you correctly guess what round the fight finishes in, I’ll give you a treat.” “Whats the treat?” Sean asked. “How about, if there’s a knockout and you guess the round it will happen in correctly. I’ll do a strip for you. But if it goes the distance and there’s no knockout you can all strip for me. Unless your chicken of course.” She said with a smile. I wondered just how drunk and how horny she was. As for the guys it was quite a dilemma. Obviously they wanted to see Dianne strip but what if it went the distance. Finally Quinn said, “OK, I’m in.” That did it and one by one we all agreed to the bet. It was certainly going to make the fight interesting. While we waited I mused on which result she really wanted. Did she want to see all my friends dicks? Or did she really want to show of her body. I suspected it was a win/win for her. Either way she got something she wanted. Finally the fight started and I don’t think any of us have ever wanted a first round knockout so much. That had been my guess. It was a dour first round with very little action though and no sign of a punch landing. The next guess was Richards, he’d guessed the fourth and we all breathed a sigh of relief when it got to the fourth round as all bets were off if the knockout happened in a round that no one had picked. Still no knockout though. Quinn had picked the 7th round and John, the 10th. However it was looking for all the world like it would go the distance. Then at the end of the 7th a peach of a left hand floored one of the fighters. Dianne squealed and Quinn shouted, “Yes!” Then the fighter rose unsteadily to his feet, he was saved from being finished off by the bell and tottered unsteadily back to his stool. This was bad news he had to survive two rounds or all bets were off and he didn’t look good. He was floored again midway through the 8th but somehow he got back to his feet, to a chorus of cheers from the guys. It was much closer in the 9th and it looked like he’d recovered and was over the worst of it. A points decision was again looking likely. Whatever happened from here though, this had been the most exciting fight night we’d ever had. A minute into the tenth round the fighter who'd previously been knocked down found a great punch and floored his opponent. The guys cheered then groaned as he got to his feet. The other man bore in on his weakened opponent and unleashed a flurry of punches. The boxer swayed and tried to defend his head. However it was clear that his race was run and the referee stepped in and waved the fight over. TKO in the tenth. All the guys celebrated and then looked at Dianne. I was the only one who suspected that she’d got just what she wanted. “Are you really going to make me do this?” Dianne said, playing the shy wife. “You made the bet.” I said, covertly giving her the green light to proceed. “A bet is a bet.”Said Sean. “Yeah time to pay up.” Added Richard. She pretended that she was being hounded into doing it but without to much real persuasion she was soon stood in the middle of the room, with the TV off and music starting. At first she just swayed to the music, then her hands started to caress her body. The guys were all silent, every eye focused on the sensual movements of her hands and hips. Slowly, very slowly she started to unbutton her blouse. Starting at the top and working her way down slowly the blouse first gaped and then finally it was fully open. It hadn’t hidden much when it had been fastened up but now there was something overtly sexual about it hanging open. Then she let it fall to the floor and her breast were covers by just a thin lacy bra and they already looked like they were trying to escape. As she danced she did a slow pirouette making sure each guy got a good look of her jiggling boobs. The song was around 30 seconds from its end when she unzipped her skirt. It hung on her hips while she moved until she gave a little shake. It fell to the floor and she stepped out of it. She did another little twirl showing off her curves to my friends. She was wearing a black lacy thong that matched her bra but left her arse virtually naked. As the song ended she was stood in her bra, thong and hold ups and I thought boy is she going to be horny for me tonight. She made a little bow to the guys and made to sit down. “Whoa, Whoa You’ve not finished.” Said John and the other guys chimed in there agreement. She was standing in front of them virtually naked but obviously they wanted her totally naked. “What do you mean?” She said. “Well I’ve seen you in a bikini a few times when you’ve been in out hot tub and your wearing more now than then so its not really a strip is it?” “So you want to see me go all the way? You want to see me naked?” “Yeah, after all if you’d would have been looking at our cock’s if you’d won.” “What do you think sweetheart?” She said to me. This was my chance to stop things before they went to far. However I knew what she wanted and I wanted to see it to but I made my answer ambiguous enough that she has a get out of jail card. “You made the bet babe, its up to you.” I said. She thought for a few moments, which of course gave all the guys more of a