Written by Deee

17 Jan 2008

Last year I placed an adverton S.H..I am a mature pierced T.V.I got several replies mostly timewasters,but two were genuine.

The first meet,which I am going to tell you about took place on new years eve,the guy invited me to his house.I was very excited as he sounded quite dominant over the phone.I took ages getting ready,removing hair and making sure I was clean inside and out,before dressing.I won\'t describe what I wore,suffice to say it was trad tranny wear,except to say from my piercing,I hung a heavry chain that stretched my prick.I felt so turned on that I had to stop on the way and walk up and down a lay by to flash my legs and chain.

When the door opened out of my car,opened the font of my coat to let the guy,lets call him Dave,see what he was getting.He must have been pleased because he held the door wider for me to enter.

Dave quickly got me a large drink although he was drinking coke.We were sitting on the settee,but not for long.Dave stood up and pulled down his zip.A lovely prick emerged which I was told to suck.Dave got hold of my head and forced his prick right down my throat and kept it there.When he knew I was out of air he let me take a breath before putting it back in for me to suck. Sudden Dave withdrew,dropped his pants,turned round and demanded I lick his arse.He bent over,uulled his cheeks apart and told me to stick my tongue up him which I did,but reluctantly.Dave noticed I wasn\'t enjoying this so he got me another drink and he had a pint of coke.Feeling more relaxed I lcked his arse again,this time it was turning us both on and it seemed quite natural to push my tongue right up his arse.It ended with Dave almost sitting on my face.We sat back on the settee and talked for a bit anbd looked at soom porn.Then Dave said the coke had work and led me out to the garden.

I knelt in front of him with my mouth open.Soon a jet of golden rain was streaming into my mouth,more than I could drink and it ran over my face and blouse. When he was empty Dave took me back inside.More drinks and pornfollowed by Dave telling me to stretch out on the floor in front of him.He knew what I wanted although he wasn\'t too sure about his own feelings.

The first stroke of his belt was quite gental and I didn\'t respond,the second was harder the next harder still and I could not supress a groan.This turned Dave on and the the strokes were raining down whilst a stream of filth emerged from Dave\'s mouth.I knew he was loving it as if he had found a new toy.I rolled over,in part to stop my bum being hit,but also to give him another target,if he wanted it.I held the chain to my stomach so that my prick was stretched and my balls were exposed.The first hit made my scrotum shrink up and everything was tight to receive the belt being used by Dave.

He was really turned on now and threw down the belt and took me upstairs.Once in the bedroom I was bent over the bed,Dave slipped on a cndom and then slid in me.Although has was fucking me hard he could not cum.At last he withdrew and started to wank himself. His had was a blur,but at last he came,leaning over me to shoot on my face and in my mouth.I wiped his cum off my face into my mouth and then held Dave\'s head whilst I kissed him.He pushed his tongue into my mouth and mine went into his churning his cum around between us. Finally whilst I pulled my prick up by its chain as hard as I could Dave wanked me off.

I got home exhausted and soaked in the bath top ease my body whilst remembering a wonderful new year.