Written by natathome1975

11 Apr 2011

The previous story early feelings was all about when i first started to get aroused by female underwear and garments.

The lady i used to deliver to was special as she had the shinny material garments which gave me a feeling which I now know excite me along with leather,silk,satin,lace,pvc and rubber.

well this lady I remember the first time she invited me into her house, it was winter and there was snow on the ground and she did not want to let the house cool down to much so she invited me in so that she could get her pusre to pay me for her deliveries, well she pointed to the sofa and went into the kitchen and returned clutching her purse and sat opisite me with her legs facing to the left of her body, on opening her purse something fell out and as she bent to get it her dress made a swishing sound and her right legs straightened giving me both the sound and a glimpse of stockings above the knee of her left leg.

I had (1) the swishing sound of nylon (2) the sight of thighs in stocking and (3) a slight view of cleavege as the dress had a v neck, if she had at that time asked me anything I would have made a mess in my knickers both brown and white and golden it was more than a boy could take i meen how can you tell a grown up all you wanted was to hold onto her and feel her dress and rub your hands and I suppose other parts of your body all over her and feel her dress matrial on your face as the material was such a turn on for you.

How I got out of the house that first time with either the correct amount of money or not embarising myself or her for that matter I will never know and still dont know but the following week was better or worse as she again called me in and left me in the hallway if you could call it that as the stairs was on the right as you go into her house and the living room was on the left up the short hallway, but as I stood there she was again in a dress and heels and twin set of pearls but her dress seamed to flow and push out from her body which I now know to be a netted underskirt like they have on strickly come dancing but to me it was devine in its self and she was an object of many of my desires and fantasies. The lady came back down the stairs wearing a coat shinny also but a differnt knid of shinny more plasic than nylon well if life was complicated before that well it just got mind blowing.

The ladt told me to wait there as she was going to speak to my boss in the van and she would be back shortly, now dressed like that and me feeling what the f--k has happended to me my feelings were being shot to bits she disappered out the door, then out of the kitchen appears her other half with a pinny on asking me if I would like some lemonade or some thing else, perhaps I should have asked for 10 mins in his wifes dressing room, but i asked to use the toilet and he directed me to the upstairs first on the right, on gettingn there I had a quick pee and a rummage in her laundry basket revealing an array of stockings a pair of knickers and a bra and an undersskirt but hanging up was a dressing gown, i felt it and came there and then in my pants the tickely bit was lost in my excitment and the guys shout of are you alright brought me down to earth, as I came down the stairs she had come back in and said she had paid the man in the van and she will be getting cream next week as it was close to xmas and she had guests coming but I had just come unknowing to both of them.

nat xx