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The Dentist 2

"And the hot tub"

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I was at work when I got the call from my dentist and x lover. "You stopped calling me" "You stopped saying yes" "Come over, you can help test my hot tub." I agreed and she hung up. When I arrived she was fully dressed we went though to the back garden. Jackie introduced me to Trish and Den. Den was putting burgers on, Trish handed me white wine. It was cold. I looked at Jackie, tried to figure if she had plans. I wonder if Jackie was planning what we had talked about and what I was hoping. Trish was in her 20s, Den a bit older. She was drop dead gorgeous, I felt a little guilty comparing her to Jackie. We chatted about the tub, the garden, it was the first time I had been in the garden. Then it was time to test the tub. Den asked where he could change. Trish said "I don't think we need to do that, do we." Jackie started to strip, "no, I'm not shy." I left my trunks in my pocket and started to undo my shirt. "Hurry up Den." Trish encouraged continuing to strip. I kept an eye on Trish, Den was getting over the shock and gazing at Jackie. By the time we were in the tub Den was standing tall. I faced Den and Jackie facing Trish. Jackie pushed the button and bubbles churned the water. The water was warm, there was nothing overlooking the tub and a screen blocked a view of the fields. I was expecting something, but not a hand on each knee. I'm sure Den was in shock and guessed there were hands on him. I stretch my arms out along the top of the tub, hoping both would snuggle in but knowing I would be lucky if one did. Jackie withdrew her hand and turned towards Den. Perhaps horror passed over his face, he did look at Trish. Trish moved towards me and sat across my lap, her tits above the water but still being bobbled up and down. I took her left breast in my right hand. I was looking at her, not thinking of Jackie and Den. Trish broke eye contact and glanced across the tub. I could not see but knew Jackie had Den's Cock her her hand. The tension in Trish disappeared and she relaxed, my cock hard and trapped between us. My hand playing with her breast she kissed me, she was lustful. My hand moved down to her hip, along her leg to her knee. Over her knee, she opened her legs, my hand moved up the inside of her leg. Suddenly she stopped kissing, glanced across the tub. Jackie was raising and falling on Den's cock. "You never said you would do that!" There was surprise, perhaps more in Trish's voice. "Denise doesn't mind." Jackie replied. My finger was in Trish and my thumb on her clit. For a moment I thought it was over. She looked at me, looked back at Jackie rolling on Den's cock. Trish made a decision and stood up, then sat on my knee, pulling my cock to her pussy. I slid closer to the edge of the seat. She began grinding and whispered, "did you plan this." "I thought you planned it." "She's a fucking bitch." " You both are" I pulled her body closer. There was a sound, the sound of a man coming. Trish continued, I could see Jackie still moving. Trying to hold off, I failed and came in Trish, shortly followed by Trish and Jackie. We sat in the tub close to each others recent sex partners. Jackie broke the silence, "You didn't mind me having Den, did you Kevin?" "Not at all, but it was a surprise" "Me too" Trish reported. "Jackie is enjoyable, Den." Den, was red, form embarrassment or sex, I suspected embarrassed. "Wine" I asked. Jackie stood up, water running off her body. Den followed. "Make up to him, get him to fuck you." I whispered to Trish. "Don't you want me again?" "I do, but you should fuck him." She kissed me got out, wrapped an arm around Den and pulled his arm around her. He pulled her closer. I followed. Wine was sipped, but not much said. Trish and Den held each other, but never spoke. I was not sure what to say. We were still naked. I took Jackie's wine sat her on the end of the table, told her she was naughty and beautiful, looked her straight in the eyes, touched her face, touched her tit. I stepped between her legs. They opened wider, I positioned my cock and pushed in. She was well stretched and lubricated with Den's cum. The sun was hot, a gentle breeze cooled me as I banged away. She leaned back supporting herself on her hands. Her bronzed body on display. "Their fucking, I can see him doing her doggy." She said. "You should have told her." I continued to fuck, looking at her. "I was not sure she would fuck." "I thought us talking about 4sums was the reason you stopped inviting me around." "It was, and the reason I asked you back." I kept fucking. "He fucks her ass." "Does he." I released, filling her, I was still hard, after a few seconds still I started moving again. "Do you want her bum?" She asked, "Do you want to fuck mine?" She came her, her hand gave way, she fell back and then sat up, her arm around my neck. " Do you want my bum?" "You have changed." "Do