Written by jennabic

18 Jan 2013

Check back in the TV section for the first part...

After a few squeezes I can feel the butt plug expanding my already well fucked little (not any more!) asshole and you tell me to strip while you get us some drinks. I peel off my remaining lingerie and you come back with some drinks, flick the tv on and put in some kinky porn. On the tv are two t-girls exploring each other dressed in bodystockings. "That looks like a good idea idea, go and change into something more comfortably my naughty little slut and keep your plug in."

I head back to the bedroom and pick out my sheer black bodystocking and roll it up my legs, up to my neck and over my arms. I'm totally covered in nylon, it feels so nice sliding over my body and it covers my bum keeping my plug in nicely. I let the stocking dangle out of the bottom like a little tail! I slide my feet back into my strappy heels and tie them tightly round my ankles and totter back into the lounge.

I decide to put on a little show while you sip your drink and get onto all fours in front of the TV with my ass in the air, copying the positions of the pornstars in the film we are watching. I spread my legs so you can see the plug and stocking still in my ass, it tickles as it dangles onto my nylon covered legs. I inch backwards towards where you are sitting and wiggle my bum invitingly. You take the tip of the butt plug and slowly pull, inching it out of my ass. Even though it is inflated, it keeps going until it pops out, my ass feels like it is wide open. you slide some fingers inside and tease my asshole and start to pull the stocking out too until it falls out. You rub it over my balls, gently squeezing and teasing them, making my cock hard again and then slide it over my shaft and start to wank me slowly. You keep to massage my cock with one hand and finger my ass with the other. Two fingers at first, then three, slowly pushing in and out of my stretched ass. My breathing gets heavier and you can feel my cock starting to twitch. You tell me to lie on my back, so I flip over and spread my legs so you can get to my cock easily. The stocking is pulled tightly over my head and you start to speed up wanking me, faster and fast and faster until I buck and writhe and shoot my load through the nylon and over your hand. You keep wanking me until every last drop of cum has come out. The stocking is soaking wet with hot sticky cum, you pull it off my cock and tell me to open wide....and you tell me to lick all the cum off it. "Good girl, time for another load in your mouth next?"...