23 Sep 2018

I Had a last minute meeting cancelled on Tues night whilst in Newport, Wales at 6pm, so my manager said I could head back up North a day early hummm what I could say,

So I headed back and decided sod it im going to enjoy this and drove dressed, so I pulled over in a Layby beteeen Monmouth and Ross, I got my clothes out of the boot and decided to go for it, so I stripped off top half first as no one in Layby, so I put on bra and then loose fitted dress top, I then stripped off trousers, boxers and socks, now a car pulled in but I didn’t care, I put on my sealed stockings, suspenders, French satin knickers and brown knee boots, I pulled my dress skirt down, but I’ve recently bought a leather skirt so slipped that on, wow it felt great, the person in the car was now smoking a cigarette with window down but about 20yds away it was also very dark, so I slipped on my bobbed brunette wig brush it out nicely so it was shining, applied foundation, loads of it and blusher then my favourite bright read lipstick ?? with lipgloss, wow I thought I looked okay.

now for the fun, I thought I’ll check my seams so I got out the car, still only me and my one friend, they looked okay, so now for the drive towards Bham, on way up M50 it felt so sexy to be driving like this, I loved going by the big trucks but they couldn’t see as it was dark (shame), but I knew M5 to Bham was a lit up mway, then I thought I wish I’d emailed you, I also thought why don’t I take some more piccys as it’s early it will be quiet, there is the Layby I took last ones on this route, so I pulled off just before M5 and headed to Layby.

The Layby on my right was empty and the Layby on left had a couple of trucks in, so I pulled into empty Layby this is the one in my piccys with wooden walk over bridge and style. I checked my make up and stockings then got my camera and one last look to see no one around and got out, I walked onto wooden walk over and set my camera on timer and took first piccy, Blimey it doesn’t have illuminate me when the flash goes off, now the little bridge is right by road so I was worried flash might alert passing motorists, so I only took a couple more, 1 real Good one of me from behind showing my seams and stocking tops and a hint of panties.

I then sat back in Car but I did leave a pair of old panties on bridge for passers by, I wanted more fun and more piccys, there is a wood over bridge but my concern is there is only one way in and one way out the narrow little bridge, I thought as no one about I could just venture a bit further, so I took phone with torch on and went over bridge again past my panties placed on the style and into wood as soon as I did a car I thought pulled in the Layby, so I paused waited heard nothing and assumed all ok, I was wrong as I heard a car door, I headed back to bridge just as a man was approaching bridge, we both paused I then stepped onto bridge and as you can see it’s very narrow, the man was stopped the other end, I walked onto bridge and paused as gentleman had not moved and was looking at me, he then stepped onto bridge and said something, I couldn’t hear so he came within 2 ft of me and said “you look lovely”, I said “thank you” very nervously, I tried to go by him but there wasn’t really room, he said don’t rush off let me have a little feel, so I stupidly stopped, he now put both his hands on bottom as it was facing him, one hand immediately went under my leather skirt, wow he said “stockings so fucking sexy”, his other hand was now around the front rubbing my panties and he could feel my dick and it was getting very hard, I then realised his other hand was actually wanking himself off with it, with that I noticed another man by the bridge watching, oh heck, I said I’m really sorry I must go, this is to Much, he let me go by him, the other man stood back as I climbed over style and said “don’t go you look so sexy, we can have a little play and fun” I said thank you but I’m too nervous”. My car was right there and I was so glad to sit in it.

The both men were stood there watching me and obviously the light came on when I sat in car, illuminating me and all my lingerie on passenger seat, the one chap came up to the passenger window and tapped on it, I lowered the window, “don’t rush off you look so sexy”, I thanked him but repeated how nervous I was, the other chap had joined him now, “ you look and feel so sexy luv, please come back out and let me have another feel” the other chap said “ my turn this time surely”, I said “ I can’t it’s too scary”, the first chap said “you felt like you were enjoying it as you were getting hard and you have a lovely size cock”, “thank you, I’d luv to come and stand on the bridge and let you both feel me, but I’m frightened somebody else will come”, “they won’t, we will stop if they do and you can go” the second Man said “this chap can stand behind you and protect you, whilst also feeling your sexy little arse and stockings and panties and I’ll stand in front of you and feel you up and also let you play with my now rock hard cock”, wow I really would luv to but I’m to nervous, I need to go.

