Written by naughtypub

5 Sep 2012

So before heading off on my business trip to london, I decided to give a call to my old friends so that we could meet up and have some drinks whike I was there. Ted and Jake were old freinds of mine and I hadn't seen them in many years. We were all volleyball mates.

As usual when I arrived in london, it was business as usual and after the first long hard working day, I was looking forward to relaxing and having a nice cold beer. I was running late and when I got to the pub where we supposed to meet I saw Ted and Jake at the back near the pool tables, laughing and joking.

About half an hour later, after catching up on old times, I noticed Jake checking out a yummy milf that was near the pool table. This stunning lady was ina lovely blue cotton skirt that showed off her figure really well. From what I could tell, she was in her late 30's. Jake got chatting with her and after a few more beers she was laughing and joking with all of us. This lovely lady, Rachel, told us that she was there with he hubby who was seated at a table in the corner. Her hubby was watching but we did not care and as the evening prgressed, Ted, Jake and I were all flirting with Rachel and from what I could tell she was loving every minutes of it. Rachel glanced a few times back to hubby who I noticed was smiling and enjoying watching Rachel having fun.

Rachel did not stop me when I brushed her nipples and also not when I held her waist from behind showing her how to shoot pool. I held her lovey arse and gently rubbing my hands across them. I moved and positioned myself behind her and bent over. Rachel could feel that I had a massive hard-on said that she noticed us all 3 had sticks in our pants. I joked back and said that we would beat her silly if she was naughty. Rachel replied with a Hmm and after she took the shot, I decided to see how naughty she could actually get. I dared Rachel to take off her bra. A few minutes later she returned from the ladies bra-less and I noticed how her lovley nipples were standing through her top. This stunning lady was not only hot and naughty but when she returned, she whispered something to Ted who had his hand on her sexy arse. They laughed and then Ted looked at me shaking his head in a yes motion saying she was naughty. When she closer to me she told me that she also got rid of her moist undies as it was making her uncomfortable.

About 15 minutes later, we were all standing around Rachel when hubby came over and suggested that we go somewhere more quite. We decided that Rachel, Ted and I would ride in my truck and follow hubby and Jake. While riding in my truck, RAchel was in the middle and I could see that Ted had one hand on Rachel's thighs and the other was reaching to free her lovely nipples. Withjin seconds from doing that, Ted was sucking away on them. Rachel however reached over and placed her hand on my now stiff and throbbing cock. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to eat my cock to which I replied that I wanted to be balls deep inside her pussy. A few minutes later, Ted moved her legs slightly apart tp reveal a lovely smooth saven pussy and lips that were slightly protruding. I reached down and felt that she was really wet. Ted slipped 1 finger inside easly and continued to suck her nipples.

A short while later we arrived to what was their house. We all got out and Rachel had to dress straight after all that fondling in the truck. We all got inside and Rachel asked hubby to get us all some beers. When hubby arrived with the beers, Ted, Jake and I were all standing with our pants at our ankles and Rachel was on her knees sucking our cocks and stroking our cocks. Hubby quickly took a seat and minutes later Jake was skooting his cum inside Rachels mouth. Rachel lapped every single drop and then went onto Ted. Seconds later, Ted and cumming and RAchel could not manage to keep it all in and some cum dripped on her chin. She quickly reached with her fingers and scooped the cum back into her mouth. By now my cock was aching and her hot mouth was all around me. Her head was bobbing back and forth like a pro. Soon she was deep throating my throbbing cock and my cum was hitting the back of her throat.

Jake got behind Rachel with his now stiff cock ready to fuck her doggy style when hubby objected to say that we needed condoms. Rachel protested and said that they were out of condoms and if hubby wanted condoms then he would have to rush off to the petrol station to get some. While hubby headed off - all 3 of us guys were now stiff again and Rachel was oozing sex and her hot pussy was dripping wet - aching for hot cock to be inside. None of could wait another second and with that we all went for it!

Rachel grabbed my cock pushing me to sit on the couch. With that, Rachel straddled my stiff thick cock until it filled her pussy. At the same time she was stroking Jake. She was taking all of my stiff cock and sliding easily up and down. I gradded her arse and opened her cheeks to go deeper. With that, I decided to pound that pussy harder and faster. Within a few minutes I was shooting another hot load of cum inside her pussy. Rachel was now screaming and reaching her orgasm covering my cock with her lovely juices. We all took turns fucking Rachel and 30mins later we had all filled her pussy with our hot cum. Rachel had cum at least a 2 times and with cum dripping from her pussy Ted and Jake decided to fill both her pussy and mouth at the same time. I walked over and saw rachel in the middle of a sandwitch. With the movement of them both, her tits were swinging back and forth. Minutes later she was screaming and reaching orgasm again. For the 3rd time, Rachel was squiting her lovely juices.

Soon after that I pulled her hips higher from behind and I fucked her soppy pussy hard and fast. With her mouth fill again of cock, I could feel her pussy muscles contract and relax. She was cumming again on my cock and with that I pulled out and went to her face covering her cheeks with my cum. By then we were all spent. It was about 1pm now and we decided to leave. After exchanging numbers and details we guys left and hubby was still not back from the petrol station. Rachel lay on the couch covered and filled with our cum. That was about 3 weeks ago.

Yesterday however out of the blue, I noticed on my phone a message from Rachel. Her message was short and asked if I wanted to join her and hubby the coming Sunday for a picnic........