Written by Gazza2000

25 Jun 2010

i was 25 and lodging with a 50 year old gay guy who had broken up with his long term partner,im bi and love guys attention,not long after moving in we got talking and john said his partner use to cross dress,the night ended and thought no more of it,over the coming week moving stuff in to my room,i found a bag with lingerie in,as i was going through it i got a hard on,that night john was going out to cheer himself up,so i got a shower and decided to watch some tv,i decided to put on some gay porn,and there was a guy in lingerie in the film,so i went to my bedroom took out the bag and dressed in a yellow satin suspender belt,panties and bra,then put on black stockings,i was touching myself on the sofa when i heard a key in the door,i turned the tv and light off and went to my room,jumped in to bed,i heard john and another guy,by the sound of his voice he was late forties,after 15 minutes,john knocked,andy are you awake,yes i replied,ive brought a old mate steve home,come and have a drink and say hello,i cant i said?why john ask,come in a minute i need to see you,when he came in he said whats the matter,i said im not decent,dont worry he grinned,im dressed in lingerie,i pulled the covers back,his mouthed dropped open,he pulled me up come in here,steve was naked waiting for john,surprise john said,steve got up,fuckin hell he said,they both started kissing me,john got naked his cock was thick and hard,i started sucking it,he moaned then i sucked steve"s nice cock they was touching my undies,i was sucking steve off,and john went behind me and was fingering my arse,i turned round and grinned as he put a condom on,i sucked steve fast as john entered me banging away hard,steve spunked in my mouth,as john cum,pulled out and poured his cum over my face,they fucked me all night,john got in my bed regular after that,dressing me in lots of lingerie,15 years on i still like to wear some lingerie to travel and meet guys.