Written by Susan1955

30 Mar 2015

After spending a few days cleaning and preparing the interior of our touring van after I had used it on a fishing trip I decided to return it to it's storage pitch rather than leave it on the drive while the wife makes up her mind where or even when we will go touring again.

I arrived at the secure storage park late morning, it's a very large site with a one way system. As I turned to go down the rows of parked vans I was stopped by another caravanner trying to reverse his van between two other vans, realising he was struggling on his own I jumped out and offered my help, didn't take long and I carried on to my pitch. Once parked up I went inside to check everything was secure and safe, as usual a couple of overhead lockers had fell open and spilled their contents. As I closed the last one the one next to it fell open spilling it's contents. OMG I thought I'd nearly forgotten to remove my little dirty secret to a safe place, my beautiful five inch heels, basque, suspender belt and a selection of stockings and hold ups. As I bent down to pick them up a voice at the door said, well, well, well, what have we here then, I turned in horror to see the smiling face of the man I had helped a few minutes earlier. It's only rubbish for dumping I stammered with embarrassment, these don't look like rubbish to me as he stepped into my van and picked up my heels.

Shaking with embarrassment I quickly pushed all the items back into a carrier bag, as he passed me my heels he said I bet you look good in these, I took the shoes without a word and as I raised my arms to secure them in the overhead locker he moved behind me putting his hands under my tee shirt and on my waist, the feeling was electric and I just froze, please don't I asked but he moved closer pushing his body against me, his hands gently caressed my naked body under my tee shirt, what lovely smooth skin you have he said squeezing me as he kissed my neck. I'd like you to dress up for me, show me what a feminine sissy you are he whispered while continuing to caress and kiss.

I'm sorry I muttered, I've only ever dressed in private, never shown anyone before.

That's too bad he said squeezing me closer to him, what am I going to do with this as he rubbed his groin against me, my heart was now pounding realising he had an erection. Before I could answer his right hand moved down under my track suit waist band and took hold of my throbbing cock. Oh god no, please don't, please don't do that but his hand continued to caress and fondle my stiffening cock.

His left and now teasing my nipple he whispered why do you say no when your body is screaming yes, yes please don't stop.

Pushing my track suit bottoms down he unzipped his fly and belt and pushed his own trousers down, feeling trapped and defenceless his penis gently rubbing against my arse I pleaded once again, please don't, I'm a virgin, I'll dress up for you anything but please don't penetrate me, please. In spit of the terror I felt his continued fondling of my cock was slowly bringing me to an orgasm, and then suddenly, uncontrollably I came in his hand, I can't remember ever having an orgasm so strong, I just kept coming and coming almost feeling faint. I quickly came to my senses when he whispered sperm makes a good lubricant, he bent me over and worked my sperm into my anal passage with his fingers, one two then three, suddenly his knob was inside me, slowly he pushed and withdrew, pushed and withdrew, a little deeper each time, to begin with it was just uncomfortable the suddenly the pain was unbearable, relax he whispered, just relax and the pain will subside, in spite of my obvious distress he continued to push deeper then he started to gently rock backwards and forwards, OMG I kept thinking I'm being fucked, well and truly fucked, it went on for ages, the pain did subside a little but I was still in distress praying it would stop soon, suddenly I felt him stiffen up and his cock started to throb inside me, he squeezed my body tightly and pushed as deep as he could inside me as he came. We just stood there in silence for a few minutes still locked together, suddenly he said that's the best shag I've had in years, god your good.

Eventually he slipped out of me saying I'll just pop back to my caravan and get cleaned up while you get dressed up for me, I'll be back in fifteen minutes for an afternoon of fun with each other.

As he left I just stayed bent over trying to come to terms as to what had just happened.

Shall I lock up and run before he comes back or do as he wants, dress up for him to be used as his sex slave. Come on quickly, make a decision, what do I do.