Written by gator8772

16 Jan 2015

hi I just wanted to share a great day with you, firstly I met a guy of this site active dom nice guy told me to go upstairs to bedroom strip off and kneel at the end of the bed, I notice a bench had been rigged up and started to get stiff at what it may be used for, he came upstairs unzipped his trousers and pushed his semi hard cock in my mouth and started face fucking me after about 5min he got me up and bent me over the bench and tied my hands to the base, he then produced some metal anal beads lubed my arse and proceeded to push them into my hole he stopped after the first one waited a few seconds and pushed the next one and so on until all four wre in me he then spanked me and slowly pulled the beads out one by one, after doing this a few times between spanking me he then produced a condom put it on lubed me again and pushed his thick cock into me and fucked me hard well after alternating between his cock and the beads he untied me layed me on the bed face down mounted me and fucked me till he came, we got dressed and I thanked him and left,