Written by elainetg

8 Mar 2010

He put his hand thru the window and on to my right tit tweaking my nipple till it was hard and I just sat there his other hand stroked my leg under my dress pushing it up till my stocking tops showed he said come on get in the van i said ok just as I was about to get out a police car came into the car park he got in his van and drove off I was in a state of sexual frustration but also worried the police might come over to me they drove past slowly but carried on out of the car park . I sat there for a minute and felt an urgent need to pee for some totally unknown reason i drove over to the toilet got out of the car and walked the short 20yards to the toilet all I could here was the sound of my heels each step was like a gun shot the toilet had a light on but it was very dim there was 2 cubicles 1 was occupied i went to the vacant one it to my surprise it was quite clean lots of drawings & messages on the wall I shut & bolted the door wiped the seat and sat down it was then I noticed the hole in the wall to the next cubicle it wasn't big enough to put a cock through but about 1" round i could see someone looking through the hole I stood up away from the hole lifted my dress up caressing my cock through my panties I heard him groan softly he put a finger through the hole I went over & let him touch me through my panties he whispered through the hole to come outside or let him in I coudn't believe I was unbolting the door I heard his door open & my door was pushed open . part 3 to follow xxx