Written by Cheshire CD

29 Dec 2014

Having been booked for a job which required an overnight stay near Leeds, I took my dress-up with me in case the opportunity arose to relax in my hotel room en-femme, stealing a pair of my wife's lacy thong knickers to help with the "relaxation" effort.

Work on the Sunday was utterly simple, so I had finished by 1 o'clock, with very little left to do but find my hotel and chill. I arrived to find that a wedding had been held the night before and no-one had checked out yet....... Damn!

As I was a business customer she talked by phone with the manager and then upgraded me to a four-poster suite! This was heaven, my own jacuzi and lounge to watch telly and surf the internet on their wireless for free. So the spa-bath was filled and I soaked for a while, shaving completely from the chest-down and once finished, I patted dry. I applied an unscented after shave balm to ensure totally smooth skin which made my skin tingle all over.

A new pair of sheer black hold-ups were smoothed up my legs and then the lacy thong, which split my cheeks and rubbed against my sensitive hole. I slipped on the a silky cami-top, and then a floaty silky black miniskirt and my favourite suede 5 inch heels. God I felt horny and stiffened up in the knickers nicely, bulging the front panel. I reclined on the chaise long and opened my browser to search for some porn to jack off to.

The first clip I looked at was of a TV in a porn cinema and the thought struck me..... No Mrs, no bin-lids, oodles of time..... So I put on a pair of tracky bottoms and my jumper over the top, slipped the essentials in my emptied wash-bag along with my shoes and then went to my car for the 20 minute drive to the Empire Cinema in Huddersfield where I could perhaps live out my fantasy....

Arriving just after 3, I joined and paid entry, immediately then going to the smaller rear cinema, where I found the seats had been changed, they're much bigger and comfier than the old ones. There weren't many in with it being Sunday, but the usual popping in and out of the cinema was happening by a few guys and whilst I wanted to play, it was all a bit furtive. I sat at the back for a while just watching the movie and clocking the comings and goings. I decided it was time to change and left my seat to go to the changeroom in the toilets.

It only took 5 minutes to strip off the outer clothes, change my shoes and apply some thick red lippy before I returned to the cinema. As I re-entered, I was able to sit on the back row again, but looking across from my seat there was another TV at the back crouched down with a guys cock firmly embedded in her mouth. He had hold of her by the hair and was fucking her mouth deep and hard. I watched, amazed at the technique of this pretty CD (I knew that I wouldn't be able to match that without wretching!). I slid my short skirt up my thighs to show my stocking tops, hooked my left knee over the armrest of the chair and began to stroke the front of my thong whilst alternating between watching the porn and the energetic blowjob occurring along the row.

From his body position and grunting, I could tell that the suckee was reaching his peak and watched intently, fixed on those lips wrapped around his meat. As he shuddered and then thrust forward, CD started swallowing rapidly, obviously receiving a fresh load,,,, Mmmmmm! I felt a tentative hand stroke my knee from the row in front and decided to carry on watching the other's vinegar strokes but opened my legs a little wider and slid forwards a touch in my seat for encouragement. The hand got bolder and just as bloke number one withdrew from the sucker's mouth and another fatter cock was presented to her lips, it slid over my stocking top and onto bare flesh before cupping my tightly held balls with light squeezes.

I now looked at the owner of the hand, a guy of probably about 60-65 with thinning grey hair, leaning over the seat-back in front of me. He was staring intently at my slutty display and judging by the movement of his shoulder he was wanking at the same time as caressing my thong. We made eye contact and he smiled and glanced down at his own cock and then back at me with a suggestive look on his face. I took the hint and stood up to move to the seats in front as it was easier for me to get past the scene at the end of the row.

The noise of my heels on the floor drew attention to me, eyes stopped looking at the blowjob happening in the corner and watched me move rows. As I approached the kneeling sucker, she reached out and stroked up my legs to my crotch, sliding her fingers back between my cheeks and tickled my hole. That sent shivers of pleasure through me and I stopped just for a second to let the waves wash over me. Bloke from row in front came to me and grabbed my hand, leading me out of the room past the row of guys watching the blowjob. Some of the guys reached out and lifted my skirt as i teetered past them, stroking whatever they could touch. He led me into a private viewing room with a small screen and setee in it, and then turned to lock the door.

