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8 Jan 2019

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Saturday 13th October

Written by Sally.

My name is Sally and I live with my husband Mark in Birmingham, UK. Mark has asked me to retell the evening Mark and I enjoyed with Toby last weekend.

I met Toby in a chat room on a dating site at the end of August which is not the most orthodox way of meeting people when you are married, but let’s face it the relationship I have with Mark is not what I call normal.

I liked Toby from the beginning. I liked his profile because he looked very fit. I gave him a 7/10 although  he was offended and give himself an 11/10 so that tells you a little bit about how vein he is. If I am going to get a chance to find a guy I like I am going to pick a good looking one, right? Also Bradley Cooper is not returning my calls. he he.

Toby was charming, rude, chivalrous, crude, complimentary, outrageous, charismatic, and vulgar and he made me laugh. A typical man maybe? We got on really well from the off and he tried to charm and offend me at the same time. He charmed me, but failed to offend me. After an hour he signed off and I arranged for Toby to chat with Mark. Apparently, that went very well as I got an email from Toby with a thumbs up, and a picture of his cock with a wink. Told you he was vulgar :-)

The next meeting was over Skype a week or so later one evening after work. I was nervous and I looked terrible, but Toby did not seem to mind and he relaxed me immediately with a continuation of his crude banter and a lovely smile. We chatted for about an hour and by the end I was topless and he was showing me his cock again. I told him I was just relieved that he looked exactly like the 7/10 in his profile picture. He was offended again apparently.

We chatted a couple more times over text and the evening finally arrived. As usual I was nervous and Mark pottered around failing, as usual, to try to take my mind of the evening to come. I got dressed and then re-dressed and in the end opted for Jeans and a vest top. I had a feeling I would not be in them long anyway.

Let me jump on an hour now and paint you a picture and tell you a secret.

I am standing in my own kitchen, my jeans, vest top, bra and knickers are on the floor beside me. I am standing naked in front of Toby who is leaning against our worktops with a beer in his hand. Mark is also in the Kitchen, smiling, and watching us both. Toby has lust in his eyes and inwardly I am pleased.

Ever since my late teens I have what I can only describe as 'yearnings'. So imagine a horny scale that goes from 0 to 10, where 0 is not horny and 10 is raging out of control desire. A guy once told me that when he was at 7, 8 or 9 he was so horny his cock ached. In women that manifests itself as a brain mush, legs don't work, mind does not work, and everything aches. Most people having a rest horny state of 0 or 1 which is normal and healthy. When aroused women go upto 4, 5 or 6, depending on the situation. That is normal state.

My secret is a medical condition that I have managed to control, with 12 years of practise, which means I have a perpetual horny state of 4 or 5. It never goes away and rarely lessons below that level. Mark talks about my high sex drive and that is related specifically to this horny state. I have tried all types of drugs and only found that being on the Pill and some herbal remedies ever get close to controlling that horny state. Mint for example is amazing and really helps to lessen the feelings. I drink a lot of mint tea.

So as I stand in that kitchen, on the outside Mark describes me as nervous, vulnerable and submissive. In fact I am shaking to control the skin I am in. I dare not move for fear of having an orgasm on the spot. I look vacant and distance because I am trying to focus on anything but my groin. I have even stopped thinking about anything else, but having sex with this guy.

At this stage I know you would like nothing more than for me to tell you about he and Mark spent the evening fucking me. Well they did, but you knew that. What I will describe is something that Toby did late into the evening.

Mark had wandered off and had left Toby and I to have some fun alone. Toby had got me into a 69 position where I was on top. Usually when I am like this I get into a doggy position and then open my legs so I can lower myself down on his mouth. Instead he had me lie down flat on top of him so my groin was positioned over his mouth and his cock, was poking my eye to be precise. It was very comfortable and after taking his cock into my mouth he started to use his tongue on my clit. Let me tell you Toby is clearly well practised at this and his technique was amazing. The twist is that he then took my arms and crossed them behind my back and held me firmly, very firmly. So firmly that I was now pinned in place. He continued to lick me while I struggled to suck his cock having lost the use of my arms to lift me up and my hands to hold onto it. However, that was not really my focus right at that moment. With the action of being pinned and his expert tongue action I could also immediately feel myself cuming. With his cock in my mouth I groaned loudly as I had that orgasm. It was intense!

He kept me pinned in place as I bucked and twitched. I could feel was his hot breath in my groin and feeling of enormous pleasure spreading through my body. That description pays no justice to what I felt in those moments. Toby waited a good 5 minutes of me twitching and breathing heavily on top. Now I am very sensitive down there after cuming. I was not expecting Toby to resume very gently on licking my clit again. I still had him in my mouth and as I tried to adjust he just help me tightly in place. I groaned as best I could and managed to get out one word "slowly". He got the message.

He was gentle and slow to start with, but he steadily increased the pressure and speed of his tongue. I lasted less than a few more minutes and was cuming again. I groaned louder this time, so much so Mark came up the stairs, popped his head and left when he saw my eyes rolling into my skull.

The account of the next hour is a bit of a blur to be honest. Apparently, Toby repeated that two more times and after the 4th orgasms I shook violently and then went limp in his arms. He thought I might have suffocated, but in fact I had just passed out and Toby had left me to recover. I do have a habit of passing out like this because the intensity of these feelings and the energy consumed satisfying the urges absolutely exhausts me.

I woke in the dark over and hour later on my own. I cleaned myself up and went downstairs to find the boys watching football on the TV. I was still horny!

We eventually crashed out after 1am and Mark woke me at 8am to go wake Toby with a special morning blow job. Toby joined us for Sunday breakfast after some bouncing up and down and then headed back to Peterborough. I have a feeling that we will be seeing him again very soon.

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