Written by lyn tv

25 Oct 2011

I'm a happily married guy of 23 yrs, my married life is perfect, except i have a secret from my wife! I'm bi and have been since before we met. I would tell her but she has made it clear that 2 men together disgusts her, so i have to find fun with other guys when i can. Due to my job i get plenty of chances as i travel all over the country.

I'm 41 yrs old and for as long as i can remember, i've loved wearing stockings, suspenders, lacy knickers & bras, mini skirts or dresses, wigs, make up and high heels. I keep all my sexy gear in the car so have always got it with me when traveling. When dressed i go by the name of lyn and i'm very submissive.

Last week i had to travel up to Durham and the surrounding area. I was driving along the A19 and saw a big sign at the side of the road that said, Peterlee, just passed that sign there was a road leading down behind some trees. I was breaking my neck for a piss, so turned off the main road, followed the lane down behind the trees and jumped out to relieve myself. As i stood there answering the call of nature i was looking around as you do and saw 2 cars pulled up a dirt track between the trees.

I quickly tucked my cock away and headed through the trees towards the cars to see if anything interesting was happening. As i neared the cars i heard voices, pearing through the bushes i saw 2 guys, both with their trousers round their ankles, wanking each others cocks. I stayed where i was and watched as 1 guy bent down and sucked the others cock. They changed over a couple of times, sucking each other, then both stood and wanked each other again till they both shot their cum.

I went to retreat back through the trees and a twig snapped under my foot. They both saw me and called out. I decided to come clean and said i'd enjoyed the show. We talked for a while and it turned out that where we were always has some sort of action going on, day and night. I said my goodbyes and left, as i had a meeting to get to, but made a mental note of how to get back to that place later that day/night.

I didn't get out of my meeting till 5.30pm, by the time i'd found a hotel, had something to eat and got a shower it was almost 9pm. My hotel was a good half hours drive from the place i wanted to try out so i set off back down the A19. I saw the place i wanted and had to come off at the next junction and back up the A19 to pull off down the lane. It was pitch black by now but as i drove down the lane i didn't see any other cars.

I parked up under some trees, got my gear from the boot, stripped off and changed into lyn. I had the interior light on and had just finished doing my make up when i saw light coming down the lane. I turned my light off and waited. A car past me and pulled up a few yards in front of me, the brake lights flashing twice before being turned off. I decided to get out and see what happened. I walked to the front of my car, leant back against the door and lit a ciggy.

There was no movement from the other car and it was too dark to see if the occupant could see me. I pushed myself away from my car and started to walk towards the car, my heels click clacking as i went. As i passed the car the interior light came on, there was a guy on his own, with his trousers round his knees, stroking a very nice hard cock. I carried on passed his car, then turned and walked back. His window was now open, so i stopped next to his car and said, "Thats a nice cock you have there". "Yer", he said, "Do you want some fun with it?"

I asked what he was into? He said anything and everything. I told him i liked sucking nice hard cocks and then feeling them deep in my arsehole. He opened his car door and told me to start by sucking his big hard cock. I bent at the waist, took hold of his cock and licked all the pre cum from its tip before taking him into my mouth. "Oh yer you slut, that feels good, go on babe suck it all in". As he said that he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed my mouth down onto his cock making me gag as it hit the back of my throat. He held me there for a few seconds then realeased me so i could withdraw, but pushed me back down on it again and again, each time his big hard cock went further down my throat.

As he continued to thrust his cock down my throat another car pulled up in the lane parking behind my car. I tried to pull away when i heard the car but he held me down on his cock and told me not to worry. I heard a car door slam shut, but kept sucking that nice big hard cock, my head bobbing up and down. A couple of minutes later i heard someone say, "Very nice mate, are you sharing her?". I then heard the guy i was sucking say, "Help yourself mate, she's a great cock sucker and she takes it up the arse!".

I then felt his hands running up my stockinged legs, up under my mini dress, over my stocking tops, his hands continued up over my bare thighs till he reached my panty covered arse. "Oh yes you fucking horny slut, you are 1 sexy bitch". His hands rubbed over my panty covered arse, then he tried to get between my legs so i moved my feet apart giving him better access. His hand snaked between my thighs, touching my hard throbbing cock through my panties.

