Written by Bicduk

6 Mar 2011

1st part of the above is here:


Last one was left at this point:

I stand up slightly, and bend over the seat in front, which the guy in front is 1/2 on already, I start to suck the guy in front, my coat is removed, and the guy to my right stands up aplaces my hand on his cock, which I start to wank, my left hand is unoccupied until another hand transfers it to another cock, which I start to stroke

Another set of hands, undos my straps under my balls, and my shaven cock and balls fall free, some fingers make their way to my hole, and they start to investigate me

The moment is broken slightly when my master instructs me to stop and announces that the fun will transfer to the room next door (Which can be locked)....

There's a lots of movement and rustling of stuff in the cinema as I collect my stuff, which my master takes off me, and I make the short journey to the private room, there's a young guy in there on his own, watching the porno on the small screen, and there is a 4 seater chair in there.

My master asks him to leave and he complies, my master knows I prefer mature guys and he does his usual vetting job before the door starts to close, with what appears to be a small queue forming, before the door is shut (And locked) the last thing is I hear is my master tell a guy at the door "You're next"...

There's an awkward delay as the 5 of us look at each other, as there isn't a lot of room, this is broken by my master telling me to get down and suck the guy I was sucking in the other room and "Well, Finish what you started" the owner of a lovely sized cock makes appreciative noises.

My master then asks who want to fuck me, as my hole is investigated by a couple of fingers, I hear one guy say how tight I am, and another guy starts to rubber up, my right hand is placed on a small but very girthy cock, and then the guy behind me penetrates me, he's not taking his time, as almost straight away he's all the way in, luckily (For the first one in) he's a decent size, but not as long as the one in my mouth or as wide as the one in my right hand!

The guy behind me isn't hanging about and is swearing a lot, I tighten my muscles around him and the verbal abuse, referencing tight, slut, etc. (Which I secretly love) get's worse, because of the angle I'm at, the back of my legs start to hurt (The guy behind me is not a tall man, and the guy in front is!)

I'm now deep throating the guy in front of me, which appears to be appreciated, as someone starts to wank my cock my spare hand is placed on my masters cock (I know it's his :-) and I am then slighly off balance as I am forced onto the cock in my mouth, I then force myself back onto the cock fucking me and this starts to send him over the edge, the verbal abuse I'm receiving goes up a notch (I didn't know it could)

The guy in my mouth suprises me by cumming, there wasn't bucket loads, but there was enough! Just as he's finishing the other guy cums by ramming in harder than ever, I'm supported by my master who smacks my arse. The guys behind me pulls out, thanking me, as does the guy who was in my mouth, my master then asks me to show me the contents of my mouth, which I do "Good slut, now swallow" I comply.

I then decide to have a very quick mouthwash and apply some more lube, as I deposit the contents of my mouth into some tissues and place it in the bin, there is the condom, it has loads of cum in it, it's a good job he wasn't in my mouth, I'd have made a right mess of myself :-)

2 guys leave, replaced by 1 more, I didn't see who it was, or if anyone else is waiting, the door is shut and my master explains that this is Dee, and that I am his slut, the very large framed guy tells me that he's heard a lot about me and then he's so glad Jim (My master for the day) called him!

The new guy also explains how noisy it's been and that he didn't need to ask where we all were...

My master then whispers in my ear that I'm going to be suprised by his mate (What the...)

Anyway, the guy who was presumably wanking me, moves to the back of me, and asks my master if he can "Have a go" my master says "Sure you can" and he starts to rubber up, I bend over, and the guy with plenty of girth offers his cock to my mouth, as I stretch my mouth (And it was a stretch!) he moans and says "That's it suck my fuckiing cock you slag" so the fact that he is quite Dom is confirmed, as is the way he starts to fuck my mouth, and hold me at his base of his cock...

Whilst I'm doing this, the guy behind me slightly suprises me by trying to enter me, he is bigger than the last guy, and the fact that I can only breath out of my nose, startles me a bit, as my lungs are emptied by the guy fucking me, I try to come off the cock in my mouth, but as I do, I'm told "Oh know you don't, keep fucking sucking it you slut"

I'm forced back on it and he moans, so I speed up my sucking, and he stops me again, he is not losing control and will obviously cum when he wants to, my left hand is transferred to a new cock, and that's when I realise that my masters friend is "Exceptional" and I'm now actually quite scared by it, if truth be told...

The guy behind me starts the verbal abuse, and the guy in my mouth, has hold of my cheeks and is fucking my face, he then takes it out, I crane my neck up to look him in the eyes, and as I so, I suck his cock slowly, not taking his eyes off him, he sniggers and says "That's right, you fucking love it you slut" (And he's right!)

The guy behind me is picking up the pace, and I can feel him start to grow, I force myself back on him, and he starts to cum, prompted by my master, the guy in my mouth and his mate (God knows what they must have thought outside BTW) "Go on fuck her hard", "She loves it" etc...

He moans forcing himself right into me, leaning right over my back, he stays there for a little while, whilst the cock is removed from my mouth, as I start to stand up, the guy who was in my mouth, says "Right, my fucking go now" and my break is only as short one, I grab a drink of water, and my master applies more lube (How kind)

If you're expecting me to say that he was considerate etc. then you're going to be disappointed, I knew he was Dom, however, I was slightly suprised at how forceful he was, he took his time initially, although more because we had to adjust heights and angles, before he really stretches me, there was a bit of pain at first, but that is replaced by a sense of fullness and the fact that he is fucking me so hard

He's got a good grip with his big hands on my shoulders and he's literally riding me, calling me so many names (With the odd compliment) that I bearly notice my master's mate, offering his very large cock to my lips, it is a huge stretch (And my jaw was sore for a couple of days to be honest) but I get him in my mouth, and start to work on accomodating his length, slowly...

This isn't easy when you are being fucked so hard, but to be fair, he was a very good fuck, lasting much longer than expected, even after I had tried my best orally (Which overcomes most people) I start to back right onto him and meet him at every stroke, and by his shortness of breath and more abuse, I think I have him, and just when I thought this, he did, almost choking me on my masters friends cock, who gives me a compliment on how much I've taken of him.

Then there is just my master, and his friend, my master was next to fuck me, and having another different sized cock in me was weird, but nice, I didn't get fucked by the monster, he did cum all over my face and was very complimentary, telling that I had lived up to my reputation and confirmed everything Jim had told him.

The monster cock, apparently, is next time...

Hope you enjoyed, and yes, genuine offers, nationally, for such events always welcome :-)