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First time cuckold

"My extra needs"

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Hi I’m Lee-Anne a redhead 57 year old woman. I look after my body with plenty of exercise by running as well as three visits to the gym a week when I can . So if I don’t mind saying my body is still nice and tidy and with my quite large breasts and I get plenty of comments from many men other than my husband.

Rob is my husband who has just turned 60 . He is slightly over weight, which does affect our love making. He got to the stage where our love making is now short and sweet.

I love him very much and he feels that he has let me down after each session. I think half the trouble is that he is now putting pressure on himself ever time we make love .

One evening while we were having dinner, he asked me where I would like to try another man so I could get more satisfaction when having sex . 

This knocked me this comment , I replied by saying that I still have my dildo’s and vibrators  that I can use as well so don’t let it worry him.

Nothing was said for a few weeks until he came home from work one evening with a present for me . He gave it to me and told me to go to the bedroom to open it up , then put it on as we were going out this evening . 

I quickly went into the bedroom and opened it up , in it was a nice tight fitting red dress with it was matching red 1/4 cup bra with a 

G-string , garter belt and red stockings . They were beautiful . I quickly put them on, the dress had a very low cut from, I was struggling to stop my boobs spilling out .

 I worked out we weren’t going out for lunch with me wearing something like this , I looked a bit like a whore . Then Rob walked in , I don’t think I’ve ever seen a smile that big on his face before, he walked over and gave me a big kiss and a hug . He then told me where we were going which completely caught me unaware when he said we were going to a swingers club .

We had spoke about it years ago when we were younger but we decided we had no need to and that was it . He said he found it in a classified section and that it wasn’t too far from home , only a 10 min drive. He went on to say that it might help him as well as me.

We talked for a while and I said ok and we came to an agreement that if any of us felt uncomfortable we leave straight away , so Rob went and changed then we headed off .

We arrived at our destination and sat in the car a while working up the courage to go to the front door, wasn’t long before we went up and knocked on the door . Opening it was a very attractive redhead and a tall dark guy who was giving me the once over . 

They let us in , the introduced themselves as husband and wife Wendy and Alan both in their mid forties , then asked what made us come along to the party. We explained our reasons for being there and they said that a lot of people came along for the same reason. They then went on to explain the rules of the house , then they took us both for a guided tour of the house.

Firstly we went to go through the rooms on the bottom floor, we walked up the passage way with Wendy and Rob leading the way , we walked into the first room to see a couple of females on the floor entertaining each other while there was a guy sitting back watching and wanking himself , while we stood watching I felt a hand slide up the back of my dress and start rubbing my bum . At first I thought it was Rob but then realised that it was Alan and who by now had his his fingers now rubbing my now wet pussy . 

We then moved on to the next room , we walked in and there one single woman being fucked by six black guys. I could not believe the size of there cocks , enough to make a girl eyes water . There were another two couples in there watching as well , meanwhile Alan was back playing with my pussy again , I must have been breathing heavy or something because Rob said to me you must be enjoying the show and asked why don’t I join in the fun . 

Alan said why not and gave me a little shove which made me stumble forward to the group, one of the guys spotted me then walked over and took my hand and lead me back to the group , I looked back at Rob with that he gave me a nod of approval to go with him. Once over there another three walked over to me and began kiss my lips and neck , while one was lifting my dress off . They then lifted me up and laid me down on the blanket , where a cock was put in my mouth, then another removed my G-String and started licking my now very wet pussy and wasn’t long before I erupted into orgasm . 

As I regained my senses I looked up to see that the other woman who was being entertained when we first walked in had crawled over to me and started kissing me, I didn’t know what to think because I had never been with another woman before, but it didn’t seem to matter because she knew exactly what she was doing. She climbed onto me in a 69ner and started licking my pussy and started grinding her own pussy into my face. I was a bit hesitant at first but then began to run my tongue up and down her pussy lips .She sure knew how to lick cunt , by now I had buried my tongue deep into her cunt , I then noticed something oozing from her , it was semen from these other guys that had fucked her earlier , I just kept on lapping away at this nice salty cum .

I looked up to see how Rob was going but there was nothing to worry about, one of the other wives that was watching when we first walked in was sucking his cock , he seemed quite content but never took his eyes off me making sure I was ok . The woman soon had me at the orgasm stage again , after I had finished she got off and one of the black guys climbed between my legs and pushed his very large cock inside me , he was steady at first but then increased the thrusts deeper and faster, he then flipped me over onto my knees and was soon depositing his seed deep inside of me . He no sooner had climbed off and another had taken his place and was soon fucking the guts out of me , before making a deposit of his own, I could feel the cum starting to ooze from my cunt . 

It was the another guy laid along side of me and pulled me on top of him and soon I was impaled on he’s cock , as I was bouncing up and down on his cock , the other guy came behind me and started licking my arse , fuck it felt so good and pushed one then two fingers into my arse and began to thrust them in and out , then a third one went in , it was stretching my arse . 

After he had thought I was big enough, he began to put his cock back to replace them. I felt the end of his cock slide in, I was sure that there would be no way I could do it, put he kept on easing it in . It started to get difficult trying to concentrate with the one thrusting in and out of my pussy as well , but it wasn’t long before he had it buried right up my arse and wasn’t very long either before he was filling my arse full of cum . I then waved My husband over to take his place . Tore himself away from this strange woman that was still sucking on his cock and pushed it straight into my arse hole . 

There I was in all my glory with one cock in my pussy and another in my arse , thinking how good a job I was doing when Alan had walked up and pushed his cock into my mouth . Then one at a time the filled all my holes full of cum , there was men’s semen running out of every orifice . I lay there for awhile while I compose myself , put my clothes back on and wish everyone the best for the rest of the night . We give our hosts a kiss and head off home , had been well and truly fucked . 

When got home I showed and give my clothes a wash hopefully for next time , well I hoped so . Rob has improved a little but does have his moments.

We have had a few other adventures which I tell later 😘

Written by Lee-anne

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