The guy i was sucking made me stop so he could get out of his car. I was then bent over and made to suck the new guys cock. Now the 1st guys cock was a fair size, about 7 inches long but not very thick, and the 2nd guys cock was at least 8, maybe 9 inches long and fairly thick. As i was sucking this second cock, the 1st guy was behind me pushing my dress up over my arse. He pushed my knickers down to the floor, then got down behind me and rimmed my puckered arsehole.

After a while he reached into the glove box of his car i got out a tube of ky jelly. He squirted some down my arse crack and rubbed it all round my hole. He then pushed a finger up my arse right down to the knuckle. For the next 5 or 10 minutes i sucked that big cock as the 1st guy worked 4 fingers up my arse and finger fucked me hard. He kept applying more and more ky, my arse was stretched with his 4 fingers up it, but he worked his thumb in aswell and pushed his whole hand into my arsehole and fisted me! Wow, it felt so good, i'd never been fisted before. I've had some large dildos etc up my arse but never a fist. He pumped it in and out of me, my whole body was shaking, my legs went week and i nearly collapsed as my cum shot from my throbbing cock.

He pulled his fist from my stretched hole and i stopped sucking that big cock. They asked if i was ok to carry on and could they still fuck me? Of course i said yes but i needed a ciggy 1st and a chance to recover from the fisting that i'd just had. We all had a ciggy, both guys kept feeling me up and by the time we had finished smoking my cock was rock hard again.

I was then bent over again, the 1st guy got behind me a thrust his cock deep into my arsehole in one go. The 2nd guy grabbed my head and fucked my mouth, i love being spit roasted and they were calling me names, which i just love, it makes me feel more slutty.

After a few minutes the 1st guy pulled his cock from my arsehole and told the other guy to have a go at my arse, but instead of bending me over he told the 2nd guy to lay on the back seat of his car. The 2nd guy got in the back of the 1st guys car, laid out on the back seat. I was told to get on top, facing the 2nd guy. I climbed in and strddled the 2nd guy. I reached back and took hold of his gig fat cock, lined it up with my arsehole and eased myself down onto it. My hole opened up easily for his cock and i sat right down on it taking the whole length deep into my arse.

As i rode that big fat cock the 1st guy was behind me watching as that cock slid in and out of my hole. He then put some ky on his fingers and pushed 1 then 2 fingers into my arsehole next to that big cock, he managed to work 4 fingers into my cock filled arsehole. I was feeling so horny and slutty, i rode that cock and his fingers, pushing back hard each time.

The 1st guy then pulled his fingers from my arse and moved in close behind me. He put some ky on his hard cock and pushed it against my arsehole and the cock that was already up there. I held still has he pushed his cock into my hole alongside the 2nd guys cock. After a bit of pushing and pulling i had 2 hard cocks deep in my stretched arsehole. It felt oh so good. I started to ride the 2nd guy again as the 1st guy moved his cock in and out of me. The 2nd guy grabbed my hips and moved me faster and harder on his cock, the 1st guy also speeded up, pounding my arsehole for all he was worth. My own cock was throbbing, ready to explode again, their cocks banging in and out of my arsehole. The 1st guy said he was going to cum and rammed his cock as deep into my arse as he could, this sent the 2nd guy over the edge and he too rammed deep into me, both shooting their hot sticky cum deep into my bowls.

When they had both finished shooting their cum inside me the 1st guy pulled out, i climbed off the 2nd guy and got out of the car. Their spunk was dripping out of my fucked arsehole, my cock was ready to burst. I squatted down, reached back between my legs and pushed 4 of my own fingers up my spunky arsehole, thrusting them in and out of my hole as i wanked my throbbing cock. Within a couple of minutes i was shooting my second load of the night. I then pulled my spunk covered fingers from my arsehole and licked them clean.

A perfect ending to a perfect night. I got changed back into my normal clothes, we talked some more, then i was ready for my bed, so set off back to my hotel. Their spunk was still running out of my arse so i had to have another shower before going to bed where i slept soundly till the morning. I'll be going back that way again in a few months so i know where i'll be heading! Watch this space.