I started the car and drove off and turned into a little side road after about 150yds there was a quiet pull in, so I pulled over and stopped to get my breath back, after a few minutes I needed a wee and it was very quiet and opposite where I parked there was a gap between the hedges, so I got out the car locked up and walked between the gap with the torch on my phone shining the way, wow through the gap was a huge grassland area, I quickly went to my left and squatted for a wee as I did a car came down the track, when it got level with my car it stopped, Blimey my heart was racing, I stopped what I was doing and waited, the car pulled off but I was to nervous to continue so quickly pulled my knickers back up, straightened my leather skirt and headed back to Car, just in time as well as the car was now coming back, it again stopped along side me, I didn’t look their way and just hoped they would drive off, which they did after about 20/30 secs but felt like an age.

I tried to compose myself but I was also so excited and still desperate for a wee, I also remember an admirer asking on here if I could take a piccy of myself having a wee with me squatted and my knickers around my knees, as I had been caught out doing this in one of my previous stories, I was tempted to get back out, the only thing with this place is it looked like 1 way in and the same way out, so I thought no I’ll go to the Layby opposite the one I was in earlier as long as it’s quiet and it’s still relatively early.

I turned right at the end of the road and drive past my previous stop off in my left and the Big Layby on my right was very quiet except 1 Big truck half way down with curtains pulled round, so I pulled in in front of this truck but reversed back a bit, turned my lights off and no movement from the truck cab which was great, so I grabbed my camera and phone and opened car door again lights coming on illuminating me, I quickly stepped out locked car and stood by the car waiting to check no movement from trucker, when I felt it was quiet I put my camera torch on and headed into woodland area, I followed the path to about 10yds in and found a little secluded area, where I quickly squatted down and pulled my knickers down and started to wee, once I had finished it was still very quiet which was great, so I held my camera out and took a piccy , the flash did illuminate me but with the passing headlights, I felt pretty safe so I took a few more but what I really needed was to be able to use the timer but there was nowhere I could place my camera, so I thought I’d taken enough and stood up pulled by knickers up and straightened my skirt, it felt so sexy, as I got back to near my car I heard a voice calling out, I stopped listened and I heard a voice asking could I come here a second pls it was from the direction of the truck, I hesitated and again they called out, “pls I only want to ask you something, it won’t take a minute”, as no one else about I thought what to do when I realised I was walking towards his passenger door.

As I stood next to the door I looked up but couldn’t see anyone, the truck driver said something I still couldn’t hear cause of passing vehicles, he then leant out the window and said “why dint you sit in here in the warm for a second just for a chat” I replied “I’m not sure that would be a good idea” with that the door opened and again a little side light came on, he said “ come on just a chat for 5mins pls” again I found myself stepping up in to his cab, it was very dark but no seat, so I stopped he pulled door shut as I leant with my back to his windscreen, he seemed to be sat on his bunk, he said “wow you look great we’re you in there with someone” I said “no, it’s very dark could we have a light on pls”, he then seemed to stretch behind him and flicked a switch “ oh my goodness your naked “ I said, he said “ you look very very sexy, what were you doing in the woods” so I told him about the piccys, he asked if he could have a look, I sai “sure you can tell me what you think”, so he patted the bunk next to him and said pls sit down, so I did and started to show him the piccys, he asked who took them and I explained they were on a timer, his left hand was now on my stockinged thigh, whilst his other hand was wanking himself, he asked if I minded if he led down, he then stretched out behind me fully exposed and rubbing his shaved dick, I was mesmerised and have always wanted a scenario like this, so as I could play with a strangers hard cock and maybe even lick it and suck it giving a blow job, but now I could I was to nervous, he said “ why don’t you take your lovely leather skirt off”, I stood up almost transfixed on watching him wanking his cock, I stepped out of my skirt and he said “ wow I love suspenders and stockings and you look extremely big and hard down there” with that he leant forward and started rubbing the front of my panties, he was right I was extremely hard and enjoying it, he tried to take my satin knickers down but I stopped him, I found myself pushing him back down and reaching for his cock, I rubbed his tummy and with my right hand felt his cock, he leant back and sighed, I knelt down now with his cock in my one hand and my lips only inches away from it, he asked me politely to kiss it, so I did .... I couldn’t believe it, I wanted to do more but started to panic, I said to him “could I go and get some poppers from my car to get me really excited”, I didn’t have any but needed to go as I was so nervous, he was great and said yeh sure I’ll wait here for you, so I picked up my skirt and found door handle and made my way down steps and to my car.

