Written by Dave18

24 Aug 2018

My last story on here concerned my work mate Steve who had recently been divorced and how we hooked up. Despite lots of other interesting sexual activity Steve and I have become a regular fixture. I was a little worried after the first time we got together. I suspected that he would act really strangely around me, but nothing could be further from reality. The next time we were at work he was as friendly as usual. It was like nothing had happened at all. It was later in the day when we were alone when he lent across to me and whispered that he'd really enjoyed our night together and to let him know if I ever wanted to do it again. I went hard as he was talking to me. My wife and I had been swinging but she was getting most of the action - this was my turn! As she was still away for a couple more days I decided to strike whilst the iron was hot and asked him what he was doing later. He answered straight away that he'd pick me up at 8.

As I knew what was going to happen I showered and dressed casually. At 8 on the dot a car pulled up outside and I darted out to meet Steve. As we drove towards his he took a diversion down a quiet country lane and soon pulled in. He had a very serious look on his face and asked me about what was happening. He knew I was married and happily so and he was concerned as he didn't think he was gay. I understood his confusion and told him so. I explained that I was very happily married, that my wife and I dabbled and that we were highly sexed. I also explained that I was bi and enjoyed the sexual company of men and women equally. I did explain that my wife wasn't aware of quite how bi I was! With this he seemed to relax. He told me how he had thought about sex with other men whilst he was married but it was fleeting. As he was now divorced I told him he should do what felt right and have a good time. With this he seemed to relax.

I lent across and touched his hand. He lent in to me and we started kissing passionately, my hand was still on his lap and I could feel his cock growing. I unzipped him and gave him a blowjob. His pre-cum tasted as wonderful as the day before. I started to gently wank him in to my mouth until I felt the familiar surge and took his load in my mouth. I looked up and his head was back, his eyes closed and his mouth in a smile. After a moment or two we drove to his house.

We chatted and had a few drinks, it was clear but never discussed that I was staying for the night. After an hour or so he asked if I wanted to go to bed. Of course I was straight upstairs. We undressed quickly and he started to sick my nipples and play with my cock. He moved up to put my cock in his mouth and told me to make it very wet. I knew what was next and he then slid down between my legs and pushed his magnificent cock firmly in to my tight hole. It popped in making me inhale sharply, pain being quickly replaced by pleasure. He fucked me slowly for what seemed like forever until he was about to cum. He withdrew and lay back on the bed looking in to my eyes. 'Fuck me' he said. I didn't need to ask and got between his legs. He was very tight but there was so much pre-cum on my cock it acted like lube. I pushed gently but firmly and felt him yield to my rock hard member. He gasped and asked me to stop. I started to pull back but he stopped me, instead asking me to try again. I pushed a little more firmly and swiftly and my cock popped inside him. He was so tight and I waited for him to get used to the feeling. He was holding me round my neck and we kissed and then I started to fuck him. After a few thrusts I asked him to bend over, thinking it might be a little easier for him. He duly obliged and I started fucking him again - he was gaping a little from before and it was much easier to slip in.

After the earlier play I wasn't going to last long and told him so. He told me to cum inside him. This turned me on so much and I felt the sap rising and with a thrust came deep. He collapsed on the bed panting. I straddled him and wanked over him, cumming in thick spurts on his chest and face. After a short rest we fell asleep together. I awoke in the morning to the sound of Steve showering. He came in to the bedroom with coffee for me. I showered and then we sat in bed chatting. We were both a little sore so we ended up slowly wanking each other.

That was a few months ago now and I'm very pleased to say that we continue to meet up regularly for some action. He is still internet dating and has scored a few times but is enjoying himself too much to commit I think. My wife and I have been enjoying some very fun times as well (more of that another time) but I haven't let Steve join in. I think I'll keep him to myself for now.