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Unexpected lady love got me freaked out

"She stripped off naked and said are you going to join me ?"

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Before the lockdown I have been going to a keep fit class 2 or 3 times a week , on this occasion the instructor had to cancel at the last minute. It was only a small class about 5 or so , some of the girls left i got talking to Sara younger than me but very chatty, walking to the carpark she suggested to go back to hers to do a training video with her . If I was up for it. She said she lived alone and she only lived 10 mins away . Anyway she asked me to follow her , i followed her into her house , i helped her rearrange her furniture, after a warm up the video was a full on HIIT video , hand on my heart it was harder than i expected but we both pushed each other during the session i was dripping in sweat . We finished and continued with the much needed cool down stretch on the video , we helped each other with leg stretches , lots of touchy feelie , Sara moved her hand onto my thigh i felt a warm sexy feeling , she said my thigh was tight , pushing my leg back , my pussy mound and camel toe left nothing to the imagination , the stretch was good and her hand on my inner thigh was stirring sensations, i could feel myself getting wet , she looked into my eyes and smiled saying how does that feel , i was so turned on , of course i have had lady thoughts before but this was full on . She changed legs and with the pressure she moved her face to mine and without asking kissed me so gentle , l responded , electric kisses She lowered my leg and we continued to kiss , i was between her legs and i could feel her pussy against mine . She moved her hands onto my boobs and teased my nipples by gently tweaking them she asked me was it ok , i nodded yes , I said this is my 1st time , she said your in safe hands then her hand moved down my stomach, her touch on my pussy was like electric , rubbing my pussy , still kissing me her fingers inched into my training bottoms and then into my soaking panties , her touch on my clit and her soft kisses triggered my orgasm, kissing and rubbing me set me off again . Then I panicked i told Sara to stop i said i was sorry and got my stuff together telling her this was a mistake , my head was spinning . I left , got in my car and drove away , i had to pull over to contain myself . I drove home , poured myself a large glass of wine and run myself a bath . My head was minced thinking what had happened with sara and i couldnt help rubbing myself off for my 3rd orgasm . A few days later I parked up outside her house “like a crazy stalker” I needed to talk to her as I didn’t have her number. It seemed like ages then she arrived I flashed my lights , we spoke she let me in , we chatted and I said I freaked out because I wasn’t in control , Sara was understanding , saying her first time she was seduced by a married woman . Her calming manner was a turn on in itself , she said if I kiss you again will it spook you again . I said no , we kissed the feeling was in believable , she took me by the hand to the bedroom , she stripped off naked , then she said are you coming to join me or you can let yourself out. I stripped off , she said I was beautiful, we kissed and caressed , gentle touches , I came when she nibbled my nipples , then she lay back with her legs open , she said I want you to lick me , I moved in close , she coached me , it was such a turn on , we moved into the 69 , it felt so right, we both orgasmed. The rest of the day , I explored her body , one thing that made me tingle with unexpected pleasure was she spanked me calling me a naughty girl , I rubbed my clit as she spanked me . We became a item , then the lockdown stopped everything , we did have face time sex a few times. She has suggested to bring another lady into our fun , she said she is older and very experienced. I’m still trying to get my head around I like women, this experience has opened my eyes I’ve even been looking online for lesbian porn , there is some kinky shit on line , licking , kissing , rubbing these girls online are into fisting , pissing , strap on fucking my eyes almost popped out . My question is am I out of my depth , or say I wasn’t to go on the slow . Any help or advice please .
Written by Paz _ 87

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