you like it?" "I do." "More than before?" "Yes, more than before." "Do you like her more than me?" My cock was still hard inside her, "I don't know her." "You fucked her, bareback. You came in her. Don't you know if you liked it?" Her voice was loaded with meaning, her words chosen for sexual impact. " I enjoyed fucking her, we will see how much I like her. You fucked Den, you have his spunk in you, do you love him?" That thought changed her, no longer the sex loaded words, "do you love me?" she asked. " I love you, that's why it hurt when you stopped asking me over." "You love me but you stopped ringing and you had sex with her!" Her head was down looking at my chest. " I stopped ringing because I thought you wanted me to stop. I have fucked you, but I have also made love to you. I've only fucked Trish." She looked into my eyes. " Do you really love me?" I nodded. "....but you want to fuck her….and other women?" "I do and yes I want other women" "...and Trish?" "Trish today." My cock was going limp. "You can have my bum later" my cock slipped from her, "I have those Turkish pastries you like." We walked into the house. Trish was sat on Den's lap, 2 fingers in her pussy. Trish her head bent back, her hand trying to pull Den's lips to her's the other holding on to the sofa. She was panting hard, managing the occasional, "more….don't stop" then "aaahh", she came. Finally Den let her pull his head to her, they kissed passionately. "You're hard." Jackie told me. She was right. She pulled the cling film from a tray of honey soaked pastries, selected one covered in crushed pistachio nuts, offered it to me to eat and licked her sticky fingers. Took one for herself, bit it and offered the other half to me. Jackie offered the tray to Den and Trish. We sipped wine and eat snacks, sweet and savoury. Trish and Jackie went off to 'Powder their noses", or compare notes. As soon as they were out of the room Den asked "Do you and Jackie do this often?" "Never, it was a surprise, but enjoyable." "Do you think Trish is a slut?" "Is a slut a woman who does what 90% of the male population want to do?" He thought it over, "are you saying it's OK?" "You were happy to fuck them both. Why should it be wrong for them?" He fell silent, the ladies returned. "Trish says you have her bum Den." Jackie wrapped her arm around Den's neck and took his large cock in her hand. "Do you want mine?" Sluts or not, he kissed her and grabbed a tit. Trish and I sat in the smaller sofa, very close. Her body was warm as we watched Den bury his head between Jackie's legs. "Who has the best cunt?" Trish whispered. That surprised me. "You are both very nice ladies. Do I have you to thank for today?" "I thought Jackie would just skinny dip." Trish stroked my cock. "Den did." "So did you? I thought you would." "Have you had group sex before." "No, but I like it." Her hand moved to my ball. Den turned Jackie "Do you have lube?" Trish rush to her purse and gave a big handful to Den. Trish returned to me, with her own handful and started working my cock. Den was working his cock into Jackie's ass. He started pumping. Trish sat on my lap, facing Den fucking Jackie. She managed my cock into her ass. I could see Den standing there banging away at Jackie. Trish rose and fell on my cock, her ass, not overly tight. Her ass has been used many times. Trish wiped surplus lube over her tits and I glided my hand over her lube covered tits as Trish fucked my cock with her ass. Suddenly Trish was up turned and started giving me head. I could see Jackie panting, Den hammering harder. He came, his cock fell from her. He turned her, started to finger fuck her. I lifted Trish lay her on the sofa, pushed my cock into her and started to bang away, I heard Jackie come, she said something. I pushed harder deep into Trish and let go my load. By then Trish was bucking under me. She came, she was sweaty, as was I. "Who do you think is the biggest slut?" Asked Trish as I removed myself from her. Den never answered. "Well Kevin?" "You are both very fuckable and giving." "So we are sluts?" Trish put her hand on my ball. "I prefer to think of you as honest and wanting sex." "Honest sluts!" "Sluts or not, I want to fuck you both all weekend." Jackie had her arm around Den, she reached her other hand out to me. I took it. "I'm up for it." Jackie announced. We stood there all naked. Den nodded. Trish reached for Den, kissed him. Jackie kissed me. "Do you like slutty me?" "I like you slutty." "Do you like me being Den's slut?" "Are you his slut?" "No, I'm your slut. Do what you want to me." So we both did for the rest of Friday, all of Saturday and most of Sunday. Den and I fucked them both. In bed, on the sofa, in the tub. In the ass and pussy. We watched each other fuck, we spitroast them both. We spent the next few months meeting every other weekend doing much the same. I may tell you may tell you what happened after that.
Written by Kevin

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