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"Lockdown blues"

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Covid's a bastard. I feel like my life has been put on pause. But it can't take away our memories and my wife has just reminded me of the first time she sucked another man's cock while I watched. How could I forget? There was nothing random about it, like all of our swinging encounters since, every detail had been carefully arranged. The cock in question belonged to a man in his early twenties, chosen from a large number of men who had responded to our ad. We were all naked in our bedroom, him standing, her kneeling and me sitting on the bed, cock in hand. They were right in front of me, within touching distance. His cock was in her hand. It was about the same size as mine, but looked bigger. He was circumcised and his pubic hair had been removed. His balls looked huge and dangled low in what looked to be an oversized scrotum. With a final look towards me, she took the swollen tip between her brightly painted lips, a heart-stopping moment for me. Holding just the tip in her mouth, she gently wanked his shaft. On the up stroke, his balls pulled away from his body, then slapped aginst him on the down stroke. As her wanking became faster, his balls swung back and forth. He placed his left hand on her head to slow her down, it was too soon for him to come. This had been anticipated and my wife went into cock-worship mode, kissing and licking his entire length, giving his tip an occasional suck and sucking each heavy ball in turn before returning to the main event, deep-throating and sucking. When he could no longer hold back, he warned her. She held his shaft as she sucked hard on his glans, milking the spunk from him. As his first spurt erupted, he gave a loud, "Ohh!" With each spurt, his balls lifted and fell, I could see my wife's thoat move as she swallowed his offering. When she had drained him, she stood up, leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. I could taste his spunk. She then lay back on the bed, legs apart, her wet cunt gaping. I eased my bursting cock into her and fucked like a demon until I fired my pent up load deep in her cunt. His turn to watch. When he had gone, we discussed the event. She said that he had fired so much spunk, she had almost choked trying to gulp it down. Next time, she wanted him to fuck her, bareback. I agreed, but only if I could fuck her immediately afterwards, with his cum still warm inside her. But that's another story. Happy days. I hope that we can get back to them soon.
Written by Noreen Nuff-Nucky

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