Written by Harrietnylonz

1 Feb 2009

The thrusts of his cock filled me to the brim. Thrilling to the feel of his taught ballsack swinging against the underside of my arse, I reached down to my own cock and gave it a couple of gentle pulls to return it to its aching hardness..in the excitement it had slackened slightly. A firm hand brushed mine away as my bellend started to weep the first signs of juice. This hand replaced mine as he wanked me in time with his pelvic gyrations.

\"You horny,dirty bitch\", he exclaimed when I attempted to grip his lovewand by tightening my sphincter muscles, and he responded by quickening his pace of working my shaft and licking my leaking juice off his fingers.Gripping the heels of my stilettos, he spread my elevated legs to the maximum and gave me a few ultra deep ecstacy inducing fuck strokes before abruptly pulling out of my lovehole.

\"I\'m not going to cum up you, you whore.Finish me off in your mouth\"

Nothing would please me better I thought. I needed to feel hat cock pulsing its cum shots between my lips.He removed the condom and I wiped his shaft as I again knelt in front of his well-trimmed,musky groin-pole.

His hands gripped the sides of my head as he pushed his swollen knobend between my pouted lips, and I soon felt the head pushing to the gag point the back of my throat.He began the same steady rhythmn with his hips as he did the work fucking my mouth.After three of four strokes I wasn\'t able to get my breath, my copius saliva and his giant juicy meat blocking my airway. I choked and spluttered.

We soon developed a mutual pace, a full breath every five strokes.Then a pause. I put a blob of lube on my fingers, and as he stroked away,I reached round his taught arse cheeks and probed his rim. This produced the marked effect of twitching and further hardening his tool which felt like it would rip out my tonsils,

\"Let me do this Sweetie. I want to control your orgasm\"

As I worked two fingers up his hole, I devoured his cock in anticipation of a hot creamy reward.

Sucking it and rippling my tongue over it. I understood by the quickening of his shallow breathing that the vinegar stroke was not far off.

\"I\'m going to cum!\" he spluttered.

My left hand gripped the base of his shaft and I felt his cock tighten and I gave it a firm squeeze. Then suddenly my lips felt the glans start to pulse...and salty jets of his cum were filling my mouth and throat. I pulled my head back extending my cream-coated tongue and slapped his still-pulsing bellend against it.

\"Swallow or spit?\"

The taste was not what I expected. Salty but slightly acrid. With one gulp it went down and I opened my wide to show him my clean tongue.

\"Good girl\" was his reply.....

After such a good time, I couldn\'t resist licking clean his still-erect, lovely, manhood.