Written by deanne

14 May 2008

Tuesday night, partner away on business. So, long bath/close shave and time for ‘Ann’ to get ready. Black lace bra, suspenders, stockings and thong, black pencil skirt, white blouse and (of course) 4” heels. Make-up and wig added the final touches. Now, I was ready– “a smart 40’ish business woman looking for action”.

A 5 mile drive to a favourite Yorks dogging site – excited but nervous (first time for months) and my ‘cock’ straining at my thong. Drove into the car park, couple of cars but nobody about – I guessed they were in the woods – and a transit van. Not long before the guy in the van (mid 40’s bit overweight and un shaved) walked towards my car, rubbing his crotch. No small talk, he asked me straight out if I wanted his cock. Although I was horny as hell, I was not attracted to him but I thought I might not get anything (it was quiet), so I said I would give him a BJ but no shagging. With that he pulled his cock out , and I lent out of the car window, licked the full length of his shaft before taking him in my mouth. Couple of minutes fucking my throat and I felt him cumming and his stream hit the back of my throat. With that, he turned away to his van and drove off’ no thanks nothing. There I was with a mouthful of cum, when a car pulled in next to me. 2 lads, early 20’s chatted me up, as I cleaned my mouth, and asked me if I wanted some more; they had been watching from the far side of the car park. I did not need asking twice, straight out of my car, and rubbing their cocks (both about 6” and soon to be exposed) . The first one was snogging me and had my blouse opened within secs, squeezing my falsies whilst the other had his hand up my skirt. Both said at once –“it’s a bloke”. By this time I’d released their cocks and was sucking their rock hard cocks, alternatively. The first one said it’s time for you to be fucked, and whipped my skirt off and pulled my thong to one side. Thank god, I’d got well lubed before leaving home. With that he spun me round so that I was leaning against the car, fingered my male pussy – first one then two then three. The next thing he’s entering me, slowly at first then slow strokes before ramming his cock deep into me, whilst I wanked his mate. He then pushed me down onto my knees so that I could take his mate’s cock into my mouthy. For the next 5 minutes, I was spit roasted, before one shot his load deep into my arse, quickly followed by his mate belting a huge stream into my mouth, and told to swallow the lot; I did. After a few minutes tugging at their semi hard cocks, they swapped places and repeated the ‘spitroasting’. Yes, they enjoyed it but I was rock hard and ready to cum. I thought that it would have to be self satisfaction, but no. They both wanted to tank me by giving me a BJ. It did’nt take long before I splattered their faces. As I stood by the car in bra and sussies, they said goodbye but would see me next weekwanted to bey now,

I then realised that a couple had been watching us perform (but that’s another story).