Written by Donna

23 Feb 2014

I pulled off the main road and started driving through the woods, I knew he was nervous as we had been speaking on the phone but now I couldn’t get through to him so I could not be sure he hadn’t got cold feet and was sat at home with his phone off. I pulled into the car park we had arranged to meet to see a car parked up. It fitted the description Alex had given me so I pulled up behind it and turned the engine and lights off.

I turned on the interior light and checked my makeup and my long auburn hair. Although Alex had not specified what he wanted me to wear, due to the nature of the meet I assumed he wanted to meet a slutty good time girl. Someone he can have his fun with, get his rocks off and not feel guilty afterwards. I had shaved fully, douched, bathed and used a very neutral smelling body lotion so there was no risk of his wife smelling a “good time gurl” on him when I sent him home later hopefully fully drained. I had pre lubed but was not sure it would be needed on this meet but you never know your luck. I had picked my black leatherette basque, my black show girl thong that hold in any sign of a bulge. Black shear seemed stockings that I was in the process of checking. My patient black stiletto shoes and my long black leather coat.

I grabbed my bag and slowly open the car door, as I step out I linger with one foot still in the car and light a cigarette, lingering so he can see my shapely leg before stepping fully out of the car and shutting the door, I stood at the side of my car with my legs slightly parted so he could see what he was getting through his mirror. After a couple of minutes I stubbed my cigarette out under my shoe and slowly walked towards his car door. I suppose it might not have been Alex but that hadn’t occurred to me and anyway if it wasn’t him, the person in the car had followed my every move through his mirror and that made me tingle. As I got level with his car the driver window opened. I stopped, walked round the back of his car and walked to the passenger door. I was going to open it but he opened the window so I propped myself up on his car and put my head inside.

“Hello Alex” I said seductively. “Hi Donna” he said nervously. “Are you going to let in, it’s a cold out here” “Yes come on in” I open the door, sit down and swing one leg in then the other making sure my coat opens so he can see my legs stocking tops and knickers. Once in, I lean across and kiss Alex on the lips, I pulled away slightly before looking deep into his eyes before kissing him again, this time with my lips open. He opens his mouth and he pushes his tongue deep into my mouth as he puts his hand on my thigh. We kiss deeply and passionately as his hand moves up and over my stocking tops. I parted my legs slightly and place my own hand on his thigh before moving it up and feeling his impressive bulge through his jeans.

I pull back from his mouth “blimey! You don’t waste any time do you my love?” he looked sheepish “sorry Donna” he says “Don’t be sorry Alex, I like a man who knows what he wants and takes it. What do you want from me Alex? What do you want to take, you can have anything you want Alex, I am yours tonight darling” I say as I run my hand down the side of his face. As my fingers run across his cheek he takes my finger in his mouth and sucks lightly on it. As he does this I undo his belt with my spare hand, my long nails make it difficult but I want Alex to be freed from the confines of his jeans and pants. I removed my finger from his mouth and replaced it with my tongue again as I undo his button and zip. His hands moved under my coat as he felt the contours and fabric of my basque. I slowly moved my hand inside his jeans and pants, it was so warm as my finger tips brushed up against his impressive hard on. I wrapped my slender fingers softly around his cock, it feels quite thick and an impressive length. His kissing becomes breathless and he lets out the occasional moan.

I don’t need much encouragement and this was more than enough, I draw back from his kiss and put one hand on either side of his cock and teasingly run them up and down it with a feather touch. “Are you okay Alex? I you enjoying this? I can stop if you want Alex, I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do.” He didn’t say much “Fuck that’s good” as he through his head back onto the headrest.

Alex had told me when we had been chatting on line that in 10 years of marriage his wife had never gone down on his cock. He had not had a blow job and was desperate to have his impressive member taken in a mouth and sucked till he came. I knew this was what he wanted and that this was all he wanted from me. I was just a means to an end. He was not into gurls he just wanted someone who was happy to take his seed without him feeling guilty afterwards. If he had found a RG or visited a call girl he would feel guilty and an unfaithfully husband but because I was not a RG and he knew I liked to suck a cock this was alright. This was running through my mind and I smiled inside thinking that I was just a call girl, with a bit extra and I did it for free.

I knew if I put my lips over the end of his cock it would be over very quickly, that was fine as I was not going straight home but I wanted to give Alex a night to remember. I took my fingers away from his cock and opened the car door before stepping out. I walked to the front of the car and seductively lent forwards to adjust my shoe allowing my coat to fall open. I squatted down and pretended to get something out of my bag before walking round to his door. He opened his window and I asked if he wanted to take me for a little walk. He looked a little unsure “ there is a nice picnic table just behind that tree” I walked a couple of steps away from his car and turned my back on him. I heard the windows close and the door open, close and lock. The next thing I knew his hand was finding its way inside my coat and around my waist. I turned to face him and our lips met again. Alex was turning out to be quite a kisser and turning out to be quite a turn on, more than I had expected. I snuggled up to him as we walked towards the picnic table, as we got there we faced each other and he put both hands inside my coat as he felt first my waist then down over my basque to my arse where he stopped, sank his nails into my soft flesh and pulled me towards him and rub his crotch against me I lifted my head as he kissed my neck, I was in heaven. I know he wanted me to suck his cock but by now I was so turned on it could not happen soon enough. I again made for his belt and button, I had them undone in no time, followed quickly by his zip. I moved away and pushed him gently so he got the message and sat on the picnic table. I walked forward looking into his eyes and slid his jeans and pants down. Without taking my eyes off his I lowered my head and stopped with my lips just above the tip “Is this alright for you Alex, is this what you want me to do?” He placed his hands on the back of my head and applied a little pressure. I moaned and opened my mouth and allowed him to guide my mouth over his impressive cock. I felt his hands leave my head and I stopped on the tip of his cock flicking it with my tongue “mmmmm fuck” he moaned I wrapped my lips around it and sucked lightly just drinking in this quite spectacular cock before plunging down till the tip hit the back of my throat. I held it there a moment to overcome the gag reflex before slowly sliding up and down his cock. I was in heaven and so was Alex as he verbally abused me. “What sort of person meets a stranger and sucks them off” I could not answer, he didn’t want an answer, he was really getting off on me and I was loving every second of it. “Your nothing but a whore, no worse you are a cheap slut, Look at you, dressed like a slut and sucking on my cock” Alex had got his nerve back. “Look at me slut! Look at me!” I looked up to see his face contorted with pleasure. I thought I was going to get a slap across the face, I was actually hoping I would, might explain why his wife wouldn’t do this for him but I don’t mind, I like it. “Suck it you bitch” I did as I was told. He started fucking my face “take it bitch, take it” he tensed up and I made my mouth air tight around his cock “aArrggggggg fuckkkkkkkkkk SHIT ARG” he shouted as the first spurt of hot sticky spunk hit the back of my greedy throat, followed by another and another. I swallowed it all and held him in my mouth to catch every drop. As he started to go a bit soft I gently licked his cock making sure I hadn’t missed a drop before standing up straight to find Alex laid with his eyes closed. I pulled up his pants as he lay there silent before leaning over him. He opened his eyes “You ok Darling?” I asked “Yes and thank you” I kissed him on the lips “No thank you” I helped him get dressed and we walked back to his car. As he got in and wound his window down I kissed him again “If you don’t want to wait another 10 years give me a call and if there is anything else your wife won’t do and you fancy trying let me know”