I perched on the edge of the sofa as he turned back to me and advanced between my open legs, pulling at his belt buckle. He fished out a reasonable cock from the confines of his briefs, semi hard at about 5ish inches, growing and pulsing as I looked on. I reached out to touch but he pulled back from me, "mouth only, to start with sweetheart...." he smiled down at me. I leant forward and kissed the end, opening to let the head slide past my lipstick and onto my tongue, and then began rhythmic sucking and swirling of my tongue around him. He began to harden quickly in my mouth, taking hold of my hair and plunging deeper with each stroke. His thickness was starting to make my jaw ache, so I detached from him and then went to work on his dangling balls rolling them around in my mouth.

He eventually stopped me and pulled me upright, turned me round and pushed on my shoulders to bend me over at the waist. " Have you got a rubber?" I asked, and he grunted that he had, but didn't want to waste it.... Squatting down, he pulled the thong out of my arse and then spread my cheeks. I felt his hot breath on my hole and then his tongue squirming its way into my crack, until it connected and pushed into me. He kept spitting on my ass and then pushing his finger in until I relaxed a little. He then introduced another finger and corkscrewed into and out of me, stroking my prostate when fully inside.

My groans were getting louder as I stiffened up in the confines of the lacy thong, and I heard the door being tried a couple of times. My paramour stood up while still fingering me and i heard the wrapper of the condom being torn open. A couple of seconds later, he had rolled it down his length and I felt the "blunt trauma" of his prick against my hole. The pressure slowly increased as he stabbed me harder, and then forced forward into my arse. The initial pain was intense, I moaned loudly as his girth pushed through my sphincter and he stopped while I got used to it. I told him to carry on but go gently as it had been a long, long time since I'd tried to accommodate a cock in me. He slid forward gently and my hole gave way, the pain changing into a pleasurable full feeling as he rocked backwards and forwards gradually introducing more of his length into me until he hit my prostate. The thrill was intense and I felt my cock leak a little into the lacy panties as he grabbed my hips and plunged into me to the balls, starting to fuck me hard as his flesh slapped against mine when he bottomed out in me. I felt a sting as his hand swiped across my arse and he started to pant and then call me a "fucking slut"....

"Bet you'd love it if there was more than just me doing you, wouldn't you?" he grunted as his fingers dug into the flesh above my stockings... "Oh yeah", I replied "the more the merrier" joining in with his dirty talk. I immediately heard the sharp retort of the lock being thrown and the door immediately opened. As my head was down, I couldn't see the face of the person who came into the room, but a pair of legs in jeans arrived in front of me, and the zip was pulled down. He fished out a semi hard cock of about 5 inches, which was pushed towards my mouth and I sucked it gratefully taking it to the back of my tongue where my throat muscles worked on the head. "Fuck me, this one's keen", groaned the disembodied voice and he began to fuck my mouth while gripping my hair. It felt great to be pleasuring two men at once and my cock was leaking almost continually now, with the fucker slapping me and shafting me like a train and the other guy shoving his cock into my throat until I choked a little. I felt the cock in my mouth swell and he gripped my hair as his spunk spurted onto my tongue, a couple of jets followed by a pulsing of his shaft as it continued to pour into my welcoming mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could, but some still escaped, dripping onto the floor. HIs swelling went down and I spent time cleaning his cock and balls thoroughly of any remaining juice. His dick flopped from my mouth and he zipped up and walked away, only to be replaced immediately by another set of legs and another (seriously hard) cock of greater proportions. which stabbed at my spunky lips until I opened my mouth and gave him access.

This guy lasted about a minute before groaning out loud and suddenly spurting into my mouth, but this one withdrew and shot his spunk into my face, wanking furiously. My leg muscles were starting to complain as I had been bent at the waist in high heels for about 10-15 minutes, and I asked him to stop so I could change positions. The reply was a really hard slap on my arse and "shut the fuck up, I'm nearly there", his grip tightened on my thighs and he jammed forward as hard as he could. His length swelled inside me and I felt the pulse of him filling the rubber. He twitched for a couple of minutes, until his cock softened and he withdrew from me, and I gratefully turned around and sat down facing a soft cock with a dangling rubber full of cum. He carefully pulled the condom from his cock and gripped my hair, pulling my head back and emptying the contents into my open mouth. His cum was very salty and I gagged a little at its taste, but had to swallow so that he would let go of my hair. "Clean me up, bitch" he growled and I took his floppy cock in my mouth and sucked it clean of any residue.

