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Love hurts

"total submission,"

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My Friends on here will have noticed that i haven't contributed for a while, Well in truth not much has happened that i think would be worthy of reporting, That was until yesterday Wednesday the 16th August, I still ventured on my weekly cruising outings around Cambridge, mainly giving oral sex to married men on their way home to their wives, Twice recently i was lucky enough to have been invited into a lorry cab, One occasion it was with two hungarian drivers, I was in heaven as they encouraged each other, There is a total feeling of submission when being used by two men at the same time, I had orgasmed twice before they both relaesed their seed inside me, But what brought me to relate my last experience is the impact it leaves on me, I had resolved that as i was getting older i would curtail my sexual activites, I had discussed it with someone very close to me who i had "Come out " to three years ago,, I had told her that i had been chatting to a man online that was very keen to meet, he had explained that he had been having difficulties with meeting women for sex, and he promised if we met he would show me a good time, I was quite surprised and a little shocked when i told Julie about him, "Oh go for it, if you are thinking of hanging your panties up it might be a nice last fling," she was always so concerned for my safety,, We arranged to meet at some small woods just outside Cambridge that were known as a meeting place for men, Even as i parked a smart ,tall bald headed man approached my car, My word ,i thought, this man could never have difficulties meeting women,he was gorgeous, "Cathy? I'm your date, Ben,,lets take a walk," there was no need for small talk, We had both agreed online that we were meeting for sex, With shakey hands i grabbed my handbag containing condoms lube and my panties, Grabbing my arm we strolled down the path into the woods, we passed two other men along the way, both greeting us with a hello and a knowing smile, "Have you been here before Cathy" "No" i lied, "You do tend to get watchers here, If that bothers you we can go somewhere else, personally i find it turns me on a bit," "No, I am ok with that." i replied, In ten minutes we had reached a clearing,,The ground was littered with several used condoms, "Dirty bastards,, I don't understand people who spoil a nice place, Well Cathy, we won't be guilty of that, i hate the bloody things," The first red flag went up, but i was smitten by his goods looks, I knew i was going to be fucked bare, he drew me to him and we kissed deeply, his hands slid up my skirt, i saw him smile when he discovered i wasn't wearing panties, his eager fingers probed my cunt, "Mmmm Cathy, you have prelubed, Good girl." I had given up on water based lube some time ago opting for vasaline, which turned out to be a life saver on this occasion, "God i am so ready for this, Take it out Cathy," "I want it too Ben," It was with trembling fingers i released his belt and unzipped his trousers, He wore no pants and in an instant i knew why he had trouble with some women, I have been with a lot of men but i was staring, transfixed at the thickest cock i had ever seen, not overly long but so thick, red and angry looking, i was still on my knees, as it proceeded towards my mouth, He must have seen the look of shock on my face, "You like it Cathy? Thats why i wanted an an older girl, someone that is used to taking cock, A lot of the women i have been with get scared and make a fuss, it has been so long since i have had a fuck, wanking is ok but i want cum inside a warm body, just suck it Cathy, make it all wet and with the lube and my precum you will take it ok," I was speechless, but i done as instructed, I knew there was no way out ,this man was going to fuck me, I was still in a daze as he raised me to my feet,I never even struggled as he turned me, pushing me on my shoulders until i was in the position he wanted me, "Please" i softly muttered, "Please don't hurt me" My pleading fell on deaf ears, I felt the blunt head of his cock against my cunt, "Reach around and pull your cheeks apart Cathy, once it is in you will love it," I reached behind and pulled my cheeks as hard as i could, very slowly i felt my cunt start to accept him until the head was inside me, my cunt felt like it was on fire, I felt him spread more lube on the exposed shaft, then with a gentle push i took his length. It hurt but he took his time and by the third thrust i had adjusted to his size, my cunt was now lubed with his precum and it was starting to feel good, soon i was pushing back, matching his pace, Only now did i notice the two men we passed on the path, They both had their penises out watching the proceedings, getting no resistance from Ben they took it as ok to come closer, The one closest spoke to Ben, "Fuck me mate, i never thought she would take it," Ben laughed cruelly, "Oh i knew she would, her sort always do, Look at her now, Shes fucking loving it, Best thing with faggots their always tight for the next cock," I heard the second man speak, "Yeah, and thats going to be mine," This was turning Ben on even more, The man who was first to speak then moved in front of me, Looking at Ben he spoke,"Ok if i fuck her mouth mate." "Feel free, her sort are common property, they never refuse,", it dawned on me what he was saying was true, As the stranger fed his cock into my open mouth i felt Bens fingers bite into my hips, i heard him groan and his cock swelled inside me, As the warmth of his spunk spread inside me i heard the eager voice of the other stranger, "Have you cum mate," i could hear the sound of him tearing open a condom packet, "Oh fuck yes, said Ben, she's all yours, I never even saw him walk away as his place was taken, When i got home that evening, Julie was waiting for me, "Well how did the date go," "Sit down Julie. i will get us a glass of wine, this may take a while,, but i can tell you this, i won't be hanging up my panties for a month or two yet, Cathy xx

Written by Cathylovitt

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