Written by Shy little Kelly

First Time
21 Oct 2018

I’m Kelly, aged 38 and generally shy and quiet. I guess I’m fairly pretty and keep myself in shape. Im a redhead with long wavy red hair and a very petite size 8 and 5’ tall. My breasts are average for my size, but my nipples are big and very sensitive; so much that I can sometimes reach orgasm with them caressed in the right way.

My husband of many years is Ben, who is 10 years old than me. We have a great sex life and have always had sex several times a week and been quite adventurous, although until recently this hasn’t included participation with others. Ben is a perve and we have been watched having sex and he likes to make me flash, so although I’m shy quite a few guys out there have had a glimpse or two of my breasts and ginger pussy (mainly lorry drivers).

Basically he is the dominant one and I do as I’m told. I’m not complaining as I have a very high sex drive too and my favourite thing is knowing other guys want me and are turned on by me. He can be a bit of a bastard and sometimes goes a bit far. Like the time he tied me naked on a bed on holiday, and went out until our male cleaner came in the room and found me, or the time he showed naked explicit pictures of me to some of his mates on a stag do.

Anyway after being angry with him, I found both really horny, especially meeting one of the guys after he had seen my naked explicit pictures.

Fairly recently Ben has told me he wanted to see me with a well endowed guy. I thought this was a step too far but after I realised he was serious I found I couldn’t get the thought of doing it out of my mind. Not that I told Ben that. I have never pleasured myself more and imagined one of his good looking mates having me. One has a nickname of horse, for obvious reasons, and is really good looking, and I sadly wrongly thought that this was who Ben had in mind.

Ben kept going on about it, especially when I said I would consider it, and after him pleading with me I eventually said I would do it. As usual it was Ben that would make the arrangements and I didn’t get a say. I like it that way, and I guess if it went wrong then he would be to blame.

Then Ben broke the news that we would be getting a visitor that Saturday. I couldn’t believe it was really happening. All he told me was that a guy would come and give me a massage and see how things developed.

After a very nervous few days and with my fingers or vibrator almost constantly between my legs, Saturday arrived. Ben loves my ginger pubes being trimmed close in a little triangle, and he made me wear white matching lacy g-string and bra with a dressing gown over.

I forgot to say that Ben is a little bit smaller than average cock wise and has always said i deserve to have bigger. I love his cock and it is perfect for me being petite and fairly tight. The thought of having bigger excited but also scared me.

The door knocked and I was shocked (and initially disappointed) that it wasn’t horse that Ben let in. Instead I was introduced to Mike who i later found out was 62!

Mike was a charmer though and a really nice guy. He was also good looking and had a great body, especially for his age. Ben took control and offered him a drink and I got them both beers and after handing them over Ben suggested that I take my dressing gown off. I was standing in the middle of the lounge and very nervous and shy but did as I was told, stripping for this older stranger in my own house.

Very soon I was standing there with Mike checking me out. My bra and string left little to the imagination and my nipples, and trimmed pussy were on clear display through the sheer material. Humiliating me he made me turn around so Mike could also check out my bum.

We hadn’t discussed exactly what would happen and I expected a massage but that didn’t happen and Ben was soon telling me to sit on Mike’s lap. I did as I was told.

Mike complimented me and soon had his arm round me. Ben then told Mike that he was free to do what he liked with me, and I glared at him but didn’t object. Mike was soon stroking my arm and then legs and up my inner thigh. I started to relax then as I was getting aroused by his touch.

Ben told Mike I had great little tits and told me to take my bra off to show him, and again I did as I was told. Soon Mike was touching them which felt good. Mike leant in to kiss me and I responded and soon his tongue was probing my mouth and I started to forget that Ben was there. That didn’t last long as he told me to take Mike to our marital bed.

Still in just my g-string I got up and led Mike into our bedroom and Ben followed and sat in a chair in the corner. We kissed again by the bed and Mike’s hand was groping my breasts and bum.

I helped Mike take his top off and then his jeans. I could see a very large bulge in his pants and knew this guy was big. I looked over at Ben, who was now silent and he nodded for me to go on. I knew he was happy as he was stroking his cock through his jeans.

That was my green light to go so I dropped to my knees and like a kid opening a present I peeled down Mike’s pants. He was huge and I knew then why Ben had chosen him. His cock wasn’t massively long, although still a couple of inches longer than Bens. It was the thickness of his cock that made it massive.

All my shyness has gone and the slut in me took over and taking his huge cock in hand I took what I could in my mouth and sucked like a little slut.

Mike clearly loved it and so did I although my mouth started to ache due to taking his monstrosity. My body was desperate to be pleasured so after a while I got up and laid back on the bed.

Mike leant forward and gently took each side of my g-string and being a gent said “may I?”

Biting my lip I nodded and soon he was peeling them down exposing my pussy. A few nerves came back, but these were due to the size of his cock and knowing where he would want to put it.

