Written by M

15 Oct 2012

Hi i am a young male 26 and lately i have been watching alot of porno movies and some how i ended up watching a transexual movie and have been getting turned on by this. On a Saturday afternoon i was on a dating site and in my profile i added looking for a male so strangley i started chatting to this guy who was 62 and i started telling him i would enjoy dressing up in a wig,some girly clothes and see how it goes. He asked me if i could go to his that same night but i ended going on the sunday. As he picked me up i was realy excited lusting with shivers i sat in his car he drove upto 50 miles and then wow we got to his place it was realy nice and big. I ended up going in his house started drinking wine and he asked me to go have apeep in the bedroom. So i decided togo in the the bedroom and there on the bed was stocking,skirts,tights,high heels,dildos,wigs,lipsticks,thongs,and dresses. As he was in the other room drinking and watching tele i decided to undress my self and got dressed in some tights,high heels,dress,a black wig and decided to put a red lipstick on. Then i went in the other rooms i was so horny by now i just had to unzip his pants and give my first blow job ever it was scary but the excitment was thrushing through my body. He started fucking my arse with dildos then decided to put his cock in it was painfull but realy turned me on.

At the end of the night he dropped me and said i come and and go when ever i pleased.This was my first experince but cant wait for the next one.