He pushed me back on the sofa and then zipped up, turned and walked away as I basked in the afterglow of being well used. I looked across at the porn playing on the small tv in the room and was about to sit up, when I felt hands grab my ankles and pull them up. I looked down to see another older guy putting my ankles on his shoulders as he lined up with my now well-used hole. Before I could say "rubber" he thrust forwards, piercing me and piling into my arse, hammering away like a jackrabbit. He did not last 2 minutes before I felt the warmth flooding through my hole as he spunked up me. He stood up and walked away, while I tried to stand unsteadily in my heels, noticing a couple of blokes stood in the doorway awaiting an invite..... I didn't say anything and straightened my skirt brushing past them as I walked back into the smaller cinema to have a final wank before leaving.

There was only space on the front row of the room, so I went and sat in the middle seat to pull up my skirt and fish out my slimy hard cock from my knickers. I leaned back and spread my legs and watched the film while gently tugging at myself. I immediately heard movement from behind me and before I knew it there was a crowd of guys stood around me, all ages and sizes. One knelt between my legs and pulled my hand from my dick, he crouched forward and engulfed my cock in his mouth,, while tickling my now slippery hole with his finger. I slid forward in my chair to give him better access so my neck was resting on the seat back, and my head lolled back as his expert mouth worked on me. I opened my mouth to gasp and it was immediately filled with cock from a guy standing in the row behind. This was a whopper and stretched my jaw as its mushroom head pushed past my lips. The guys on either side of me pulled my legs up by the knees and they stroked my inner thighs as the guy sucking my cock went to work on my open rosebud, lapping at the spunk dribbling out of me. The chap in my mouth fattened up and exploded into my mouth and I choked a little on the force of his cum jetting straight to the back of my throat, coughing spunk over my chin and neck. I swallowed this heroic dose of come and it was immediately replaced with another cock.

I felt the tell-tale signs of being about to cum, when my sucker stopped and knelt up, pushing himself straight into me without any ceremony whatsoever. The others muttered encouragement at him and he banged me hard and fast until he too came inside me. As he withdrew, he was replaced by another guy. Now this guy was seriously well hung, and it hurt again for a little while. The guy behind me withdrew from my mouth and jacked himself over my face, shooting onto my closed eyes and across my nose and lips. I tried to open them but it stung like hell and I was forced to shut them again. My fucker was way deeper than any of the others had been and my prostate was being well and truly hammered, forcing my cock to leak over my skirt and panties. I was feeling splashes of warm cum on my face and legs from all directions now, and when my fucker plunged into me up to his nuts i felt him cum deeper inside me than anyone else had done. He stayed there for a minute or so, twitching and groaning and then slowly withdrew.

I said out loud that I needed to cum, and that I didn't want any more cock up me, but I had obviously got everyone excited because I was then fucked repeatedly with my legs held wide and my hands restrained over my head behind the chair. I lost count at 3, but think it was probably 4 or 5 guys who came inside my arse with another couple of loads shot into my face and open mouth. I didn't have the energy to fight it and just let it happen, delighted to entertain all of these horny men.

Eventually, I was released and allowed to sit up a bit, while the TV from earlier was led to kneel between my legs and suck my aching cock and balls. (S)he licked at my distended arse and swallowed loads of the slime that was now pouring from me. I grabbed her head and forced it down onto my cock as another lined up behind her, as he pushed into her it forced my cock into her throat and I immediately orgasmed longer than I have ever done before or since. She swallowed the lot and as she cleaned me up she was banged hard until being filled with cum. She stood up, turned round and spread her legs, and I leaned forward to spread her cheeks and suck the spunk from her hole.

By now I'd really had enough and said to the guys that I was going. They stood away from me and let me stand very unsteadily to walk away and get changed. A couple of notes were given to me as I passed with names and telephone numbers on them, which I have to admit I threw away. I wiped the spunk from my face and neck and tried as best I could to soak up what was running from my arse, before dressing and leaving the club. It then dawned on me that I had been there for over 4 hours being spit-roasted and fucked, so it was no wonder that my arse was extremely tender. On the drive back to the hotel, I had put some tissue between my cheeks to try and soak up the cum, but still had to throw away my joggers when I got back as it would be difficult to explain to the Mrs how it got there.

I showered and then collapsed on the bed, waking the next morning with spunk everywhere.

I will definitely be doing this again, but it's difficult to get the time clear to be able to......

I will write again if (and when) this happens...... TTFN!