But he was gentle and kissed me passionately before lifting me up and putting a pillow under my bum. He kissed me again and slowly worked down my body spending a lot of time on my nipples. I was moaning now and he knew I was loving it.

I wasn’t far from orgasm when he moved down my body. I didn’t complain as he was heading between my legs. He was a tease and kissed all round my pussy but had my legs parted wide with the pillow lifting me up, which was fully displaying my married pussy to him.

He lay between my legs and then gave my pussy the longest and best licking it had ever had. Due to his teasing and expertise I had my first orgasm soon after his tongue first found my clit. Soon his finger was also in me and caressing my g-spot sending me into multiple orgasms which is rare for me. He also licked my bum hole probing his tongue into me. I’ve never let Ben do this, as my loving husband, but really enjoyed my new lover doing it.

Then Mike also slid a finger up my bum, which took me by surprise but I just enjoyed this new experience. My pussy was sooo wet and I wanted his monster cock, and I shocked myself as I demanded Mike to fuck me.

Soon he was positioned with his massive cock at my tiny pussy hole. He was gentle and I was wet so it went in far easier than I imagined, but it felt huge in me, especially as he started to fuck me.

I suddenly realised that he didn’t have a condom on but didn’t really care. I didn’t want to look at Ben, who hadnt said a word for ages. I just stared in awe at this older man’s caring face in front of me as he pumped by far the biggest cock I have ever had inside of me.

I was in heaven and crammed full for the first time ever and didn’t want the feeling to end. I felt another orgasm approach and realised I was moaning probably louder than I ever had with Ben. I am flexible and love having my legs up in the air straight in a V shape when being fucked with me holding my ankles but I couldn’t hold this position for long with Mike fucking me. The next thing I realise is Ben is naked on the bed with us and is holding my legs in this position for me, clearing loving watching his wife being pleasured by a much bigger cock.

Ben has then tried to feed his cock in my mouth and I suck him the best I could but found it hard as Mike was pounding in me. This was amazing. I had started to get a bit concerned that I had gone too far for Ben but clearly not, so I fully relaxed and enjoyed the fuck of my life.

Mike was still going but Ben took me by surprise as he shot his cum in my mouth and over my face. Mike slowed as this happened and l swallowed what was in my mouth and grabbed a tissue and wiped my face. Thinking I may have had enough Mike pulled out of me but I wanted more. I love being on top and told him to lay on his back, and soon I was lowering my wet and stretched pussy back onto him. Ben has sheepishly sat back down as I started to ride Mikes huge cock again.

Forgetting I had just had Ben’s cum in my mouth I bent forward and kissed Mike, who didn’t seem to care. As I rode him, he groped my bum with both hands thrusting me up and down on his cock. He then put a finger back up my bum and that sent me over the edge again to yet another orgasm. I was bucking and squealing like a complete slut. I loved his finger up my bum and saw Ben was hard again wanking.

He has always wanted to do me up the bum and for the first time ever I wanted this as well, so I called for him to do so. He didn’t need asking twice and grabbed some lubricant, rubbed it on his cock and positioned himself behind me as I leant forward against Mike. He slowly slipped it in.

I really was in heaven with both holes filled. Rhythm was awkward but it was fun, but soon my bum hurt so I made him pull out.

Somehow Mike hadn’t cum but he asked to do me doggie style. Soon he was pumping in me harder than ever as I knelt over the edge of the bed and he stood behind me fucking me, holding my hips. He went faster and faster and I could tell he was approaching orgasm. I was sore by this time but the pleasure was still greater than the pain. Then he pumped his cum

In me. It felt like there were pints filling me up and we soon lay exhausted on the bed.

I was totally satisfied laying on my back with legs wide and my new big cocked lover’s cum dribbling out of my stretched and used married hole.

I told them I couldn’t take any more and Mike was soon on his way after I had made him promise to visit me again anytime.

After he left Ben came back in and I hadn’t moved. The dirty bastard then took some pictures of me with my pussy full of Mikes cum. Ben was hard and wanted to fuck me but I was too sore. Jokingly I said I would suck him off if he licked me out first.

I am rarely shocked by Ben, but was on that occasion as he leant forward and licked Mike’s cum out of me, and clearly loved doing so. Although it freaked me out a bit, I found it really horny, and for maybe the first time I was the one in sexual control. Of course I returned the favour and sucked him off swallowing his cum.

Meeting Mike took our marriage to a new level. We spoke after and we opened up even more to each other and we have now joined a few others. We have also joined another couple and I had my first taste of another woman’s pussy.

We met Mike twice after this and had great sex, although the weirdest experience of my life happened as I watched Ben suck Mike’s cock and swallow his cum!!!

I’m happy to share some of these other experiences if you liked this one.

Kelly xxxx