Written by Emily crossdresser

19 Jul 2009

The next morning i awoke to the phone ringing, i answered it to "hello this is Jeff the cable guy, im just calling to let you know ill be round in an hour, hope your dressed" and he put the phone down, except the hello i didnt speak but i was horny as hell. I jumped in the shower then did my makeup before chooseing what to wear, i decided on a white corset i found with matching thong and white stockings, i didnt no what to wear over the top so i just put on my aunties full length silk dressing gown, i checked myself out in the mirror, i looked so innocent.

The doorbell rang i quickly checked from a window it was Jeff, i answered the door he just smiled droped his tools and moved in and kissed me there on the doorstep his hands going everywhere. We got inside and he broke away telling me he had to get the job done today, thankfully the cable upgrade didnt take too long, i was in the kitchen when he had finished he had snuck up behind me already with his hard cock out he removed my dressing gown, as a turned to face him he just pushed me to my knees and guide his cock straight into his mouth, i licked and sucked his cock like it was the last one on earth, i felt him tense as his cum hit the back of my throat, he picked me up and kissed me, which shocked me a little.

Jeff then lead me upstairs to the bedroom where he lay me on my back and removed my panties and began to slowly wank me, this was the first time he'd done this, i was moaning with pleasure as i felt him put me in his mouth and he began to suck my cock as i felt him find my ass at the same time entering a finger into me, i was a little tight so indicated him to the lube, he found the lube and the dildo, still sucking me he lubed me up and entered me with the dildo, i was about to cum when he stoped saying "not yet you dont" he position me back on all fours and produced his cock at my mouth again and again fucking my arse with the dildo this went of for about five min till he withdrew spun my round then pounded my arse with his cock he must have lasted ten pumps before he filled me with his spunk, i was loving it as i could feel his cum running down my legs.

He left me lying on the bed wanking myself off again, when he returned he was dressed ready to leave he came over to me kissed me and said bye but as he was leaving i saw him pick up a camcorderd, he turned and said "dont want to forget that" and smiled and left, i went to chase him but he was outside by the time i got to the door, he just shouted out "ill call you" which he did.