Written by Bicduk

6 Jul 2008

Thought I'd tell you what happened a week last Wednesday (June 2008.)

I'd been told by a few contacts on here and on other similar sites about a Glory Hole near J34 of the M6 (Nr Lancaster) It's a remote location (Picnic area toilets) and gets busy after work.

A mature Dom guy I know told me to get dressed slutty under normal clothes and come up and meet him and some "friends" he knew. So, I made my way up there and parked up, packed the things into a small rucksack I could take in with me and made my way in.

There was a peep hole in the first cubicle, one through the first into the 2nd, through a very thick wall and a big glory hole in the middle of the 1st cubicle. Great news, that was the stall for me, so in a I went locked the door took off my drab clothes and got myself ready.

I then get a text from my Dom friend, who asks if I'm ready, so I text back "Too right". 2 mins later a lovely thick clean mature cock appears through the hole.

MMmmmmmmmm My favorite kind of tea! So I take him in my mouth and start deep throating him, he's pushed in the hole as far as I he can get moaning and whispering how good I am at it and what a slut, footsteps are heard, my cock disappears, but the door next to me is locked and an eye appears at the peep hole!

Now, there I am in fishnets, a PVC suspender belt, a Purple and black PVC Sub basque "Slut" suit on thats fastened up around my neck, with my thigh high, high heeled leather boots on with my mouth at the hole. I have a drink and wait.

A different cock appears through the hole, from the peep hole I hear, master says suck him you slut, well, not one to disappoint I start on him, the door next to me is unlocked, the cock I am working on is longer but thinner and doesn't last long, especially with my masters encouragement, he groans cums in my mouth, he's a big cummer and a lot spills. My master wants to see the evidence, so I show him through the hole, he tells me I'm a good girl. I spit him out, wash my mouth with mouthwash, have a drink and my masters cock re appears, he takes ages but rewards me.

He made me suck another 4 cocks before I had to go, but it was massive thrill and I have been there another 3 times since, and have took some pics on my phone, which I shall upload, the other one I have visited is on the M56, which was also great!

Hope you enjoyed (it's also totally true!)

Please tell me if you liked it and I may keep you appraised of my exploits as I travel round the UK, also any offers of meats (See my Ad's) or guidance on where