Written by Love of lingerie

16 Feb 2009

I've always had bisexual thoughts but never done anything about them. This all changed one day at some public loos in a park in Kent. I'd gone to the park with friends for a picnic, it was a hot summers' day and I was feeling very relaxed.

When the picnic finished, I volunteered to stay and clear up, so my friends left and I picked up the rubbish and put it in the bin by the loos near the entrance.

I went into the loos to wash my hands and to use the facilities, I went into the middle of three cubicles, locked the door and sat down with my shorts around my ankles.

Next to the loo was a carrier bag, it appeared quite full so I had a look inside. Too my amazement, it was full of stockings, panties and silky lingerie, there was a note on top it it, it said "My wife has found out about my liking for undies and says she will leave if I dont get rid of them, hope someone can enjoy them"

I took out a large handful of stuff, strangely enjoying the sensuous feel, my cock was hardening so I sat back and slowly dragged some silky panties and stockings over my balls and cock.Wow! What a beautiful sensation, my cock was rock hard in seconds. I heard someone come in to the next cubicle but ignored it, I had to try some things on.

I stood up and stripped naked, my 8 inch cock was so stiff, I put on the silky red panties and some hold up stockings, it felt incredible. The guy next door coughed twice then was silent, then he did it again, it was like a signal, then I saw the pen and paper being pushed under the partition.

I picked it up and read the note, it said, "lovely view, look through the hole" I had'nt noticed the small holes through the wall, the guy had seen everything! I looked through the hole and saw a large cock being wanked slowly, I knew what I wanted to try next. I wrote " New to this, you have a lovely cock"

More to come if you like it so far?...................