Written by Discretemeets

10 Jul 2013

I am still very new to all this and having sucked two guys I was looking for a third and being a bit more relaxed and adventurous.

Having spent some weeks finding someone we sent each other a few txt messages and pics, with me in hold ups and knickers. I am not convincing and don't even try but at six foot four I have long legs and they look okay in hold ups. We decided to meet at his house near Sevenoaks. He wanted me to wear some stuff so I put on my favourite pair of la sensation boy cut knickers, black lace top hold ups anda suspenders belt with four straps to each leg. I also put on my tight blue jeans that are pretty well worn and have tiny wear holes around the bum and thighs. If you looked carefully you may be able to see the susie belt straps and fasteners and also see my blue knix as I walked from the car but unlikely unless you were very close. I left home and I felt very sexy as I drove to his street. I phoned to see if he was in and he gave me directions.

I parked up and walked down his street feeling really horny in my girlie stuff and tight jeans. The door was open and had to go upstairs where he called out. The house was on three levels. I walked in to find him wearing a tee shirt and track suit style trousers. I sat next to him and drank some tea which made us both relax a bit. He said he was quite new too but I could see that he was excited. I moved position slightly and he put his hand on my leg and he could feel the buckles of my suspenders belt and he said he was well pleased I was wearing them. He asked me to stand and he ran his hands over my legs, then between my legs and ran them over the back of my jeans. It felt great. He asked me to turn round and he ran his hands all over my bum and asked me to bend forward so that my jeans became tight and gave a perfect outline of what I was wearing. He asked me to step out of my jeans which I did and he kept saying fuck you look great and ran his hands over my knickers and the tops of my hold ups.

I was loving it. After a few minutes I sat down and placed my hand on his cock which was already really hard then slipped my hand inside his trousers. He had no underwear on and his warm erect cock felt great in my hand. I rubbed it up and down a few times then lifted it out so that I could see it properly and it was a nice size. He stood up and got out of his trousers and I knelt on the floor and started kissing all round his cock to tease him. After a minute I began licking his shaft before he held it and pushed it against my lips. I moaned with pleasure as he pushed it between my lips and into my mouth. I sucked it in and began to bob my head up and down his cock taking more of it each time. I was moaning with pleasure and he was loving it. He held my head and pumped my mouth for a minute or two before I took it back out for some breath. At last I was wearing lingerie and sucking a guy.

After another sucking session we went into his bedroom and he laid on the bed and I got on top of him. His cock was up against my knickers and I spread my legs slightly and moved my bum up and down his cock as it laid giants his tummy. I was acting like a woman but could not help myself. I can feel his cock sliding along my buttocks and running over my bum and it felt gorgeous. I got off him and he pulled down my knickers and took me in his mouth. His hands were all over me and my cock has never been so hard. He got up and got some hand cream and said would I mind if he rubbed it over my buttocks. I said no and he put a liberal amount all over my bum cheeks and began to rub it all over with his fingers sometimes running over my bum and again a could barely control myself.

He said that this was a fantasy come true andi greed with him. He then laid down again and asked me to sit on top again and this time his hard cock easily slid up and down my now slightly oily bum and I ran my bum up and down his shaft. I put my hands down onto his cock and lifted it up and rub it against my bum. I could feel the tip of his cock against me and he was pushing slightly and thrusting just a bit.

He said it felt great and he got me on all ours, knelt behind me and ran his cock over my bum before putting it between my legs and giving me what can best be described as a bum cheek fuck, bit like a tit fuck. I was loving it and so was he. I put my head down and arched my back a bit more exposing myself to him. He responded by thrusting ever faster then stopped suddenly and massaged my bum with the tip of his cock. I was responding just like a tart and asked him if he would call me a few names such as tart, cum slut, etc and he was more than happy to do so and I was surprised by my suggestion. After calling me a right slut, and other things he then said that I was a naughty tart and needed spanking.

He pulled me over to re edge of the bed so my legs were splayed over a corner, my rock hard cock flat on the bed and my bum nicely placed for a playful spank. Ouch he did it quite hard and was calling me names all the time, and my bum was getting hot. God this was heaven.

Part two later