I sat there for about 10secs and decided to drive off, I went up to roundabout and came back and parked up quietly between 2 vehicles, behind the Lorry and in front of another one, where this truck had curtains shut and lights off, I sat there in complete amazement at what I had just done, I was amazed I’d been so brave whilst on other hand gutted I didn’t go further as he was a real nice man and he was completely naked

Anyway I must have sat there for 10mins in a daze when I felt horny again, so I put on interior light, I still loved the way I looked in my short dress, I hadn’t put my leather skirt back on, my dress was free flowing and thigh high, I wanted to stroll around the car again as I love the feeling of the breeze blowing up my skirt and around my stocking tops, I checked my make up again and brushed my hair, I checked all quiet outside and stepped out, again my interior light comes on, alerting everyone that I’m about to step out, anyway I walked around Car and stood between my car and the Lorry behind me, I was tempted to walk up the side of the Lorry in front and see if my trucker was still interested but thought better of it.

I had only been stood there a few mins by my passenger door when the truck behind interior light came on and there was a man stood bare chested and I assumed naked waist down but couldn’t quite see, he was I thought looking at me, I stared back and he openly started what I can only assume was wanking but as I couldn’t see below his belly button I didn’t know for sure, it was great, he continued to do this whilst I found myself starting to lift my dress and expose my stockings, suspenders and knickers and caressing the front of them, I was still by the passenger door, cars were still going by and their lights were illuminating the truck and my car but my truck friend was ok as curtains half Drawn and I was by the passenger side, but it was very exciting, he then seemed to be speeding up to what I can only assume a climax and then he stopped, I panicked then as he turned light off, I quickly walked back around to drivers door and jumped in, that was great.

After I got my breath and was still extremely excited, I heard a noise as I’d got my window down a touch, a door, I looked behind and the trucker was getting out of his cab, oh my days had he seen me? Was I in trouble, he shut his door and walked across the back of my car and stopped by the side of his truck, I was so curious, I looked over my shoulder and he looked to be having a wee and staring towards me, then I found myself opening the car door, I stepped out shut the door and walked around the back of the car, my heart was pounding, my truck driver was I think playing with himself but facing away from me, I stood at the back of my car facing my car and he was literally 4 ft away, it was exhilarating and when a car came by the lights shone on us but only for a couple of seconds as we ere between two vehicles, I sensed he was now facing me, I glanced over my shoulder and he was right behind me, don’t ask me why but I leant on to the boot of my car, arching my back but keeping my legs straight, next his hand were on my bottom and stroking it, whilst also rubbing my stockings, I felt him lift my dress and feel my knickers as welll, he tried to ease them down, but I stopped him, I reached through my legs and wow I felt his hot hard cock, it was lovely I caressed it while he moaned and started humping me while I rubbed his cock against my panties it was lovely, Car lights still illuminating us briefly, he said he was Cumming, so I stopped and found myself turning around and going on to my knees in front of him, this was the first time I’d seen how Big and lovely his cock was, he was wanking it furiously right in front of my made up sexily face, he wiped it against my lips, it was lovely, he did this a couple of times and now I took over and was wanking him, it was lovely, he moved my hands and said “let me do it as I want to spunk all over your bright red lips”, I now found myself opening my mouth and licking his cock which tasted lovely and wet, then all of a sudden I put my mouth over the end and in, only for a second, wow that was good, I was oblivious to the car lights and anyone who may be watching or not, he said “I’m Cumming”, I opened my mouth again and in in it went all sloppily, he pulled it out and came all over me, the first I knew was I felt warm spurts hit my eyes nose and all over my face it was sensational, he then wiped it in my lips and said “thanks love that was great”, he then walked off, there I was still on my knees with my stockings suspenders and knickers on show and my face covered in spunk, I stood up and casually walked to my car and got in.

I sat there in amazement, I stared the Car and thought that’s enough for tonight, as I pulled off the truck driver flashed his lights at me from behind.

Wow what an evening and I can guarantee All 100% true, would luv it if this truck driver or the other one actually read this xx