27 Nov 2015

It’s been a while since I last posted but I think my latest escapade on Wednesday night is worth recounting.

I have been chatting with a Trucker for some time, and he said that he would be driving to Newcastle and would stop for a few hours in a well-known layby on A64. So, about 8:30, I pulled into the truck stop and parked about 30 yards in front of his truck, in my best business suit skirt and jacket, black basque & thong, stockings and 5” heels. I phoned him to make sure it was him, he told me to leave my phone connected. As I eased out of my car in best ladylike movement, he said remove your jacket and skirt and leave them in your car, and then walk to my truck; what! As I unbuttoned my jacket and slipped out of my skirt, he switched on the truck headlights; I heard him laugh and say ‘gorgeous’. As I walked towards him, another truck’s headlights, parked in the layby, bathed my half naked body in more light; bastard I thought, but I had no choice but to get to my trucker’s vehicle, swinging my hips.

I climbed up to the cab, and saw him sat his seat naked, stroking a nice 7” cock. Hi slut, he said, get your mouth round this; duly obliged I deep throated him for a good 10mins before I felt him tense up, and then filled my mouth with about 4 good spurts, which I duly swallowed like the good slut I I leant across him, swallowing his cum and licking him clean, he fingered my love hole with 1 then 2 fingers – massaging/stretching. Lets’ get on the bed in the back, he said. As I got on the bed, he pulled off my thong and started stroking my erection/squeezing my balls, and then he went down on me sucking my girly cock to completion, which he swallowed (that surprised me). We kissed/fondled each other for about 20mins, then he said ‘now this is what u came for, slut’. On my back, he spread my legs and pushed the head into my ass, and then started to pump me with long fast strokes, as I squeezed my 38C breasts. I expected him to cum fairly quickly but it must have been another 10 mins before I felt the first spurt of cum deep in my ass, followed by another 2 or 3; my own cock cumming for a second time. As we finished, I heard another guy asking for a piece of my ass (yes, it was the driver of the other truck). We invited him to join us ( he was about 50 ish) and he soon had his jeans off and sported a thickish, hard, 6”. I turned over onto all 4’s and he rammed his cock straight in, as I cleaned and sucked my trucker friend’s cock again. He only lasted about 5-6 mins before I got a second load in my ass. Roughly, he turned me round and rammed his cock in my throat – clean it bitch. A few minutes later, my friend said ‘ok, fuck off back to your car, and we’ll see you next time (bastards had arranged it). Gingerly, I climbed out of the cab and walked back to my car (minus my thong), still bathed in the 2 pair of headlight. I smiled and thought this is what a hooker would do – no shame, in fact proud to be out in the cold evening in just basque/stockings/heels.

Here’s hoping for a second meet.