chance to look at her stocking clad thighs, naked ass and barely covered breasts. Finally she said, “How do I know that you guys would have followed through?” She said. “Of course we would have.” John said, falling into her trap. “Ok prove it then, I’ll go all the way of you guys strip to your underwear. After all I’ve seen you in the hot tub too. So its not like I’m asking to see anything I haven’t seen already.” Well that called their bluff, I thought. If they wanted to see her tits, she was certainly going to see who got hard for her. The boys looked at each other, clearly not wanting to be the first to chicken out or say yes. Finally it was Quinn, the one with the least to lose as he had no partner who spoke. “OK, I’m game” He said. With the ice broken the others agreed and a little sheepishly we all stripped to our underwear. As they sat back down all of them were showing signs of arousal, as was I. “Your turn Di.” Said Sean. She took a huge swig of her drink then she asked me to put some music on and she again started to move to the music. This time her moves were far more provocative. As well as touching herself she made a point of bending over in front of each guy in turn, giving each one a good long look at her ass. Then she straddled Richard, facing him her breasts pushed against his chest. She whispered in his ear and Hi reached round and undid her bra. She stood back holding the bra against her breasts. I glanced at Richard and his rock hard cock was pocking out of the waistband of his boxers. My wife must have been rubbing her sex against it as she’d straddled him. I wondered if she’d enjoyed the feel of another mans erection pressing against her pussy. Next it was Sean’s turn. She backed into his lap and rubbed her arse against his crotch. His face was a picture of shock and pleasure combined, then after a few moments she stood off him and turning she looked directly from his eyes to his boxers which were clearly tenting over his stiff dick. She swayed into the middle of the room and then, looking directly at John she did it. She dropped her bra and exposed her tits for my mates. Her nipples were rock hard and I knew she was as turned on as I’ve ever seen her. Next she straddled John. Her naked breasts pushed against his naked chest. Her hips ground on his lap and when she stood back his dick was hard, straining at his underwear and there was a damp stain where the engorged head of his penis was pushing against the thin material. I wondered if it was his precum or her pussy juice that had caused the patch. All of my friends were now enjoying the sight of my wife's large, naked tits. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Richard couldn’t help holding his dick and I wondered if he was going to masturbate. When she moved on to Quinn, she put a hand on each of his shoulders and gyrated with her tits just inches from his face. She then bent forward and whispered in his ear. The she spun and bent forwards so her arse was facing him and he peeled off her panties. Then she stood and slowly turned as she danced so that each of the men in the room had a good view of her arse, breasts and shaven pussy. I have to admit my mouth was dry and my heart was pounding. I’d seen Dianne flash her tits and arse to strangers and it had been a turn on for both of us. I never believed she’d show herself of to people we knew though. Now here she was dancing naked but for her holdups in front of 4 men she knew well. Men she saw all the time, 3 of whom had wives that were good friends of hers. Not only had she stripped for them she’d rubbed herself on their hard dicks with barely anything to stop them feeling her cunt. The song was now coming to an end and I realised I was holding my breath as I wondered what would happen next. Whatever it was I knew Dianne was in control and she would be the one who decided. “How was that?” She said with a smile. She wasn’t even trying to cover up her nakedness. “That was fucking amazing!” Said John with feeling. “Rick certainly looks like he enjoyed it.” Dianne said as she indicated Richards erect penis sticking out from the top of the waistband of his boxers. Then she looked at each mans crotch in turn and said, “In fact it looks like you all enjoyed it.” “God yeah!” said Quinn. Dianne looked at me sitting on the floor and smiling she said, “Looks like my poor hubby is the only one who didn’t get a treat.” With that she got on all fours between my legs pulled back my underwear to release my stiff cock and took it in her mouth. Her legs were open and she was giving the other 4 guys in the room an unrestricted view of her cunt. It was an open invitation if ever I’d seen one. I could probably still have stopped where this was going but I chose not to. I was enjoying the feeling of her lips on my erect member as I always do and I looked over her nodding head and saw that Richard was now openly wanking. Sean and John both had their hands in their underwear and Quinn was looking open mouthed at my wife’s slit. As I watched him he joined Richard in taking out his cock and starting to masturbate. I closed my eyes and enjoyed my wife’s licking and sucking, very