7 Oct 2015

I had been introduced to my bi side by a gay guy, who got me to suck his cock, and then after some lube and gentle pushing got his lovely cock up my ass. That was very horny and confirmed that I had bi/gay fantasies. I told Stuart that I had had threesomes with husbands and wives, and was always keen on DP with the wife. This lead to my fantasy of being filled at both ends myself. He told me that he has a friend who would love to help out and fulfil my fantasy.

So we decided to all meet at Stuart's house. When I arrived, both Stuart and Damian greeted me in the hallway stark naked. I fell to my knees and started to suck Damian's lovely 7" cock. Stuart was not to be left out and I switched between the two. We moved upstairs to the bedroom, where I was undressed in record time, and it became a bit of a blur after that. Damian and Stuart switching between me sucking their cocks, and them sucking my cock, I was in heaven. Then I was put onto all fours, and Damian got behind me and started rimming me. I had this done to me before, but he seemed to make me extra hard. Mean while I was sucking Stuart who was clearly enjoying my mouth. Then I felt some cold lube being used, and then a cock at my rear entrance. He pushed slowly, and finally got the head in, then slowly moved until he was all the way in. He left it there whilst I accommodated his length and girth.

Now I had two cocks at either end and was fulfilling a fantasy. I sucked and was fucked for some time, until they both announced they were coming. Stuart filled my mouth and I tried to swallow the lot, whilst Damian shot his load, and I felt a warm sensation in my ass. This made me come, and Stuart was quick to get to my cock and get what he could.

We rested awhile and Stuart said, he wanted to fuck my ass, and Damian said I'd like to fill his mouth. They did, and they spent the rest of the afternoon fucking me till I could take no more. I was definitely full of cum, and well satisfied.

Damian said he also had a TS girlfriend with a nice cock and would I be interested in a foursome with her. Well that's another story and fantasy to be fulfilled.