Written by zak

4 Mar 2007

I recently managed to get on one of the TV game shows the kind where you have a main host and hosts and hostesses to show of/demonstrate the prizes one of the the girls called Mandy had been flirting with me throughout the whole show anyway I managed to win the main prize which was a months holiday for two to Barbados At the end of the show we were allowed to talk to the all of the people involved in he show and I managed to talk to Mandy was and she was telling me how she was tired of just being a hostess and felt she was capable of much better tham what she was doing. Mandy was a stunning blond with the cutest ass and ample breasts, was telling her I had still to find soneone to take as my partner we got on so well I managed to get her room no at the local hotel they were staying at after a while I went to knock on her door, Mandy opened the door and was dressed just in a towel as she had just come out of the shower, as I got into the room her towel accidently slipped revealing her fantastic body I immediately went over to her and kissed her fully on the lips she could se the huge bulge in my trousers I started to kiss her neck and worked her way down to her nipples they were now rock hand as I started caressing them with my hands and then kissing them with the tipe of my tounge she had now fred my cock from its prison and started caressing it i worked my way down kissed her perfect gym toned six pack abs and then put three fingers in her sopping wet pussy and started playing with her clit her moaning was getting more frequent as I worked my was to her g-spot she then had a couple of massive orgasms she cried now fuck me I need your cock inside me , I duly obliged gradually increasing my pace she was matching my thrusts all the way finally I could hold on no longer and came she had a another huge orgasm after a brief rest she stroked my cock and put in into her mouth sucking on it until I was rock hard once more, she then pushed my back and straddled me and rode me like a woman possessed I came again and she had more intense orgasms she said can I come on holiday with you I said yes we leave tomorrow but that is another story