Written by Harry_22

9 Mar 2013

Ken had become a regular meeting kind of guy. Generally he liked to touch me up and get me off. This was not my usual thing as I like to do the pleasing, but it was always horny because we went for outdoor meeting which never fail to be a thrill for me. Ken is a well to do business man and would always turn up well dressed which was great. Sometimes he would request me to wear undies and he would plunge his hands into my trousers to grab at my cock and bum. He would get hard in an instant and I always wanted to get straight on his big hard mature dick, but he never lasted long and so would fend me off giving him any attention.

So we would stand there in the woods while he wanked my hard on, his spare hand invariably wandering around my body, usually under and between my legs so he could wedge a finger in the crack of my bum, I loved it when he did this through m knickers, pushing the material against my ring. I responded to him in my usual hard to get way, moaning and gasping at his touch and doing my best to edge back onto his hand! He would finish me in the same way, trousers dropped and cock out in front of me, he would wank me slowly until the end when he would pump his fist around my shaft and make me come. The first couple of time we met this would be where the session would end, Ken would clean up, he always gave me a napkin. Then I got to play with him one day and our meetings got even hornier.

I was breathing hard, my come newly released from me and Ken handed me a tissue. He had not moved off as usual and so I put my hand out to his crotch. The heat coming from it was intense, my hand soon met with the hardness of his erection and he flinched slightly at the touch. He stepped back and undid himself, pulling his trousers and boxers clear of his cock. He looked down sheepishly but I could not understand why, his cock was pretty thick and stood out to about 7 or 8 inches, easily poking out form under his hanging shirt.

“I am going to come, Harry,” he mumbled. Although I was disappointed that I did not get to work him up first hand so to speak I was intrigued that he was about to come so quickly.

“Can I do it?” I asked and he nodded. I stepped forwards, facing him still and wrapped my fingers around him. I stroked him form the base up, slowly. He was uncut, and as I reached the end, his foreskin rolled over his helmet. He gasped inwardly and his cock twitched in my hand, I could nto believe it was going to happen so quickly, my eyes were glued on his nob as I pulled and squeezed gently on him until, two slow tugs on, he went rigid where he stood and grunted as a steady stream of thick come ran from the end of his dick. Stickiness enveloped his helmet as I gently pulled on him, I was amazed as three more thick threads came from him. He shivered as he put his hand form mine, removing it from touching anymore of his oversensitive meat. I was fascinated at how hard her stayed as he wiped his end with his hanky before awkwardly putting it back in his shorts. He thanked me as he finished straightening up and headed off.

More recently Ken has been getting more into our meetings and now he tends to bring a friend of his with him. He has a young guy who is his favourite and Ken will play with me as usual while he watches Dave wank off. He is better acclimatised to the events now as well so he tends to last longer. Finally at our last meeting he let me suck him; he was wanking Dave off at the time and I saw my chance as Ken also had his hard cock out. I dropped to my knees and opened my mouth. I got my lips to it and pushed his foreskin that had rolled over his hard helmet. I could taste his come on him already and I paid some attention to his ragged breathing as I let his shaft ease into my mouth, I heard him groan and I relaxed, ready for his come. I was not disappointed, the heat of his cock rose and I as I bobbed gently onto his tip and off again, my mouth filled with his tasty come. I gulped it down clumsily as I nearly gagged, my mouth reaching capacity. I caught myself in time thought and kept him in place, I kept the momentum going and let him push at the back of my throat, a last run of hot come going straight down. Ken went hypersensitive straight away and pulled out. At this point, in my periphery I could see Dave wanking furiously. He looked at me with a horny glare in his eye as Ken steppe din to wank me off. His hand went straight down my back and I felt his familiar poke at my bumhole. He pressed against me as he tossed me and I felt his big dick, still hard as usual pushing on my leg. I looked at Dave’s cock as he wanked, similar to mine, average 6 inches or so and with the attention that my body was getting I just wished that his probing finger would probe harder. Filthy thoughts awash in my head, it was inevitable that I would come and my hot jizz flew from me, landing near to Dave feet! This was what Dave needed I guess to help him over the edge and I composed myself (already holding a napkin from Ken!) in time to see and hear Dave come, his come landing in spunky dollops on the leafy floor. Ken moved away and I felt a pull on my arsehole, Ken had worked in further than I realised, I looked at him and he gave me a dirty smile.

All spent as we were, there was a little small talk as we got ourselves straight and headed in our separate direction to our cars.