Written by Cheshire CD

13 Dec 2013

Hi guys.....

I've just got home from visiting Broxton and have to tell you about the horny time I've been having..

I arrived there last Night (Thursday 13/12) at about 10PM. It was really quiet with just a couple of cars and a load of wagons that had all seemed to settle for the night. I pulled up in my van and got into the back so that I could get changed.

Discarding my jeans and trainers, I smoothed on a pair of tan lace top hold-ups and then followed it with lacy white french-cut knickers, a black miniskirt and my favourite black 5" suede heels with a 1 inch platform. They make me walk like a prozzy and I love the way they make my hips swing. It was dark now, so just for my own benefit I applied bright red lippy thickly.

After a false start or 2 a chap in a Honda Civic parked in front of me. By now I was sat back in the front tugging on my cock with my legs wide open. He approached the passenger side and watched me through the window before walking round to my side and engaging me in conversation about how dead it was. His hand came through the window and began to stroke my stockinged leg up to my balls and he took over my wanking. He asked to get in the van with me but I fancied being outside and told him to go back to the passenger side where we would be pretty much hidden from view.

I climbed out of the passenger side to be grabbed by him and my legs and arse stroked. He reached down to unbutton his jeans and a fabulous looking thick cock sprung upright from the opening. It wasn't absolutely huge, but it was a good six or seven inches and my hand wouldn't quite fit round it......so a goodly specimen. I couldn't resist squatting down on my heels to take a good look at it from close range.

It seemed a natural thing to kiss it from base to tip, where I pursed my lipsticked lips and slid him in, savouring his hard meat filling my mouth. I took his hands and put them on the back of my head and he began to gently thrust in and out of my mouth, whilst telling me what a sexy slut I was in my "suzzies" as he called them... He then pulled out and slapped his cock against my tongue and face repeatedly asking me if I wanted it in my throat. I nodded and then devoured his cock noisily, groaning over the end and then giving long wet licks so I covered every beautiful inch of his cock and balls. Again he started thrusting but this time much more aggressively, talking dirty to me. He asked if I wanted his cum in my mouth and I was going to say no, and to do it over my slutty face, but I was loving his cock embedded in my throat and just hummed my approval on his dick.

Within a couple of seconds I felt him swell up and then he slammed into my mouth, grabbing my hair. Under my tongue, I felt the pulses of his ejaculation and there were at least six as the back of my mouth was filled with warm, slightly salty spunk. I kept him in my mouth until he began to soften and as he withdrew, he helped me to my feet. My knees ached but my cock was hard as iron, so I spat a little of his cum into my hand and began to rub myself. He slapped my arse and the tingle made my cock jump in my hand so I turned my back to him and flipped up the skirt, and he rubbed my arse and slapped me alternately (sort of wish he'd fingered me, but nevermind). As the pressure built in my balls I leaned back onto him and he nuzzled into my neck, whispering horny stuff in my ear and still slapping my ass. As my orgasm washed over me, I swallowed the load of spunk that was still in my mouth, and my own flew from the end of my cock....(note to self: catch it next time and add it to the other in my mouth, then swallow two loads together...mmmmm)... He thanked me and left.... I got changed back into my drabs and drove home.... A super meet!!!!