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One To One

"Sometimes one is more than enough"

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I had been talking to this lady, we will call her Alice, after meeting her briefly at a social event. The brief chat we had meant I wanted to know more, so when she popped up on line I said hello. Well the chats went well and became more and more flirtatious, subjects like stockings, which she always wore, and underwear, which she often didn’t wear. Eventually we came round to the subject of meeting again, this time I would not have to dash off. We agreed to meet in restaurant near Alice were we could talk and there was little risk or anyone listening or if they did taking any notice.

As Alice works we thought it would be better to meet on a Saturday, that way if we felt comfortable we could go back to her house for fun, or so I hoped, I am sure Alice just thought it wasn’t far to get home if anything went wrong.


The night arrived and I was there 15 minutes early but as I didn’t know exactly where the restaurant was or where the parking was I thought it better early than late, which I hate. The only problem with that was I didn’t know Alice’s surname so all I could do was sit like a plonker and wait. Well the appointed time came and went and no texts, now 10 minutes after we agreed to meet in walked Alice. Talk about making an entrance, blonde, 5’5 hair, makeup looking stunning, carrying her coat that should have been covering her shoulders that were bare as the strappy dress reviled a fantastic cleavage and clearly no bra. Rising I went to meet her; it seems a late emergency had caused her to be late, but Alice was well worth the wait.


We were shown to a table were we could both sit facing the restaurant side by side. The table cloth was long enough that it reaches past our knees and soon concealed my hand resting on Alice’s thigh. Stockings!  We talked and eat for ages but it flew by and all too soon came to an end. Bill paid coats put back on I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, leaning in I kissed Alice, she kissed back, and taking advantage I placed my arms around her and pulled her in tight. Wow she could kiss. Finally coming up for breath she asked if I wanted to go back for coffee, I was not going to say no.


The walk back took quite a while with many stops for a kiss and more and more groping, Alice seemed to find my bottom handy to hold on to. We reached her house and she let us in, Alice asked me to make myself comfortable she would get us some drinks and be back in a second. Well it was more than a second but Alice reappeared with two glasses of wine and no dress…..


No sooner were the glasses put down I pulled Alice down on to my lap. Kissing, my hands started to roam over her body, where I got a positive reaction I made a mental note to revisit that spot. Alice commented that I appeared to be over dressed and preceded to unbutton and remove all my clothes. Once I was naked she lead me by the hand up to her bedroom, I so enjoyed the sight of her going up the stairs. I tried to turn her around and make her sit on the stairs so I could attack her pussy with my mouth, but she was having none of that telling me that she wanted to play to and for now the place she wanted to be was on the bed…


Once in the bedroom she turned and we started kissing again and very soon she had maneuvered us to the side of the bed and in once deft move we were on the bed kissing hands running all over each other. Alice moved first and got on top of me in the 69 position, it seemed she loved to be licked but she loved to suck cock at the same time.  Her lovely pussy was right in front of me so I wasted no time in starting to give Alice Oral sex, likewise my cock was soon buried in her mouth. It seemed a race was developing to see who could bring the other off first. I won and Alice had to stop as I brought her to a shuddering orgasm, people who know me know I do not stop at one and it was not long before a second and third followed. Alice had her own plans and moving away from my tongue turned towards me and placed her pussy over my cock, in one movement I was inside her and she was grinding her clit against me,

Alice came again and fell against me, I took hold of her hips and started to drive my cock in and out of her, picking up the pace and driving deeper this went on and Alice moaned again, that was it no holding back I came, exploded. Holding Alice to me my cock was in spasm and seemed to take an age to stop. Kissing her again while still holding her tight, my cock grew sort enough to “plop” out of her and Alice rolled on her side so we could carry on kissing.


We calmed down and words stared to take the place of kissing and soon we were chatting while I moved my hands over her breasts. I soon discovered her nipples were very sensitive and the lightest of touch made her moan and her nipples grow hard. Turning Alice over I was now able to reach around and hold her breasts, and roll her nipples while my growing cock started to nudge at her pussy lips. It was not long before I was in Alice again, this time however it was a lot slower a lot more tender. We stayed like that for some time Alice’s body reacting till I came again. And like that we drifted off to sleep.


Some time later I was awoken by Alice, she had decided I was not there to sleep but to fuck her again, which, as I am a gentleman, I happily obliged. This time in the missionary position with her legs spread giving me full access to her. Reaching round I found her bottom and as I started to move faster the tip of my finger started to rotate in her bottom. It was enough to send us both over the top again….  


Time had moved on and it was time I was making a move, but how could I with this very hot lady naked beside me…. Just then Alice leapt up she realized family would be coming round soon, time to really go. As I washed and dressed Alice was downstairs making me a cup of tea as I reached the bottom of the stairs she handed me a travel mug “you will have to come back now to bring me my mug back”…..

Written by johnnclaudia

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