18 Jun 2015

Well they do say that the unplanned and unexpected is usually the most pleasurable, after today I can confirm that.

Readers familiar with my postings on this site will know that one of my popular liaison locations is the wooded area on the left hand side of the A68 heading about one mile from the Royal Oak lay-by heading in the direction of Corbridge.

As it happens I was heading back to Teesside on the A68 from a business trip, and obviously, it having been a business trip, I was not completely my usual en-femme. I did have on white lace top hold up stockings, white lace panties and a sexy see-through girly top under my 'normal' male attire.

Upon reaching the wooded area I noticed a car parked up, it was empty. Well nothing ventured, nothing gained, I parked up on the road opposite and headed into the wooded area.

I approached the area of the disused toilet block, there was no sign of anybody in the immediate vicinity and so I walked up to the toilet block, no one in the first part and so I headed off round to the other side. As I turned the corner I collided with a man. We both started to apologise for the collision and there followed an embarrassed silence, I knew what I was looking for, but was it the same thing this rather good looking man was looking for.

Grasping the bull by the horns I asked if he was looking for some fun.

He asked what sort of fun.

Cock fun, I replied.

Yes, he said, and with that he headed back around the corner to one of the 'rooms'.

Now I would not normally partake in sex in the toilet block, it is not the greatest of places, but I was not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, and so I dutifully followed him.

By the time I entered the block he had his rather decent looking cock out, about 6 inches and a reasonable girth. Without further ado I went down on his cock and proceeded to kiss, lick, suck and generally adore it and, since I had no condoms or lubricant with me, this was all that I was expecting. Of course having a cock in my mouth always gets me worked up and so I stood up and shed my trousers and sweater.

As I did so I heard a sharp intake of breathe as he saw my stockings, panties and see-through blouse. I took his cock in my hand and backed up to him and, placing his cock between my legs and inside my panties, I simulated him fucking me.

I want to fuck you, he said as he fondled my nipples through my blouse.

Unfortunately I do not have the necessary condom or lubricant and I do not do bare backing, I said.

No problem he said, and produced a condom and some glide.

Without further ado I took my panties off, he rolled the condom on and we applied the necessary lubricant and I bent over and he mounted me. He slid in fairly easily and he proceeded to fuck me. It was a really pleasant 10 minutes of him sliding his cock inside my eager man pussy, he was gentle, almost caring, he wanted to please me as much as I wanted to please him.

As he approached his climax he asked if I wanted him to come inside me in the condom. No, I replied, I would like to see you coming.

He pulled out, pulled off the condom and I took his cock in my mouth again and sucked and kissed it until I felt him tense up, I then took his cock out of my mouth and proceeded to masturbate him with his cock pointing directly at my face. In a short space of time I got my reward as he proceeded to shoot thick, warm streams of his man nectar all over my eyes, nose and mouth, it was absolute heaven.

I stood up and he proceeded to rub his juice all over my face, saying with a smile on his face, I think I missed a bit. With that he thanked me and turned and left.

It really was unplanned and unexpected, but it was absolute heaven.

Davinia xx