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London getaway and my 1st BBC

"1st BBC"

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Well me and Justin a couple of months ago to have a long weekend away in London, see a few sights and see what filth we can get up to. after a day out taking in some sights we were getting ready to go down and grab a few drinks, so I put on a nice outfit, showing off my ample cleavage as that always attracts some nice attention. So down we went and ordered a few drinks and Justin left me on my own to see what happens and I caught the eye of this attractive coloured guy, he came over and introduced himself, he was called Markus , spoke with an American accent and was on a long business trip in the UK.

We chatted for a while and I flirted a lot with him, and he talked about how he was single and he began to touch my leg with I didn't mind and stroked his inner thigh, I could tell he was VERY big, I talked about me and Justin and what we got up to which he was very interested in now, explained how we have an open relationship and I have lots of FWB's to play with, and how I like to be used. A few moments later Justin arrived and I introduced him to Markus and they both shook hands , I leaned over to Markus and whispered in his ear 'shall we go back to your room for some fun, and would you mind if Justin filmed us', 'Sure, that would be awesome'.

So we got to his room and me and Markus began to fondle each other and he squeezed both of my tits and I stroked his large bulge in his trousers, after a few minutes of kissing and stroking , I knelt down and unzipped his trousers, pulled down his briefs and out popped his HUGE cock, must have been 9" long and good girth, I wrapped my lips round his cock and began to suck his length, getting as much as I could in my mouth, he began to moan. I sucked his cock for quite a while and I stood up, undressed and lay back on the bed and he immediately began to lick and finger my wet pussy, Justin was filming all of this. After a short while I got into doggy position and he slid his cock into me and began to fuck my wet pussy.

Markus fucked me doggy style for some time, then I asked him to lie down and i straddled his cock and slid it up my ass, which he liked and he began to fuck my ass, I was in heaven, I was fucking one of the biggest cocks I've ever had and it was delicious, my eyes rolled back and Markus fucked my ass, again after a short while he pulled me onto my side and began to spoon me with his cock still firmly up my ass, I began to play with my wet pussy, Markus fucked my ass for ages, then pulled me onto all fours again and slid his cock back up my ass, he loved it, I could tell, and within minutes he groaned and blew a thick load up my ass, which was lush, after he pulled out , it oozed out of my ass.

Both me and Markus lay down, cum still oozing out my ass and we chatted for a while, I got dressed and I gave Markus my contact details and told him to contact me when he was in the UK for some more fun, he mentioned he was over in the UK once a month (which was nice) and he asked if I'd be interested in shagging with his colleague that occasionally comes over, which I said YES of course.

This session is actually in my videos, and I have another one to come soon of my 3sum with 2 BBC's :)

Written by jbarxxx

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