Written by natathome1975

9 Apr 2011

Being brought up in a household of mainly older sisters and me the youngest kid and being a boy did not help matters, but when the kid in you thinks its innocent at the time (12/13).

A relelatively innocent looking swimming coustume lay on the top of the washing basket in the bathroom it was blue in colour and it had white inserts which were stiff i suppose to give the wearer shape.

The trying on of the swimming costume was fairly easy as with so many females in the house the door lock was a relativly unwrited rule so it was always used to prevent the user being caught short so to speak.

Now here I was in that room doing what needs to be done, when i held the costume in my hands and I suppose the trying it on was a wonder what it felt like on my chest with the white inserts against it.

When it was on the inserts done thier job as my chest became slightly larger and gave me shape to a small flat chest, the feeling was mixed to say the least and after running my hands all over my new found chest.

I did not get aroused that first time, but I continued to wear it when i could when the opertunity arose and three of my sisters wore the garment when they went swimming as pennies were a little bit short.

On one particular visit to the toilet I knew the garment would be there I stumbled upon a bra and knickers and again wondered what it was all about so I tried them on, the bra did not give me the same shape as the swimming costume but the knickers which were cotton gave me an idea.

Them days there was a kays or simalar catalouge in nearly every household so armed with that and locked in the toilet I tried the bra and knickers and the swimming costume on seperatly whilst looking at the pics in the kays, the swimming costume was the thing that gave me shape and looking at the pics of scantly clad women there the diresred effect was born, the bringing myself of onto toilet paper was fantastic whilst wearing the costume and looking at the pics and the relief as I came to the small tickely bit.

This went on for ages untill the garment was thrown away as it was getting a little bit worn on the underside even with the linning which at that time I thought it was there to keep bits in order the same as me wearing trunks ( not speedo) and a newer on was purchased but without the inserts as I suppose they were now a little bit older and did not need them and that episode in my growing up stage took a new turn, but it started me wondering if other garments as shown in kays gave me a kick in the same way.

Now at the same time I started a job as a delivery boy paying a short amount which gave me pocket money, there was a particular lady who when I went to collect the delivery money on a friday always wore shinny dresses and shinny coats, I thought they looked fantastic but the only reference I could find in kays was slips and as they were undergarments I knew they were not them.

One time I went to her house and I took the bull by the horns and mentioed that she had a fly on her shinny dress and as I stepped forward to brush it away she leant forward and the material brushed against me at the same time as I brushed it and it made me feel hot, at the time I did not know but it must have been nylon but it felt so so smooth.

I found a slip in the washing basket made of the same material and away I went again armed with kays and frequent visits to the toilet.

I hope I have not bored you too much. nat xx