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First time swinging Playa del Ingles Club

"Our first time swinging and what great time we had with a fabulous Irish Couple"

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Our 1st time swap Playa Del Ingles club

This is my memories of our first experience of swinging in November 2017.  We had been going to Gran Canaria for a number of years and enjoyed our times there, we had even ventured as far as the naturist beach at Maspalomas. Getting naked in the sun always made us both horny. We loved people watching and seeing people of all shapes, sizes and nationalities just being naked and liberated on the sand an in the surf.

My husband would often encourage me to open my legs a bit wider to show off my pussy when guys placed their towels close by. The thrill of seeing them looking and perving was always fun. We would end up going back to the hotel and end up fucking for ages before going out on the town.

So, it was we decided to take a step further………

I wasn't that sure about going to a swinger’s club but we were in Playa Del Ingles, and we were itching to try something new. We had been chatting to some couples at Maspalomas naturist beach that day and they mentioned the swingers’ clubs in The Cita Centre. We got back to our hotel room and were both feeling very horny after all the talk about swinging. We ended up having an amazing fuck before getting ready, I came hard a few times as my husband said imagine your fucking another guy. He came hard in me imagining he was fucking another girl.

We got ready and went for some drinks in a bar to loosen off a bit. My pussy was tingling at the thought of having new cock in it for the first time 20 years.

We then headed to the Cita Centre and The club. It was not at all what I had pictured. A large bar area with seating and high temp music playing, and there were rooms full of beds and couches, plenty of opportunities for exhibitionists and voyeurs. There was also a hot tub area.

The night got off to a slow start. We explored for quite a while, wandering from the main room down various halls to couples-only areas, voyeur sites, orgy rooms, and "private" rooms. In some areas single men followed on the heels of couples like hungry puppies, hoping to get to watch some of the action (or possibly be invited to join in). Most of the other couples there seemed as timid as we were, sitting down somewhere to make out, then getting up and going somewhere else.

As the time wore on and midnight came and went, the atmosphere became more adventurous. An older, more experienced couple took the centre bed in an open (but very dark) room, stripped, and got down to business. Several other visitors sat in couches nearby to watch.

My husband pulled me into his lap on one of the couches and kissed me. He put his hands up my dress and hiked it up far enough to pop my tits out of my bra and tongue my nipples. Could other people...see? My arse cheeks were out, my boobs on display. Another couple sat down right beside us and started playing.

A man in the corner was receiving a subtle blow job from his girlfriend. On one of the leather-padded beds, a woman's high-heel-clad feet dangled beside a man's shoulders as he went down on her.

My husband picked me up and carried me to an empty bed in the corner. He lay me down at the edge and knelt between my feet, pulled my thong out of the way, and set to work licking my already wet pussy. Two couples saw what we were doing and sat in chairs nearby to watch.

Discomfort turned to arousal, and I focused on the feel of his tongue on my clit. My dress was up over my face, and his fingers pinched my nipples.

All these people. Watching us. I would much rather be watched than watch. Those people weren't up here, on display! But we were. "Look at us! Look how much fun we're having! Don't you want to have fun with us?" I thought.

Then he was kissing my lips, and his cock sought my tingling soaking wet slot. Now my feet hung beside his hips, my breath came in high-pitched gasps. I would have been louder in private.

They were close enough to touch us, right there in our business, almost part of it. Here, a woman giving head. There, hands on breasts and lips locked together.

From my position, I could choose not to see the other people around us. I could look at us in the mirror beside the bed, in a bubble of excitement, where it was just us, having sex like we usually did.

Except we didn't usually have sex in front of other people.

We didn't ever have sex in front of other people!

He both came at the same time, boy it was so hot. It was. And when we wiped ourselves off and I sat up and saw six people sitting beside our bed, getting off on our little show, I felt powerful, confident.

I fixed my dress, resettled my thong, closed my bra.

We were done. But the night was still young, and we hadn't gotten what we came for.

We had another drink to refresh ourselves and then went for another wander. We saw a tall man in his 40s stood with his wife, a pretty woman near the same age, wearing a black dress similar to mine. He stuck out his hand. "Hi," he said, in an Irish accent. "I'm Aiden, and this is Erin. Are you having a good time?"

My husband shook his hand. I shook his hand. I shook Erin’s hand. My husband shook Erin’s hand. "I'm Iain and this is Ailsa," my husband said.

"It's fun," I said.

"Good." Aiden put his hand in the small of my back. "Have you had a chance to look around?"

"We've been here a few hours," I said.

"Yeah, and have you met anyone?"

"Not yet," Iain said.

"Well, would you like to go somewhere and get to know each other?" Aiden put one arm around Erin’s waist and one around mine. "There are some private rooms downstairs."

I looked to my husband. He shrugged. I allowed Aiden to lead us to a "private" room. There was a door that closed, with window at eye level for anyone who might want to watch.

"We've actually never done this before," I confessed, when we had made ourselves comfortable. Relatively comfortable. A little comfortable. I was giddy and nervous and scared and excited but not comfortable. Not comfortable at all.

"First timers! How exciting! We've been doing this about a year." Erin put her hand on my knee.

We chatted for a few minutes about non-sex-related topics and found Aiden and Erin to be friendly and charming.

"So why are you here? What are you looking for?" Aiden asked, getting us back on topic.

Iain and I exchanged glances. "I want to watch someone with her," Iain admitted. "And see where that leads."

My cheeks burned. But here, that wasn't taboo.

"Okay. Would you like to discuss boundaries?" Erin said. "So, there's no hurt feelings or regrets in the morning, you know?"

I smiled. They were so sensitive and understanding, respectful. Likeable.

"We think we want a full swap," I said. "Not a lot of boundaries. Um, condoms, of course."

