Written by sara

29 Nov 2011

Hi guys thank you for your kind comments regarding my tv adventures with Jim its nice to share experiences.

Since that particular experience in August Ive been active on several occasions since.Having been a closet tv for many years its very liberating to finally start dressing outdoors and having some fun it just feels so right.

Approximately 2 weeks ago i had another evening free so back to the girly preperation resulting in a quite sexy schoolgirl look consisting of my brown shoulder length hair normally when femme in a bob but this time in ponytails,nice makeup with red lippy,white blouse short tummy length,with a loose tie,short black mini skirt ra ra type,and a pair of those fashion tights in black with like a built in suspender belt/stockings and a pair of heels.Ohhh felt really naughty getting juicy already.

Set of in the car to a nearby dogging area at Blidworth woods early evening but already gettin dark so no chance of neighbours seeing a litle naughty schoolgirl leaving home.

Driving into the location i saw two other vehicles parked up both having occupants but could only see the figures.I parked up about 50yrds from one of the cars and i put my interior light on to let the drivers know i was available.Wow i was shaking,in a dogging location for the first time,would the police come in,would i be attacked.

I was still deep in thought when there was a tap on my window it was a guy in his forties,big build,beard,wearing a suit.I opened the window "mmmm very naughty girl get out the car"he said.

I clambered out of the seat i dont know why but pulling at my hem as i did to hide my modesty.The guy pushed me against the door of the car "youve been a naughty girl n i think punishments in order" What did he have in mind,without further ado he pulled me to the bonnet and pushed me across the bonnet with such force my feet lifted off the ground and im left dangling.he gruffly pulled up my skirt and began feeling my little girly ass over the tights.he then gave me five/six spanks on the ass each one harder than the last ohhh felt good.The stranger then began ripping at the ass area of the tights creating a hole big enough to push his finger into my pussy.Gosh he was rough but the excitement making up for any pain.he then flipped me over onto my back eased down the tights to mid thigh and took my pussy cock and began to lick n suck my cock,precum was starting to flow.The finger was re inserted into my pussy whilst being sucked,he was calling me all sorts of names bitch,cumslut,little cunt,this was working me into a real lather and i shot my cum into his warm mouth."My turn" was the response and he flipped me again this time onto my front and i heard his zip i squealed "condom please " but without further ceremony he pushed himself inside me,never saw the cock just felt the imense size of it(mind im a small pussy)and he shagged my brains out wow must have lasted five /ten minutes and i felt the hot cream poured onto my ass cheeks as he roared out his ejaculation.With a smack on the arse and a "good fuck" compliment he made his way back to his car.

I slid back of the bonnet onto terra ferma feeling a bit giddy n unsteady on my feet but what hot sex wow this naughty girl felt fulfilled,i wiggled back to the car and returned home.Since this time I visit Blidworth Bottoms and the Nomanshill woods quite regular and good times had.i must confess its intoxicating dressed as naughty girl making up for lost time.