Written by connextin

17 Feb 2010

My wife’s friend Julie had her brother over from the US. Julie had to go away for a couple of days and my wife volunteered to feed Harry on the Friday night.

A splendid meal. Harry (Hal) was real good company. My wife who had decided unusually to wear a short skirt had clearly taken to him and I could tell that the feeling was reciprocated. I left them together to visit the loo and came back to find Hal quietly talking to my wife. He looked guilty.

She turned to me and said that Hal would like to make love to her. Now I explained in an earlier story (Sister Act) that we had opened the door to the swinging scene recognising our different sexual needs.

My wife then went on to explain that they would appreciate some time in the house alone. And went on to say that she had been given a telephone number and address of someone (Robbie) who might like to meet me. She suggested that I should go upstairs and change (quizzical look from Hal) and she said she would ring to see whether a visit tonight was convenient.

The idea excited me. And excusing myself went to the bedroom. I selected a short size 16 red dress and decided upon black lingerie. A deep bra with matching belt, silk panties, slip fringed with lace, black stockings and a pair of black high heels. I shaved, dressed, put on make-up and perfume. I decided to wear a black cardigan And bracelet and ear-rings. Oh it felt so good to be dressed as a woman.

On getting back downstairs Hal and my wife had retired to the lounge. I opened the door and they were sitting with Hal’s arm around her shoulders and my wife’s hand on his lap.

She said that she had made the call and Robbie would meet me. And then produced an envelope making me promise not to open it but to give it to Robbie on arrival.

Hal and I looked at each other, looking me up and down he smiled; I noticed a damp patch and the erection in his trousers.

To the car and half-an –hour later TomTom took me up a country lane and a detached cottage.

I knocked feeling nervous on the door. A light. The door opened. A large but friendly face appeared. Robbie introduced himself. He took my coat, poured drinks and complimented me on how pretty I looked. I smoothed my dress, sat down and we chatted. Resting his hand on my leg he explained that he had spoken to my wife and fully understood my situation. His hand moved to the inside of my thigh and I felt my cock stir. Mention of my wife reminded me of the envelope and I passed it to him.

Somewhat surprised he opened it. As he read his hand continued to gently caress my thigh.

He folded the letter put it in his pocket and asked whether I enjoyed being disciplined. I answered that I would enjoy being spanked. He asked me to lie across his knees. Lifting my dress and slip he first fondled and then smacked my bottom. I could feel his prick stiffen. He gently pulled down my panties and continued to smack. Harder and harder but I was enjoying it and the feel of his cock pressing into me.

He suddenly stopped and pulling my panties back up took me in his arms and kissed me. His tongue slipping into my mouth.

Inviting me to stand up I loosened his belt, undid his trousers and unzipped him. His cock glistened with pre-cum. He called me a naughty girl and pulled me to him. Frottage ensued.

“Come with me” he said smiling. “I have just the thing for naughty girls”.

We went downstairs into the basement and I was amazed to see a range of different devices, whips, and canes. In the middle of the room was a table with cushioning on its outer edges. Taking me to the table he bent me over, took my outstretched arms and tied each hand.

He pulled down my panties and I lifted each leg allowing them to be removed He ran his hand up the inside of each leg and gently pulled the cheeks of my bottom apart. Still wearing my heels he then tied each ankle to a table leg.

“Now then my sweet” he said “Your wife has asked that you should receive 12 strokes of the cane”. Walking to the wall he unhooked a thin 4 foot rattan cane. I heard it swish through the air as he tested it. It rested gently on my backside as he measured his stroke.

Another swish and I let out a cry of pain. He meant business. Again and again. 12 strokes were duly administered. I was in tears when he finished.

He gently rubbed my bottom and administered a salve. “After punishment reward. Dry your tears little girl.” he said.

I felt his tongue rimming me. And a finger exploring me. A cold greasy substance was being applied to my arse. More substance and Two fingers. Three fingers.

“Your wife not only wanted you punished but she also asked that you should enjoy a really good fucking. I will be participating but have also invited a friend round who I am sure will fully satisfy both you - and your wife”.

He reached over and I saw him pick up a dildo. “Just preparation” he said. I gasped as the dildo entered me. He worked back and forth. A knock at the door “Our other guest” said Robbie.

He left the room and I was still shackled to the table. Was this something to b enjoyed? Some minutes later no sound but I was conscious of someone behind me. “So girly” said a voice “I see the stripes on the bottom. Robbie has certainly prepared you to receive me”.

I felt the helmet of his cock push against my sphincter. What a size. I gasped. Suddenly he was deep inside me. The pain subsided as his pace quickened. I saw Robbie out f the corner of my eye taking pictures. Suddenly he was in front of me wanking. “Open mouth please” he said.

How long I was sucking and fucking I don’t know. Suddenly I felt the penis in my arse explode. And a moment later Robbie came in my mouth. I swallowed. And swallowed.

Robbie untied me and unsteadily was guided to a seat. I lifted my dress and wiped with a tissue the thick white cum that was dribbling down my leg. “Meet Andrew” said Robbie.

Meekly I smiled.

Robbie fetched me a drink. Recovery time was not long. Andrew kissed me his tongue playing with mine. I felt his hand underneath my dress. His cock hardened. I unzipped 9 inches of muscle and began sucking

He moved me to the edge of the seat and pushed my legs apart. I was being fucked again.

“Had enough for now my lovely?” said Robbie. I picked up my panties, climbed the stairs and went to find the bathroom.

I cleaned myself as best I could catching sight in the mirror my sore bottom with 12 stripes. Panties back on I adjusted my clothes and decided it was time to say good bye.

Both men were waiting for me. They both kissed me. Robbie gave me an envelope. “Photographs as a reminder” he said. “Share with your wife. Tell her its been our pleasure!”.