Written by stockings

5 Sep 2014

So there she was, standing inside the hallway. Dressed in a nice black dress, Black tights, heels wig, makeup and a black basque. I nearly came right there, right then......

I made it into the hall and pulled off my normal clothes in the downstairs toilet, I was so hard and couldn't wait. I revealed some realy horny womens underwear I had traveled in that included stockings and a nice pair of panties. I hoped she was impressed.

I then put on my rubber dress and together we went upstairs. The next half hour is a complete blurr, she sucked me and I sucked her, I can't wait to try again.

The first feel of a cock inside my mouth was amazing and it felt so right xxxx.

I came in a few mins which I didn't want to do all over my silky tights and then had my first cock right to the balls.....Amazing.

I could feel it twitch and pulse as she nearly orgasm-ed quickly as I had done. She rubbed me again and made me nice and hard.

Next it was her time to come, all over her hand, had she asked I would have eaten it xxxx.

We talked a while and then parted company but I can't wait to try it again. I think she loved my outfit, I certainly did and hope that next time we can explore a little more.

I also noticed the condoms on the table but unfortunately we never got that far xxxxxxxxxx.

If you are thinking about sucking cock, you need to do it. It is an amazing experience and so addictive. x

I have posted our pics (You know who you are) and I hope to see you again soon xxxxx.