14 Apr 2018

This fifth and final part brings right up to date, earlier today (Saturday) to be precise. We are carrying on with our little set up for as long as we can, it's just that this seems a good point to cut off the adventure.

So Rebecca came to stay with me on Monday afternoon while Tony, her partner went off to Athens on a works training course. He planned a mid morning flight back on Saturday and was intending to drive over to my place to collect his beloved. We had spoken on video messenger a couple of times during the week and it was clear that although me and Rebecca were having a fantastic time they were missing each other. In the back of my mind I was half hoping that when Tony came to collect Rebecca they would stay over and we'd all have fun together. Call it maturity or intuition I don't know but I sensed that was never going to happen.

When we spoke on Wednesday night i suggested that maybe I should take Rebecca back to their flat in Heraklion, that way they could be together much quicker. Tony jumped at the idea, so much so that within 20 mins he called back to tell us he'd managed to change his flight from the mid-morning to the very first one of the day. Instead of arriving just before 11.00am he would land at about 07.45, a very early start for us by the time we got up and drove over. I suggested maybe we drive over the day before and tongue in cheek said I could keep Rebecca company at their place over night. As well as good intent it gave me one last night of passion with this beautiful companion who I had enjoyed all week. Tony was all for it! He just asked one thing, well two actually. First that I be there on his arrival home and secondly as he would be there quite early not to bother getting up. To put it bluntly he wanted to walk in while Rebecca and I were still between the sheets naked in bed together. In a flash I of course agreed!

So after a wonderful Thursday night sleeping together for the fourth consecutive night Friday morning we first drove into Rethymon for some coffee and a light lunch before returning to my place to collect her things. Then we drove the hour or so to Heraklion, and of all things went to Lidl to get some fresh things for their fridge. How romantic can you get?

Going into their flat I was excited by knowing I was going to have Rebecca in their very own bed without Tony being there. As soon as we got into the flat, (and put the shopping away!), we made love. We went to a nearby Pizzaria and enjoyed a bottle of wine together. Rebecca looked amazing. Although she naturally has lovely olive coloured skin her body had acquired a nice tan the couple of days we had on the beach, and of course it was an all over tan. She wore a short dark blue skirt with a split up the side exposing her thigh and a white boob tube top I had bought her on Tuesday. To please me she went minus bra and panties, and made me remove my undies so we were equal!

We found a table set in a quiet corner with a settee so sat next to each other. Close, in fact very close with lots of footsie and thigh rubbing. My hands found their way up the slit of her skirt a couple of times and Rebecca managed to unzip me. Her hand slipped inside but I drew the line at getting it out, she pushed me to my absolute limit!

On arriving back at the flat we kissed passionately and felt each other walking up the stairs. She had my cock out and pulled me to the front door just as she had led me along the beach! Once inside we headed straight for the bedroom undressing each other and enjoyed a real night of intense passionate love making.

The next morning I heard a key unlocking the door, Tony was back. He raced straight into their bedroom where me and Rebecca were naked under the quilt. She leapt across the bed and literally tore his clothes off pulling him down onto the bed where I lay. Tony went straight for her, and Rebecca was shaking all over with excitement. They kissed then they licked then they sucked then they fucked. Yes this was fucking in the raw sense not love making. They both went wild.

I was there on the bed with them, touching and feeling them both but not a part of it somehow, it was just pure lust between the two of them and I felt privellidged to be there. The whole bed shook as Tony took her. He turned Rebecca to take her doggie style so knowing how much she likes to be the meat in the sandwich I slid underneath and she collapsed on top of me. Christ he was banging her hard and pounding me underneath. Rebecca kissed me very hard, biting my lip as she did so as she was simply coming and coming all the time.

Tony wanted to come in her mouth and he gushed more sperm than I have ever seen into her, he must have saved himself the whole time he was away. They shared his cum between them then Rebecca kissed me forcing some into my mouth before I pushed it back for her to swallow. Tony was still at it, fully erect and thrusting into Rebecca again almost straight away. I was a little more involved this time but it was all between those two. Sweat was rolling of us all as we slid our way around the bed until again Tony exploded deep inside Rebecca. She came so many times I lost count and as intense as i have ever seen. I've never seen anything like it. His sperm was flowing out of Rebecca's pussy like a stream. This time i cleaned her out before giving Tony's come to Rebecca, she shared it with him before swallowing it all down.

We all held onto each other lying naked together on the mattress, poor Rebecca was totally exhausted! After about twenty minutes or so Rebecca was still trembling wherever she was touched. I went into the kitchen and came back with some cold drinks. For the first time since Tony arrived back home we actually spoke. He was as excited as Rebecca was about the adventures we had enjoyed over the past few days. At first a little uneasy about our close encounter with the Dutch couple but reassured when he knew Rebecca was in total control and I said I was so pleased they failed to reach across to us.

At this pojnt I said they needed their own space, dressed, made my way to the car and drove home after a fantastic few days. It was the only sensible thing to do. It's their relationship, I am on the side although a pert of it know just how far my involvement extends. Rebecca kissed me hard long and passionately as I left.

Earlier this evening Tony called to thank me for looking after Rebecca while he was away. He had enjoyed the thought of her being with me as much as Rebecca had in my company. Especially last night knowing I was in his ned together with Rebecca.We'd pushed her boundaries well and will meet up again soon. Before hanging up he said that this was the first of a series of courses his company would be sending him on as a major step in his carear development, and would I look after Rebecca again in his absence next time?