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Using The Dick Barometer.

"The follow up to my true story How it Began"

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Author's Notes

"As you can see this is still a continuing story and I will post the next episode if this is accepted and I get favourable feedback, thanks for liking the first episode"

I knocked on her door at 9 -10 pm Jane or Jan as as everyone called her over her love of Janis Joplin opened the door “Hi glad you came, you must have liked what you saw, I did get inside before your seen” I followed her down the hall into the living room, asked if I wanted a drink while we have a chat she said, brought me a beer and herself a coffee, I was to find out she was a coffee addict always wired on it. She said she just wanted to set a few ground rules. Then in a very matter of fact way said that we both knew we were here for sex fun, not an affair she was happy with her husband apart from sex as he was boring. He looked after her and their little girl, they had had to get married, but he was not adventurous and as soon as he got hard he came, so she liked a bit of sex fun on the side, but kept secret, any questions?

I said yea, a bit taken back by her honesty, I’m ok with that I said, how we gonna go about this?

She suggested we play a kind of strip poker, first losing clothes then paying the other a sex forfeit or a true confession or admitting a fantasy. I said OK, she said good and produced a pack of cards.

Keep it easy, she splits the pack sits on the floor pulling me down and puts a card face down on the carpet, lowest looses, I did the same, she turned hers over it was an eight, I turned mine and it was three, great she said, take your jeans off. I stood up and out of my Levis so excited I was getting hard, mmmm nice cock she said, that’s improved the view, I lost my shirt in the next go, so was there naked with a real hard on now. She lost her blouse, small but firm tits, then her jeans and I lost my socks before she lost her knickers, there’s we were naked, and in a highly  charged erotic atmosphere, she lost the next snap and said I’ll have a question, I asked why she shaved her fanny, oohi like dirty words she said, then , I shave it cause I don’t have much it’s untidy and I feel cleaner, plus it’s nice for the person licking it. Everything she did and said was highly exciting.we played more cards,  I lost , said I’ll have a question, and she asked if she could shave my cock and balls, I agreed, and she had me covered in shaving foam and was working away with a safety razor like an expert, handling me got me even more excited , holding my cock she said an experienced friend of hers had told her to use a man’s cock like a barometer the harder it is the closer to true desire, and you seem to be liking this a lot. I answered who wouldn’t be excited by a naked girl shaving his cock. She made a lovely smooth cock and balls , even tested the smoothness with her tongue, love it, she said, bit kinky, and laid down a card. Fun shouldn’t be rushed she said.

What she’d just done, and the nonchalant way she’d handle it all had me hairless and hard as  rock.

She lost the next deal and picked a forfeit, I asked to lick her shaved fanny and sit on my face, hardly a forfeit she said and straggled over my face, are you going to lick a fanny? A pussy or a cunt she asked,  cunt I said ,right answer she said , give my cunt it’s first cum, and shoved it in my face, I found her clit and started to work on it with my tongue, as she moaned in pleasure, it didn’t take long before she

Had a shuddering orgasm on my face and coming in streams. Look at you covered in cunt juice she said and licked some of her own cum off my face, whilst holding my cock, is it a cock or nob or dick I asked ,its a dick now, the words get dirtier as I get hornier, she said. That was a good orgasm thanks I’m hoping to have a couple more of them tonight she said, let’s have a drink ., so we did.

As. I drank my beer she toyed with my still stiff cock, I love playing with a stiff, and knowing i caused it, she skilfully handled it never letting me come, but still exciting it.

They she said get back on the sofa and we’ll play dick barometer, sitting cross legged opposite each other on the sofa, whilst still massaging my stiff she explained, how her mate says you can find every man’s quirk  by his dicks reaction, so she was going to examine my turn ons and fantasies by playing with my dick, her first two questions were do you like me stroking your cock? And do you enjoy talking dirty, then told me I liked them both as she felt my reaction in my cock, I had an aching hard on but was enjoying the torment. Then she asked as she manipulated my tackle. What was the best bit so far. I said when she was pleasuring herself on my face and she kept fingering herself. Oh wow she said, me too but I didn’t want to steal your thunder, no I said it turns me on, knowing that I’ve turned you on so much you want to rub yourself, I’m glad to help with my tongue. Lie down she said sat on my chest and started to frig herself right over me as I licked at the delicious fluids She brought her self off twice right in my face then moved down and impaled herself on my rock hard cock, I love girls on top she said, She brought herself off using my cock and her fingers as I hit a huge orgasm we came together and crashed back to the carpet . Finally she said that was great I hope we are going to play again, too right I agreed, as we dressed and I got ready to leave she said that her husband was on his last nights for a month tomorrow but if I wanted to play again tomorrow night come at the same time and if you’ve got any porn bring it to turn us on, at that she dropped to her knees grabbed my cock and sucked me to another orgasm , cum running from her mouth she urged me to come back tomorrow for more fun, and told me to bring any porn I had, she kissed me with a mouth tasting of my own cum, mmm she said, i love a kinky man, see you tomorrow, I went home thinking of tomorrows fun.

Written by thackery

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