much aware that this was the first time anyone had seem Dianne and I perform a sex act. I only opened my eyes when her sucking stopped. She had stopped sucking but she still held my cock and gently pulled on it. She was looking back. Looking at Richard’s cock then looking at Quinn’s cock. Then without even a glance in my direction and looking straight at Quinn she said, “Would you like some help with that?” Releasing my member she got to her feet and walked over to my friend. She sat on the chair arm and I watched as for the first time in our married life she took another man’s cock in her hand. Quinn gasped and took one of her breasts in his hand. Kneading it before taking her nipple in his mouth and sucking on it. The other three men openly masturbated now as they watched my wife giving pleasure to Quinn. She looked about the room, from man to man with an expression of satisfaction almost triumph on her face. She was totally in command of the room at that moment any of us, me included would have done anything for her touch. “I could use some help to.” Said Richard. Dianne looked over at him, Quinn's dick still in her hand and his lips on her tit and said, “What would Maggie say if I helped you?” “What would she say if she knew that you’d rubbed your pussy against my cock?” He replied. It was a fair point I suppose. The thought for a few second’s, Quinn’s cock in hand and then said, “Well I won’t tell if you don’t.” That was Richard’s green light. He moved over and took hold of her breast. In the same moment she took his cock in her hand. She wanked two men simultaneously while they each feasted on her nipples. Then she gave out a gasp and I saw that Quinn’s fingers were inside her wet slit. Her eyes closed and she lost herself in the sensation of another mans fingers inside her. Touching my wife’s cunt was all to much for Quinn. After just a few seconds creamy white sperm shot from hid cock, covering my wife's hand and spattering her thigh. She turned to me and in an almost matter of fact tone she said, “Will you get me a towel hun?” I made my way to the kitchen and quickly found some kitchen roll (after all I didn’t want to think about Quinn’s spunk every time I dried the washing up) and I made quickly got back to the lounge. As I stepped back into the room I stopped in my tracks. Dianne was on her knees in the middle of the room. John, Sean and Richard stood in front of her offering her their hard cock’s and as I watched she lowered her mouth over Sean’s cock. She looked up at him as his thick cock slipped easily in and out of her mouth. Her hands masturbated John and Richard but soon enough while I watched each man’s cock took its turn in my wife’s mouth. This went on for several minutes, Dianne sucking on each cock in turn and even licking and sucking on their balls. Finally John said, “Can I fuck you Di?” “No, I’m a married woman.” She replied, flashing a smile to me. “You can’t leave me like this!” He gasped, slapping his own rock hard cock. She looked up at him and then still kneeling she put out her arms behind herself and lent back. It certainly showed of her naked body for them. She then looked each of them in the eye and said, “Cum over me then. Let me see your spunk.” Then she looked over at Quinn and said, “Have you got any more for me?” All 4 men stood before her tossing their cocks, almost like they were worshipers giving offerings to a goddess. Richard came first, his spunk splattering my wife’s tits, his juices ran slowly down the length of her body. Next, maybe 30 seconds later Sean’s cock erupted, adding his load of sperm to my wife’s heaving tits. John then moved forward, straddling Dianne’s body. His cock was inches from her face. She opened her mouth and Ho pushed his cock inside and started to literally fuck my pretty wife’s face. His hand was on the back of her head and one of her hands gripped his buttock. It was the sluttiest thing I’d ever seen her do, including things that she’d done with me. I saw Johns face starting to contort and he pulled his cock from her mouth and ejaculated over my wife’s waiting, upturned face. His thick, white goo covered her lips and cheek. It dripped from her chin and joined the combined mess covering her chest. Three of the men sat back, exhausted with empty balls and watched Quinn furiously wanking over her cum spattered body. After what seemed like an age he grunted and very deliberately dripped his seed over her cunt. All four of my friends satisfied and with her body dripping with their seed, Dianne stood and said, “Thanks guys that was lovely.” Then she added to me, “See you in bed hun.” That night changed everything for us. Although it was almost another six months before I saw her fuck another man. Since she started fucking other men and women she has never stopped. She still loves flashing and seeing men come for her. Since that night she’s allowed 3 of my friends from that night to fuck her. Amazingly, I’ve fucked a couple of their wives while they watched too. However mostly its strangers that we play with and Dianne just can’t get enough.
Written by Veggie

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