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Self Care

"Me time"

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Lying in the bath, soaking in the bubbles, as I wash my body my thoughts run away with themselves.

Feeling the cold tingle of shower gel as I wash my breasts, makes my nipples harden and I gasp a little. Of course I continue to rub my breasts, caressing them, pulling and twisting my nipples, creating bubbles and lather. Oh god this feels so good.

My hands start to wander, caressing my belly, hooking my legs up the sides of the bath I caress both my thighs, slowly tickling them with just the tip of my fingers. Mmmmmm that feels good.

Applying a little more pressure I caress my thighs and get closer to my pussy. Just a little tease to the lips and then back up my thighs again. My breathing gets heavy, my body is tingling, anticipating the next move.

My hands go back, caressing the outer lips, teasing, ever so slowly. Trying to prolong the ecstasy for as long as possible. Slowly using my left hand I spread my lips, mmmm, using my right hand I start to circle my clit. Round and round, my fingers go, slow at first then a little harder with a little more pressure.

No not yet, I go back to pulling and playing with my nipples but the urge to cilia building up. I slip one, two fingers into my pussy. That feels good, slowly rubbing my g spot whilst my pinching my nipple. A third finger, faster, harder, wetter Oh My God! Using my other hand to flick my clit, the momentum builds, keep going, don’t stop, the pressure is building……

Oh My God…..I’m cumming Oh my god am I cumming. My body shakes, I let out a moan, my nipples are sensitive to touch. My pussy is throbbing, wet, juices flowing, mmmm a little taste…..

Written by Anonymous

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