"Of course," Aiden said. "Well, shall we stay here, or do you want to go to a different room?"

This room was stuffy and kind of small for four people. "What about that other couples-only room upstairs? It was pretty empty before," I offered.


Erin cozied up to Iain and Aiden slung his arm over my shoulders. The place was a warren of side rooms and dark hallways, but we eventually found what we were looking for, a large room with a series of large, curtained, padded platforms. A few single men peeked through peepholes, one hand in their pants.

Erin pushed Iain down on the padding and kissed him passionately. At the same time, Aiden leaned in and put his lips to mine.

I was kissing a man who wasn't my husband, and it was...okay. Nice, even. Oh! There's his tongue. Hands running up and down my back, across my chest.

"Shall we take this off?" he asked, tugging at my dress. I unzipped it, and he helped me lift it over my head. "Mm," he grunted. Then my bra was off, and I was almost naked in front of these people I'd met 20 minutes ago, and he was touching me all over, and I liked it. Oh yes, I did.

Aiden stopped to take off his jacket and shirt. I stole a look at what Iain and Erin were doing. Erin was down to her lingerie and Iain’s shirt was off. She was straddling him, and he was stroking her tits while she kissed his face, his neck. Iain saw me watching and smiled.

"Her boobs are so soft," he said. He looked at Erin. "Can she?"

"Yes, of course."

I reached over and touched the soft skin of her exposed tits. I'd never touched another woman's boobs before. I felt her nipple contract under my palm and a corresponding spurt of wetness between my legs.

"Her nipples are lovely," Erin commented, smiling at me.

"She likes having them sucked on," Iain told Aiden. I mock-frowned at him. "Just trying to help!" He laughed, and then Erin’s lips were on his again.

Aiden guided my hand to his trousers, where I could feel his cock hardening.

"You're having an effect on me," he murmured. He cupped my tits, sucked my nipples. Holy crap this was so wrong and so right and was I really allowed to do this? To let another man fondle me, kiss me, put his hands - oh! He was lowering my thong, and stroking my pussy with his palm.

"Unngh," I groaned.

Iain was apologising for something. "We just fucked. I might not be able to." I looked and saw his trousers were off, and Erin was bent over him, bobbing up and down enthusiastically. Before he could say boo… Iain’s cock was standing to attention.

Then Aiden’s trousers were off, and his cock was out and hard and pointed at me! I'd never seen one that big in person, it must have been about 8 ½ inches

Truth be told, I'd never seen any cock in person but my husband's, which at 7 inches and girthy it always gets me going. However, anticipation of having Aden’s bigger cock in my slot had me gushing.

"Wow are you in for a treat Ailsa," Iain said.

I giggled nervously.

"I hope you enjoys this," Aiden said, returning his attention to my soaking wet slit. He fingered me. "You're so wet!" he exclaimed. I was. So wet.

Aden watched his wife going down on my husband. "Would you do a little blow job?" he asked.

"Iain says I'm pretty good at this." Why did I say that? I was so fucking nervous and so fucking aroused, and were we really all four of us naked together on this platform with all those men watching us and stroking off to our exhibition?

I couldn't take him into my mouth very far. His dick was so long and thick, curved upward toward me. I put my hand around it, my lips on the head. Just a few inches, with so many more to go, and I pulled back up, sucking lightly.

"Mmhm," Aiden murmured.

A few more, and I heard Erin moaning as Iain sucked and played with her nipples, caressed her arse cheeks. What a lovely arse she had, too. So white and round. He fingered her, and she pressed herself into him.

Aiden pushed me back onto the cushions beside my husband and his wife, and opened my legs, put on the condom he produced. Then he went in, slowly, as far as he could. He filled me up and then some.

"Aaaah," I sighed. I could take him, all of him. His cock rubbed against every inch of me. My slitty slot contracted around him, trying to close, trying to feel him everywhere, welcoming him.

"How does it feel to have another man's cock inside you?" Aiden asked.

I smiled. "Feels very nice," I said.

"Yeah? You like that?"

I stretched my hand up behind me and someone took it. Iain entwined his fingers with mine. Erin had mounted him and was riding him, head thrown back, tits thrust out. Iain held my hand tightly, fondled Erin with his other hand.

"Now how about you turn around so you can watch them," Aiden said, and pulled out.

He leaned me over the cushion the other way, he said “you have a fucking gorgeous pussy” and he pushed into me from behind. I couldn't take as much this way, at this angle, but now my face was close to Iain’s and we kissed while Aiden fucked me hard and Erin ground her pussy into my husband's cock.

"This is so fucking hot," Iain whispered.

Then Aiden was groaning, and I was moaning, and Erin was gasping and Iain was grunting. I held Iain’s hand as I let Aiden pound my wet slot with that huge cock, and listened to Iain cum and watched Erin gyrate in ecstasy.

A sound in my throat, "hngh, hngh, hngh," with every thrust and his cock hit my g-spot and Iain squeezed my nipple and then I came, too with a shudder and an explosion of wetness from my throbbing slot. Oh, yea oh yes, I said.

And then it was over. Holy fuck. Holy fuck holy fuck holy fuck.

"You, okay?" Erin asked me, and I smiled at her, and she kissed me gently on the lips.

"I'm good," I said. "Really good. Thank you."

"Had a nice first time, did you?" Aiden asked.

And we got dressed and we hugged and I said maybe we'll see you again another time, we are in PDI for another week.  Then we were leaving and into the warm Canarian night and it was 2:30 in the morning.

We got back to our hotel room and went out on the balcony and chatted about our experience that night. It didn’t take long for Iain to get hard again and soon he was filling my wet slitty slot with his hard cock and creamy cum. We went to bed and both slept soundly,

Written by SlittySlot2023

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